Happy Thanksgiving

by Kamala Chunn
(Smyrna, TN, USA)

Happy Thanksgiving to every solider who has dedicated his or her life to protecting our nation on this day of unity and gratefulness.

Our country is such a rich and blessed one and we need to remember that everyday.

But you guys are our most valuable piece in this wonderful and great country we live in.

I wish you a lot of joy, peace, and happiness to you all and may God continue to protect and watch over you each and everyday.

Much love and appreciation,

Kamala Chunn

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Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving!
by: Jennifer, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for all you do to serve our country, for all the sacrifices you make. It is truly appreciated.

I pray for you every day and for your families. And I pray for your safe return home.

Warm thoughts and best wishes,

Jennifer, Brooklyn, NY

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Holidays
by: Callahan Family, NJ

Have a safe and happy holiday from The Callahan Family of NJ.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving
by: Randy, Missouri

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are never taken for granted and are ALWAYS appreciated.

It is because of men and women like you that we can celebrate in safety and security.

God bless you.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving!
by: Donald, Sanford, NC - USA Baby!

Thanks, you all, for your service and sacrifices. We all support you.

Happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to you all returning home soon.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to All of Our Military
by: American Legion 205

Everyone at American Legion 205 in Augusta, GA, would like to wish all of our troops and veterans a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

We will be feeding approximately 250 wounded warriors Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at our post.

We appreciate everything that is being done by our active and retired military.

We love ALL of you.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to the Best
by: Kevin J, Ft. Wayne, IN

Eat all you can, and thank you for your sacrifices in defending what you believe in.

May God watch over you today, and all your days.

Nov 24, 2011
Love and Blessings
by: Romunda Curtis, NC

It is with honor and love that I send this message to you, my heroes. I am blessed to have you protecting me and my family.

I am believing for your safe return. I am believing that you will return home unharmed physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I am believing those that have made and will make the ultimate sacrifice will not do so in vain.

You are loved and I think of you often. Please continue to be blessed and please be safe.

Nov 24, 2011
To All of the American Troops
by: Jennifer, Minnesota

Happy Thanksgiving. I just want you all to know I personally appreciate you for the sacrifices you all make.

So do a lot of other American citizens.

God bless one and all.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving
by: Katie, Riviera Beach, FL

Although you are spending Thanksgiving away from your families, I would like you to know that you have an extended family.

I am thankful for the sacrifices you are all making in the name of freedom. I pray that you make it home soon, and safely!

Thank you for all you do.

Nov 24, 2011
Sending You a Prayer and a Great Big "THANK YOU"
by: Christine Mata, Central CA

I ask the Lord to watch over you in your mission, and may He always be with you in this battle. I ask this in Jesus' name.

Just to say Thank You, and I hope the military sends you some Turkey with all the trimmings.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Holidays!!
by: Anonymous

I wish you all could be with your families during the holidays but I understand what you're doing is much greater than any holiday celebration.

Thank you for everything you do and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 24, 2011
With Great Thanks!
by: Anonymous

I want to say "thank you all" for all you do every single day by putting your life on the line for your country and people.

You are the real heroes ... you are the real warriors ... you are the ones America truly supports.

Although you are miles away and spending time away from your family we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Bless you every one.

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to All the Troops
by: T.T.

I want to start by thanking all of you for all you do for this country. Hope you all have happy and safe Thanksgiving.

It is people like you who make me proud to be an American.

May God Bless You All.

Nov 24, 2011
by: ana

kamala chunn...how beautifully put...yes indeed lets all give our thanks...god bless you all

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