Saluting While in Ranks

What is the proper response (salute or hand over the heart) to ceremony that ought to require a salute, by those in attendance at a meeting or convention where they sit/stand as an audience?


You may be interested in the discussion on this page: Veterans Salute - Covered or Not?. We are not aware of specific rules that have been promulgated for every situation that might arise.

We think "common sense" should prevail, and recommend showing your respect to the flag the same way you would have if in uniform, or in whatever way seems appropriate in the circumstances.

If you think about it, there's not much difference between standing as a group in civilian attire, and standing as part of a crowd at a baseball game or parade.

If it's an organized group, standing in ranks outdoors, and a group decision is made to have a leader salute for the group, as you would when standing in ranks in the military, that would be sufficient. If there is no organized response, we think it appropriate for each member of the group to respond individually as he/she deems appropriate. We don't know if various veterans organizations have promulgated their protocol in these situations.

You may wish to review our answer to the reader who inquired about Saluting the Flag Out of Uniform and Indoors.

If you're not sure what to do, it's always appropriate to remove your head cover and place your hand over your heart.

Readers? Do any of you have other recommendations or thoughts?

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Veterans saluting...
by: Ken Delfino

I'll follow my Navy's tradition. Indoors, I'll stand at attention...outdoors I'll salute, if covered.

I salute whenever appropriate
by: Joe B.

My response is pretty simple; I fought for her so I'm going to salute her. That is provided I'm covered. Uncovered, I place my hand over my heart.

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