Foundation for American Veterans

(West Allis, WI)

A reader asks:

I didn't see a rating for 'Foundation for American Veterans' in Michigan. Are they a good organization or another bad money handling outfit?

Thank you for your question.

The Foundation for American Veterans does not publish financial information on its web site.

The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance reports that the organization failed to provide the requested information, so BBB cannot determine whether it meets their 20 standards for charity accountability.

According to a Charity Navigator report in 2005, the Foundation for American Veterans used just 6 cents of every dollar raised for services for veterans.

Despite this lack of transparency with regard to their financial information, we were able to locate a form filed by the Foundation for American Veterans, Inc. with the Secretary of State for the State of Washington (charities must register in each state in which they intend to solicit donations). According to the information filed with Washington State, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2007, the organization had revenue of $5,263,927, and spent $528,196 on program services out of total expenses of $5,118,508.

In other words, for FY 2007, the Foundation for American Veterans devoted 11% of its total expenses to program services for veterans.

The form did not break down those expenses, but we think it would be safe to say that a large percentage went to professional fund raisers. It did list Associated Community Services as a paid fundraiser organization.

When we checked that organization's Commercial Fundraiser Profile Report with the Washington Secretary of State, we learned that in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2008, Associated Community Services
(ACS) reported that it raised $1,264,583 in contributions, and of that amount, only $480,465 went to the charity client for whom the funds were raised. In other words, the charity got 38% of the money raised, and the fundraising organization kept the other 62% as its fee.

The Fundraiser Profile indicates that ACS also solicited contributions on behalf of Disabled Veterans Services, Inc. and the Washington chapter of the United States Navy Veterans Association.

An article in the Portland Observer in December, 2009, indicated that FAV used 8.67 percent of funds raised for its cause, landing Foundation for American Veterans on the Oregon Attorney General's list of the 20 worst charities soliciting in the state, based on how much of its contributions actually go to the stated cause.

Wikipedia reports that the Foundation for American Veterans "makes far too many calls to people who are not veterans. The reps hang up before one can get to the telephone and they call up to 8 times in a single day. This practice is not only excessive, but counterproductive in obtaining donations because they are such a nuisance. When calling back their number, there is no option for removing one's phone number from their database."

If you would like to contact FAV to ask more specific questions, you may e-mail them at fav (at) fav (dot) org. Charitable organizations that are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c) are required to allow public inspection of or provide copies of their annual returns (From 990). If you would like to review FAV's most recent Form 990, request a copy directly from them at the above e-mail address.

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Apr 07, 2016
Beware of Telephone Callers
by: Former PBS exec

Always Google the organizations that call you, and NEVER make a contribution to anybody by giving a credit card over the phone. I've been a professional fund-raiser for 30 years (development director for three different PBS stations, and two other non-profits), and I know the difference between legitimate funding appeals and fraudulent scams.

Jokers like the callers from the "Foundation for American Veterans" are a TOTAL SCAM, and You Will Suffer the Consequences if you fall for their tricks!

As someone else on this website noticed, the Foundation for American Veterans uses only 8% to 11% of your contributions for services to Vets - the rest goes to fat salaries for the managers of the foundation.

Be careful, and be skeptical, because a rating from the BBB means nothing - except for the fact that the organization paid their BBB membership dues on time.

Instead, check Goldstar for their (legitimate) report on the organization, or the Foundation Directory Online in order to get the organization's IRS Form 990 - a detailed financial report to the IRS required annually by law from each non-profit in the U.S.

FYI, the people who are calling you on the phone sometimes may or may not actually know that the organization for which they are calling is a scam. Sometimes.

Apr 07, 2016
Outrageous behavior
by: Anonymous

I hope nobody is fooled into donating to this despicable organization.

Apr 07, 2016
FAV: Do NOT phone me again
by: Anonymous

What rude treatment. You have no right to phone and abuse people.

Apr 07, 2016
by: Gloria

I Received a call yesterday morning from Steve who spoke in a very joking manner as if we were old friends. He indicated that "Me and the guys would appreciate a donation." He said that I could be a "high roller" by sending $50.00.

