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Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry opens on August 29, 2013

The Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry(sm) for the 2013 Christmas season will open soon for registration. All active military personnel are encouraged to apply.

Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry for 2013 will open on Thursday, August 29, 2013, at 1 pm CDT. Be sure to calculate the correct time for your time zone, and set reminders on your phone!

Registration will be open until the program reaches its limit of 20,000 families registered.

The program always fills up quickly, so don't delay! And typically, it is plagued with problems getting through, so keep trying until you do get through.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to register in the service member's name, exactly as it is shown on his/her ID or LES, so eligibility can be verified by Sears.

Register here.

We understand that in the past, because of the popularity of the Heroes at Home program, registration has been open for only 15 minutes at a time, until the registration reached its limit of 20,000 families. So, if you click on the link above, and don't see the registration form, keep checking back every 10-15 minutes until you do. It is likely that the registry may reach its limit of 20,000 families very quickly. So don't miss out -- keep checking!

Thanks to Sears for helping make Christmas more enjoyable for military families through its Heroes at Home Gift Registry program!

Through this program, Sears, in cooperation with the Department of Defense, enables Americans to fulfill wishes for up to 20,000 deserving military families and personnel this holiday season. This continues Sears' long-standing tradition of supporting the military, whose sacrifices deserve more recognition.

The first 20,000 service members who apply and can be validated with an active duty military status can become part of the Wish Registry. Active service personnel who participate in the Heroes at Home Wish Registry will remain anonymous to ensure compliance with the military's standards of conduct regulations.

Ultimately, all 20,000 registrants will be granted Sears gift cards in equal amounts, which will be determined based on the number of entries and donations. The gift card denominations will not exceed $550.

That's a potential of $11,000,000 to make wishes come true for military personnel and their families!

"Since 1916, Sears has been committed to America's service men and women" said Don Hamblen, Chief Marketing Officer, Sears. "Sears launched Heroes at Home to help military personnel renovate and rebuild their homes.

We are pleased to expand the Heroes at Home Wish Registry to incorporate elements to make the wishes of our military come true for the holidays and enable our customers to provide a direct 'thank you' to members of the military."

Sears created the Wish Registry specifically to help identify heroes both domestically and overseas, and to show thanks for their service this holiday season.

Military personnel can log on to Heroes at Home on Thursday, August 29, 2013, beginning at 1 p.m. Central time to apply for the Wish Registry. During September, Sears will invite America to help fulfill their wishes with a Sears Gift Card.

The Heroes at Home Wish Registry, one of Sears' multiple programs supporting the military and their families, enables Sears' customers to thank America's military heroes for the sacrifices they make for our country. However, the program starts with the Sears family, not just their customers. The first donations the registry received were from Sears associates, senior executives, and vendors featured at the retailer.

The Heroes at Home program also provides support to service members, veterans and their families through joint efforts with various nonprofit organizations, including Rebuilding Together, Inc. Sears has spearheaded nationwide fundraising efforts in the spring and holiday seasons and has raised more than $5 million through the Heroes at Home program for Rebuilding Together.

Sears has actively supported this country's servicemen and women with pride and respect since the company was founded more than a century ago. Each year Sears matches reservists' pay and benefits while they are serving. In 2005, Sears received the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, which publicly recognizes American employers who provide exceptional support to their employees who voluntarily serve the nation in the National Guard and Reserve. In 2006, Sears also was honored with the Military Officers Association of America's Distinguished Service Award, in recognition of the company's support of associates in the Guard and Reserve and military families nationwide.

To find out more about the Heroes at Home program, or to refer a military family or veteran to the home renovation program through Rebuilding Together, visit or call 1-800-473-4229.

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