Happy Thanksgiving to Our Troops

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when we gather as families to reflect on our blessings, and focus on our gratitude for them.  Because of that focus on family, spending Thanksgiving separated from loved ones is often tough for military members and families.

As we all know, however, we are part of the larger “military family,” and most of us feel that our units are like a second family.  As a military spouse, I usually invited some single members of my husband’s command to join us for Thanksgiving dinner, just so they wouldn’t be alone (and so there were more than two people to eat all that food that took two days to prepare!). 

We were all far away from our own families, so we became part of another family.  Many military friends had similar traditions at holidays.

What are your family traditions for Thanksgiving? 

As you gather with your family to reflect on your blessings, please take a moment to post your message below to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to our troops serving away from home on the holiday, and let them know you are grateful for their sacrifice, spending their holiday separated from their families so that you can enjoy yours in peace.


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