When I tried to explain that I was on a very limited income, he just talked over me, so I just talked over him. When I asked for the name of his organization, he hesitated, then hurriedly passed me off to someone he referred to as the verification coordinator. When I asked her to give me my address, just to make sure it was correct, she indeed had my correct address. She then asked if I could send $5.00. I told her to send a pledge card and I would think about it.

I won't give them a dime. I am so sorry for all of the vets, families, the elderly and others who have lost loved ones only to be aggravated by these weasels. The number for Steve is 407-749-1042.I only wish there was more I could do.

My gratitude to our American Service men and women. My father saw combat in WWI, passed away in 2003 without recognition or appreciation. So hold your heads high and don't be victims. We are Americans. "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Apr 07, 2016
Get A Call Blocker
by: DavidW9819

About the only way to stop these scammers from calling is to get a call blocker or a call blocking phone. They're readily available on the internet for between $40 and $60. Since "FAV" is registered as a non-profit/charity with the IRS, the Do Not Call list won't stop them from calling.

Charities, political organizations, and survey calls are exempt from the Do Not Call list. I have a call blocking phone and it works like a charm. FAV has called me four nights in a row, but my phone just rings once and then disconnects the call. It's obvious they're using a robodialer and not live people to place the calls, as the calls keep coming every night at the same time even though I blocked the FAV number (801-375-6060) after the first call.

Apr 06, 2016
by: Anonymous


Apr 06, 2016
by: Mike W

These guys are scammers. Do the research. I'm on the Federal DNC list and they call around 9pm each time. No message, just click, I hate robo-dialers.

I called the number back, and they do have prompts to have you removed from their list, funny thing is I shouldn't have been on it in the first place. So we will see if they call again. I followed their prompts so they better take me off their illegal list.

Mike, sadly the national Do Not Call list does not apply to charities.

Mar 29, 2016
Let's Stop Organizations Like This One
by: Anonymous

It is appalling to me that an organization like this can actually exist. How do they sleep at night? They are taking money that could actually go to help worthwhile veterans' organizations, instead of running their wretched little scam that annoys and misleads concerned citizens. Shame on you FAV.

Mar 29, 2016
Annoying and persistent!
by: Anonymous

FAV called me twice yesterday. I couldn't get a word in edgewise during an 8:30 a.m. call and just hung up. Same rep. called in afternoon. Told him to stop calling and we'll see if they comply. Really annoying! I'm a veteran and I've never heard of these people. Don't give them a dime!

Mar 25, 2016
Harassing telephone calls
by: Anonymous

The FAV pressured my elderly wife into pledging. When I didn't send a check, they ignored my demands not to call back and harassed my wife for months.


Mar 12, 2016
These Folks are SCAMMERS Masquerading As a Legit Non-profit Charity
by: db

These Folks are SCAMMERS Masquerading As a Legit Non-profit Charity operating as a Section 501(c) organization. They're far from it in spirit, while they hold this gummint granted 'license to steal' AND harass huge numbers of folks with constant unwanted solicitations via phone at all hours.

Notwithstanding it's LEGAL, IT's STILL a SCAM!

But don't take my word for it... A simple Google search of 'FAV', 'Foundation for American Veterans', 'Larry Siedell,' to see just how blatant a bunch of hustlers these jerks are.

Amazingly after 18 'Negative' comments, ZERO Positive comments and 1 actual claim filed against them their local BBB still have them ranked with an A+... UNBELIEIVEABLE!

These types of operations are the lowest form of scumbags one can possibly find, given they pry on the unsuspecting who THINK they're helping out our very deserving Veterans who've paid the ultimate price and are being USED for financial gain by a bunch of greedy shysters.


Mar 02, 2016
Be Aware
by: Viet Nam Vet

They called before, but I never answered. This morning I did. Male voice. "Not going to recruit me or anything" in a joking voice.

Used my first name, so he knew who I was. Wanted to send me an envelope for a donation. Stated twenty dollars. I never agreed to send anything.

