FBI to Investigate
Recruiting Center Attacks

The FBI will investigate the nationwide recruiting center attacks, after a request to the Department of Justice by attorneys representing the pro-troops organization Move America Forward.

Here, I'll let Melanie Morgan tell you about it:

Dear Pro-Troop Supporters:

I have some great news to share with you!! Please also pass along this information to others who will appreciate the good news.

As you know there has sadly been an increasing campaign of violence against military recruiting centers across the nation - conducted by anti-military radicals (who are erroneously referred to as "peace activists" by a sympathetic media). We at Move America Forward researched the vast array of these incidents and compiled them together in "The Sedition Report" which we provided to members of Congress and law enforcement.

U.S. Department of JusticeToday Move America Forward's legal team received an official response from the U.S. Department of Justice criminal division:

"This is in response to your letter to the Criminal Division dated April 3, 2008, on behalf of your client, Move America Forward, Inc., recounting a number of incidences of vandalism and other activities at military recruiting stations."

Much to our delight, the letter went on to say that they had agreed to direct our formal request for an investigation (and appropriate prosecutions based on the results of those investigations), "to Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters for review and appropriate action."

We at Move America Forward will keep pressing forward on this issue. We will not allow our troops to come under attack here on home soil from those who express a seething white hatred towards our military men and women.

Over the past several weeks thousands of patriotic Americans provided the financial support that has paid for our legal team to press forward with these efforts. You and other patriots also paid for a television commercial that documented these attacks that has already aired across the nation.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our troops and helping us at Move America Forward to make great progress in our pro-troop efforts.

Melanie Morgan
Chairman, Move America Forward

And a message from MAF's Executive Director, Catherine Moy:

"PLEASE - Contribute online right now to MAF and help equip us with the ability to counter the anti-war activists whether on TV or on the ground here in America. Do not fail us, or our troops. There are absolutely NO contribution limits, and corporate contributions are allowed [and welcomed]."

We've written several pieces about the anti-military movement. You might enjoy these . . .

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