Grateful for Your Service This Thanksgiving

by Claudia

Claudia writes:

During this Thanksgiving Season & All Year Long

There are really no words to express how I feel about your service to our Country.

As an ordinary citizen, I am in awe of your courage, your patriotism and your desire to keep this war on terror, off our shores. I know that a great many joined after 9-11 and have been serving since.

As a military mom, my emotions are a little more mixed as I'm sure many of you know from your own parents!! Along with my deep, deep sense of pride, is a fear that I have for my son and each and every one of you...

My son may have come home last October, however, that doesn't mean I don't remember that every day there are thousands of you replacing the ones that are coming home..

I thank you and every soldier who has ever fought to keep war from our shores.. I thank every Veteran, whether they have served during war time or peace.

In this world it has always taken a certain type of person to enlist in our military. It's so uncertain as to whether war will break out in one country or another at any time. Our military is second to none, their courage is second to none.....

Only one yellow ribbon came down when my son came home, the rest of the yellow ribbons I hung are still up. They won't be coming down until you are allllll home!! xo

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy!
Happy Holidays

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Nov 28, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless Our Troops
by: Anonymous

Happy Thanksgiving from Virginia. May God bless you for your dedication and your service. Hope you find a way to celebrate even if you are away from your families.

Nov 21, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving
by: Nevin Neuville

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all you solders/marines/airmen/sailors,
and God bless you for your safety and return home.
Thank you for protecting me and giving me my freedom.

I was a soldier years back. Thank You.

Nov 21, 2013
To Our Esteemed Soldiers
by: Gabo James Cross, Mexico

I would like to congratulate you for your efforts and dedication to protect and promote freedom around the world.

I sincerely hope this Thanksgiving you remember that millions of people really appreciate your actions and also pray for you to be blessed with your family.

Enjoy happily the meal with your partners and pray to God also to touch leaders' hearts to allow peace to come soon.

Best regards, Gabo James

Nov 17, 2013
Best Wishes, From Been-There-Done-That
by: Ben, Ex-Marine

Know what it's like being in the big ashtray of the world. Millions of miles from everything you know and love.

Keep your head low and your will to live high. Bring you and your platoon home safe.

Never forgotten ...


A Million Miles Away, Yet A Heartbeat From The Know ...

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