Caller I.D. number was 207-805-8501 listed as FOUND AMER VETS from a location in Portland, Maine.

Thank you for your service, and Welcome Home!

Feb 28, 2016
Phone Calls at 3:00 am
by: Anonymous

Why do they call at 3:00am and wake you up? At 88 years old I need my sleep.

I've tried being on the no call list but too no avail.

Is there any other way I can eliminate these calls. PLEASE ADVISE.

Not only is this harrassment, it is against the law. By law, they are not permitted to call before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. Report them to your state's Attorney General (or whichever state agency regulates charities authorized to solicit in your state) and see our suggestions on How to Stop Unwanted Charity Calls.

Feb 23, 2016
Asked for my credit card- scam
by: Anonymous

Said they would mail me an envelope for donation but did not. Calls every night since then.

Told them I did not get envelope and they wanted my credit card number. No Way, Jose!

Then they gave me an address for Southfield, MI. Research the BBB. Only 7-8% of donations ever make it to vets. Find another way to give!

Feb 20, 2016
Viet Nam Vet says
by: FL Holley

Thank you very much for the info. I received a call several weeks ago and made a pledge of $20 to FAV. But I never send money without checking the organization out first.

I got around to doing this today, as I have received several phone calls from them wanting to know when I was sending the money in.
Needless to say they will not get any money from me, but will indeed get a letter stating what I think of such an organization.

I am a VietNam vet with disabilities that are service related, and they didn't even think twice about scamming me.

Thank you for your service, and Welcome Home!

Feb 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

I got a call in December 2015 and was asked if I would make a $15 donation, a very reasonable amount. I said I would AFTER I reviewed the organization, because I did not know them.

Since then I have been called every day at different times, sometimes very early in the morning. I have reviewed FAV websites enough to know that I am NOT going to send them ANY money, and additionally, these disruptive phone calls have only served to alienate them from my charitable nature.

I give to other organizations that have made public their allocating records and do not harass potential donors.

Feb 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please take our telephone number off of your mailing list. 303-237-XXXX.

Anon, unfortunately we can't help with that. You'll need to contact the charity directly.

Feb 13, 2016
Solicitation by caller
by: Anonymous

I receive one to three calls per day from these people asking for my wife. I have explained to them that I am on a Federal NO CALL LIST and that I have entered my number on their no call list and they insist on making calls which I consider harassing calls to my phone number.

You see they keep asking for my wife. The problem is she is deceased and I have let them know that, but they insist on telling me that they will call back to speak with her directly. Each time they call and ask for my wife is like them renewing the sorrow I feel for my departed life-long companion.

I am now in the process of seeking legal remedy and hope I can at least stop them from calling my residence.

I'm so sorry you're subjected to such rude and insensitive behavior by the solicitors for FAV. Please see our article about How to Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services.

Feb 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Have no new information to add except that I will be contacting my Rep. and Senator.

Feb 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

They call every night. When I finally answered, they asked for my father. When I said he wasn't home and asked if I could take a message the caller hung up.

Feb 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have been getting the same phone calls too! Guy's name is Steve and I have received two pledge cards in the mail so far.

When I asked for more information, he transferred me to a woman who hung up on me abruptly. Right then I thought SCAM.

Upon doing a Google search I see they are very poor in the amount donated to veterans. I am throwing the material away.

I probably will receive anther call from this Steve but they are getting no money from me.

Feb 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

they call my house daily at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm. there is no one on line and then no one an be reached at the number. How do you block these calls. Biggest annoying callers that I have encountered yet.

How can the public report them and get them to stop calling us??

You can report them to your state's Attorney General, or whichever state organization regulates the charities that are authorized to solicit in your state, and see our article on How to Stop Unwanted Charity Calls.

Feb 04, 2016
Address if FAV
by: Anonymous

On the back of the pledge reply google the
7473 Wilshire
West Bloomfield Michigan 48322
And it comes up on real estate websites as a
Makes you wonder

Feb 04, 2016
Phone Number
by: Anonymous

I have noticed that FAV calls from many different numbers and city/town names.

