Think before you vote

by Ellen

Ellen writes:

I think Obama should win the election because I know he will make a change and that's what this country needs right now. He has made a lot of promises that i know he's willing to keep. He admits that it's not going to take a year. If you like Bush than vote for McCain because he his following Bush's footsteps. We want our country to have peace and all McCain wants is war. There is no point of having war because it's not going to solve anything. So think about it who do you want to rule our country and who do you think will make change.

Oh, Ellen, where do we start? Perhaps we should first direct you to "Obama's Record on Promises" on our Military Families Blog. If he made no attempt to keep promises made to his family's village in Kenya to improve it's school (which lacks running water), what makes you think he will keep any of his promises to you?

Yes, Obama promises changes, but you don't want the kind of socialistic changes he's promising. We urge you to read this fascinating mult-part series by Investor's Business Daily.

And if you think John McCain wants war, you truly know NOTHING about the man. As a former POW, he knows better than most of us the devastating costs of war. We know John McCain, and we can tell you he is a strong proponent of peace, but he understands,
as President Reagan so eloquently pointed out, that the way to achieve Peace is through Strength. We must be strong enough militarily to discourage our foes from attacking us.

You've misunderstood McCain's comments about the War on Terror. He was simply acknowledging the reality that the various factions in the Middle East have been warring with each other for generations, and we're not going to swoop in there and solve all their problems so they'll "play nice" with each other in a short time frame. If we are going to support stability for a free Iraq, it will require a commitment of troops for the foreseeable future. That's just reality.

You might be interested in McCain's 100 Years in Iraq.

By the way, Ellen, we're not electing a "ruler" tomorrow, much as Barack would like us to. We're electing a President to represent and protect all of us.

If you want to remain safe from terrorist attacks, as you have been since 9/11 thanks to George W. Bush and our professional and dedicated military personnel, you'll vote for John McCain. As his own running mate pointed out, electing Barack Obama will simply be an invitation for the terrorists to launch a major attack on the U.S. to "test" his response, just like they did Bill Clinton in the first year of his presidency, and George W. Bush in the first year of his. We don't want to risk more innocent American lives.

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