USAA Offers Car-Buying Service

USAA’s Online Car-Buying Service Revolutionizes Car-Buying Process

USAA, the financial services giant that serves only military members and their families, has announced a new car-buying service. The recent launch of the Online Auto Loan and Car-Buying Service allows USAA members to handle all the steps of buying a car -- from choosing the car to financing to arranging auto insurance -- without ever having to leave home. There are excellent military auto discounts available through this new service, which will save members money and create a vast improvement in the dreaded car-buying experience.

This is yet another example of USAA’s ongoing commitment to provide its members with the finest financial products and services no matter where they are — in the comfort of their home, in a tent in the desert, or on a ship at sea.

If you haven't yet become a member of USAA, what are you waiting for? Drop whatever you're doing, and make sure you sign up within the next 24 hours! It is one of the most valuable benefits of your military service. USAA insurance provides the best coverage we know of, and the best customer service, at the best price. If you have doubts, just compare auto insurance between USAA and any other auto insurance company.

And if you've just gotten out of the military, you may still be able to join. (See USAA membership eligibility and benefits.)

"Our Online Auto Loan and Car-Buying Service really is a leap into the next generation for consumers," said David Bohne, President of USAA Federal Savings Bank. "While in the past, dealerships and other auto sellers have provided some of these services individually, we are able to provide the full complement of services entirely online with the same level of service our members have come to expect from USAA."

USAA has chosen to work with to provide an online car-buying engine and to establish a premier network of participating dealerships in more than 70 cities across 28 states in the United States.

How it Works

1. Members log on to to get started. They can apply for a military auto loan and receive an approval within minutes. There are no papers to sign, because the entire process is electronic.

2. Members then navigate USAA’s car-buying service to find the available car of their choice at dealerships across the country. No more haggling over prices with a dealer – USAA gives you a firm price honored by the dealers in their nationwide dealer network. Members save an average of $1,600 off MSRP.

3. Print the loan approval letter and dealer instructions you received on-line and head to the dealership to buy your car.(*)

(*) Purchasing the car online depends upon e-sign functionality, which is available in most areas throughout the United States.

Of course, members have the option at any time during the process to visit the dealership to test-drive their potential purchase and examine it in person. But the new online auto services option was created with member convenience in mind.

"USAA delivers nothing but the best for its members," said Scott Painter, CEO of Zag. "They’ve chosen to work with Zag because we share that commitment – and we’ve consistently proven our ability to deliver savings and a better car-buying experience. The program allows for greater savings and connects members to dealers committed to a no-hassle process. That’s exactly what USAA members expect."

USAA received an overwhelmingly positive response from its membership during a test of the Online Auto Loan eSign capability and Car-Buying Service. In fact, more than 70,000 members have used the Online Auto Loan eSign capability and more than 93,000 members have used the Car-Buying Service to research a vehicle to date. Some have had so much faith in the service that they have purchased one-way train tickets across the country to go pick up their new cars.

"It’s by far the easiest car-buying experience I’ve ever had," said Gary Logeman, a retired Naval officer and USAA member. "I just found my truck at a great price online through USAA, printed out my loan approval, and went and picked it up. Easy as that."

USAA Auto Circle - Buy Car Online

Update: USAA Auto Circle, launched August 4, 2010, revolutionizes the car-buying experience - AGAIN - for USAA members. You can now complete the entire car-buying process from your iPhone! Find, finance and insure your next car online. And the average savings is roughly $4500. Now that's worth clicking the link to check it out now!

About USAA

USAA, a diversified financial services company, is the leading provider of financial planning, insurance, investments, and banking products to members of the U.S. military and their families. Named by BusinessWeek as Customer Service Champion in 2007 and 2008, USAA provides convenient and accessible financial products to its 6.4 million members. For more information about USAA, or to learn more about membership, visit

About Zag

Zag ( has created a better way to buy a car. Zag operates a robust auto shopping, research and pricing technology platform that saves buyers money by concentrating group buying power, while providing a superior car-buying experience by connecting buyers with select dealers that provide upfront discounted pricing and a no-hassle delivery process. Zag provides its platform on a private-label basis to affinity buying groups. Zag is fully operational for 65 percent of U.S. households and serves more than 93 percent of in-market car buyers. The company’s approach to car buying and selling is garnering awards – Entretech gave Zag its 2008 Entrepreneurship Award for emerging companies, InfoWorld designated Zag’s platform as one of the 100 most innovative corporate IT solutions for 2006, and Entrepreneur Magazine named Zag in its 2006 "Hot 100" list of the fastest-growing companies. Zag is based in Santa Monica, Calif.

Our thanks to Business Wire for the information contained in this article.

Check out USAA Auto Circle to find, finance, and insure your next car (new or used) online or on your iPhone.

Learn more about USAA membership benefits and services.

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