Thankful For The Future

by Brunella Sorrentino
(Bloomingdale, Il, USA)

This is a picture of my future. Thanks you all for making the future look bright.

This is a picture of my future. Thanks you all for making the future look bright.

Thankful For The Future

By Brunella Sorrentino

As I sit here and watch my kids decorate the tree,
I realize how special they are to me.
So one thing I am thankful for
Is that they're able to help me so much more.

As they get big and I get old,
I wonder what their future will hold.
They see a world full of hate and fear
The very thought can bring me a tear.

My wish for them this holiday season,
Is to know they have a purpose and a reason.
They are the future and our hope
And the very thought of that should help us cope.

Today we give thanks to the things we hold dear,
And put aside any hate and all that fear.
Our troops may be overseas fighting in a war,
But the work they do now will help our children even more.

I will give thanks to my kids for all they may do
But I can not forget the brave work of all those soldiers too.
May they realize who they are really helping with every birth.
So thanks to all those soldiers. Keep fighting for Peace on Earth!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Nov 21, 2013
Our Thanks for Your Service
by: Bob,

My family and I - that includes Joni, my wife; Christian 17, Michelle 15, and Danillia 13 - wish you and you family a happy holiday season and a GREAT new years.

Bob and family

Nov 17, 2013
We Are So Proud of You
by: Rose Blackburn, Ohio

I want to wish all our troops happy holidays. and tell them we are very proud of them.

It's hard to be away from your families this time of year. I know, because my nephew is in Iraq and I wish him the best.

You are all missed and are in our prayers. May you all come home safe to your families.

It's because of you we can live free. Be safe and happy holidays.

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