Saluting the Flag Out of Uniform and Indoors??

Inside a building, out of uniform, can a veteran still salute the flag, or is it proper to place your hand over your heart?

Showing your respect for the flag by placing your hand over your heart is appropriate in any situation in which you are not in uniform. If you are wearing a head covering or cap of any sort, it should be removed, and may be held in your right hand and placed at the left shoulder, with your hand over your heart.

Military personnel remove their head cover upon entering a building, and stand at attention facing the flag when it is presented and/or retired. Doing the same when out of uniform would also be considered appropriate.

The tricky part comes when inside a building that seems like outside, such as a covered sports stadium. In this situation, we think you would not be faulted for responding as though you were outdoors and rendering a hand salute if you wish.

The important thing, in all situations, is to display the proper respect for our flag and all who have served her.

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Salute inside of Building
by: Anonymous

I am a minister and I attend a lot of veterans' funerals.

I always salute my fellow soldiers inside the Church.

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