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Car-Buying Experience

USAA Auto Circle enables you to find, finance and insure your next car with no hassle and no haggling, even from your iPhone. USAA Auto Circle will revolutionize the car buying experience for USAA members (again).

This new all-in-one program (hence the full-circle image in their logo at right) from industry leader USAA builds on their popular car buying service.

It now provides a no-hassle, no-haggle way to find, finance and insure your next car all in one place, online or by iPhone! Yes, folks, there's a USAA iPhone app (and an Android app as well). Could it be any easier?

USAA offers car insurance savings for military

No Haggling

Now you can sit in your car (or a coffee shop) across the street from the dealership, do all your research on the car you want, get the best price, complete your loan application and get instant approval, and then walk into the dealership for a (relatively) painless car-buying experience.

And before you drive off the lot, you can have your new car insured, all with USAA Auto Circle.

Group of top military and personal finance bloggers hosted recently by USAA to showcase new products.We were pleased to be included in a group of top military and personal finance bloggers who recently spent two days at USAA Headquarters in San Antonio, to get a sneak preview of their latest products, designed to make your life simpler and easier.

Our trip was courtesy of the company known for providing high quality products and services at the best prices to military members and veterans worldwide.

Over the next few days, we'll write about each of these new products, but today we wanted to start with the USAA Auto Circle program.

No one (except maybe the dealer) enjoys the hassle of the typical consumer experience in buying a car. Haggling over the price you will pay for a new car perennially ranks near the top of almost everyone's list of least-favorite experiences.

USAA Auto Circle eliminates that haggling by negotiating the best price for you. You walk into the dealership with the price already determined.

Imagine how much simpler that will make the process of buying a car! You still get to keep any dealer incentives, and there are also special discounts on GM and Mercedes vehicles.

You'll get the lowest price, guaranteed.

Preferred Vehicles

USAA Auto Circle makes it easier to find your dream car, for the best price.

USAA Auto Circle even makes it easier for you to choose the right car for you. USAA Preferred Vehicles are chosen for their exceptional overall value, to help you get the most for your money.

In making these recommendations, USAA considers a number of factors including overall reliability, lower insurance cost, lower purchase price, higher fuel economy, and better safety ratings. But you're not restricted to their preferred vehicles.

If you're like the Texas oil man who doesn't really care about gas mileage, you can still buy the car you want. You just may not get quite as good a deal as you would with a preferred vehicle.

Car Financing in Minutes

USAA Auto Circle makes it easy to apply for and get car financing in minutes - online.

If you've ever been through the experience of financing a car, you'll really appreciate USAA Auto Circle. You can complete your application online, receive instant approval, and you'll get USAA's famous low members-only auto insurance rates. There's also up to 100% car financing available, on both new and used cars.

USAA traditionally has some of the lowest interest rates available for car finance. And it's the only company we've ever heard of that would voluntarily lower interest rates on an auto loan. Yes, we can vouch that really happened, because it happened to us.

Try asking any other bank if they would lower your interest rate on an auto loan, without you requesting it and without a re-finance of the loan.

Insurance - Auto Quotes

USAA, one of the best car insurance companies, provides free auto insurance price quotes online.

USAA has long been known as one of the best car insurance companies, widely known for providing the best auto insurance rates and outstanding service. After all, it began as an auto insurance company in 1922, when several Army officers who could not get insurance decided to band together and insure each other.

USAA's auto insurance quotes may surprise you, if you're not already insured by USAA.

Save an average of $450 with USAA Auto Insurance

USAA Auto Circle makes it simple to find, finance and insure your next car purchase, even on your iPhone. In the days before the "Do Not Call" List, we would sometimes get calls from auto insurance agents offering to save us money on car insurance. Free auto insurance quotes by phone were their specialty. When they finished their spiel, I would say, "Thanks for your call, but you can't beat my insurance." Inevitably, feeling challenged, they would ask, "Well, who's your insurance with?"

When I replied, "USAA," I could hear the letdown in their voice as they said, "You're right, we can't beat them. Have a nice day. 'Bye." They didn't want to waste any more time with someone who obviously would never become a customer.

If you've ever tried to find car insurance, or get car insurance quotes, you know what a hassle that can be. USAA Auto Circle will provide you with free auto insurance quotes online, or on your iPhone.

How much simpler can it get? No annoying auto insurance salesman pushing something you don't need or want.

USAA Auto Circle

USAA Auto Circle presents a new way to buy a car. But more than that, it assists you to find, finance and insure your next car with minimum hassle, and maximum savings.

Are You a USAA Member?

If you're not yet a USAA member, what are you waiting for?! Join today!

USAA membership is now open to all who have honorably served, so if you weren't eligible for membership before, you may be now. You must be on active duty or honorably discharged. And be sure to establish a separate account for your spouse, to maintain his/her eligibility. As each of your children reach the appropriate age, create USAA accounts for them, too. It's a great benefit, and you don't want to lose it.

Photos and screen captures courtesy of USAA.

Other attendees at the all-expenses paid USAA blogger event included (in alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone):

Andi from SpouseBUZZ
Beth of Enlisted Spouse Radio/Homefront in Focus
Brandy from Army Wife Magazine
Dan of Military Avenue
Evette at Military Money Magazine
Greta of Hooah Wife and Friends
Hank from Military Money Might
Janet from Army Wife Network
J Money from Budgets Are Sexy
Kate from Paycheck Chronicles at
Kathie from Military Spouse Help
Mrs. G from Mudville Gazette
Ryan from The Military Wallet
Star of Army Wife Network
Vivian from Blue Star Families
Wendy from My Military Life

We'd like to make it clear that our evaluation of USAA's products is not influenced by the fact that they paid for our trip to San Antonio. Someone in our household has been a USAA member since 1968, and we have enjoyed USAA's outstanding products and services for nearly 50 years. We're fiercely independent and not easily swayed, in case you haven't noticed.

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