Since I have a husband under home hospice care I answer any numbers that have our town and state listed on caller ID since it may be a nurse, caregiver or CNA. That's how they caught me today for a follow up call on my pledge.

When I tried to talk to this professional fund raiser, he talked right over me. I finally asked if he was real or a recording.

He apologized and proceeded to do it again, asking for my credit or debit card to "save me a stamp".

I'll save a stamp by not sending them money.

Feb 03, 2016
by: Amanda

This should be illegal! 11%! They sure tried more then once to get me to donate over the phone. This is basically a scam. I'm happy i did my research.

Feb 03, 2016
Many Calls
by: Anonymous

Robo call from their Seattle call center. If you respond the program goes to the next step. No way to opt out. No way to get a live person. Have contacted WA Attorney General. If enough complaints are made, maybe something will happen.

Feb 03, 2016
They hung up on me
by: Anonymous

They had called and talked to my husband (I am a 100% disabled Navy veteran). He would not give them a credit card number over the phone.

They called back a few days later and I answered the phone. When I told them my husband wasn't available and tried to tell him I already give to other veteran's organizations, the jerk hung up on me.

They call all the time but I now have them blocked. We just got a mailing today saying it is a "Pledge Reminder". They will not be getting a penny from us.

I have always been of the opinion that when I have the ability to give, I will find the one(s) that use the most money for the actual charity, not salaries, advertising or fundraisers. I wish the government would fix this cause there are so many reputable charities out there that could use the money.

Feb 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

I blocked their number more than a month ago and yet they call almost every night between 8 and 9 pm. There are no vets here, and they never get an answer ... and yet they persist.

Feb 02, 2016
God's Mercy
by: Anonymous

May God have mercy on all associated with this scam.

That's a very charitable thought, but we're pretty sure there's a special corner of Hell reserved for these jerks. (At least we hope so.)

Feb 02, 2016
Harassment of Gold Star Mother
by: Kirsten Yuhl-Torres

I am an Army Veteran and a Gold Star Mother. My only child was KIA in 2006.

FAV calls several times a day but there is one call that comes in every night at 8:50 p.m.

We have asked them directly to stop calling us. I don't know what this organization does to help Veterans, but I do know that they are engaging in harassment of Veterans and of Gold Star parents.

This needs to stop. I will be contacting my congressional representatives to file a complaint and also reporting this to the local San Diego media as well as through social media. I encourage all who are being harassed to do the same.

Kirsten Yuhl-Torres
Mother of SGT Joseph W. Perry
KIA 2 OCT 06

Kirsten, please accept our gratitude for your son's service. We honor his sacrifice, and assure you, he will never be forgotten by those of us who appreciate our veterans defending our freedom.

I suggest you contact Rep. Duncan Hunter, a former Marine, regarding this, and demand that Congress take action to stop this deplorable behavior by telemarketers on behalf of veterans. It's time for an overhaul of the IRS regulations regarding charitable organizations, and the amount they're required to put toward their cause must be increased to at least 51%! The current 5% requirement is more than ridiculous.

You can also report it to your local phone company, which has the power to stop harassing calls.

Jan 31, 2016
Automated Service
by: Joe Donnelly

Sounds like they like to employ an automated phone service that's prompted by responses. There's pauses between the statements made and they dictate what to put you down for.

I ask them always to send me something in writing. Of course the thing they send you doesn't say any more about them than they want...

Jan 30, 2016
Suing for harrassment
by: Anonymous

I would love to sue foundation for american vets for harrassing telemarketing calls. Does anyone know how I can find their address? The phone number comes up 209 898 0534.

Anon, you will find an address and phone number for the CEO if you scroll down a bit through the earlier comments.

You can also report them to your local phone company, which has the power to stop harassing phone calls.

Jan 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

A number listed to "FOUND AMER VETS" calls 2-3x/day on many days. This is pure harassment. No legit charity would do that.

Jan 26, 2016
Do I have to make payment?
by: Anonymous

I too was solicited, but figuring it was for Veterans, i might play. they asked for my credit card number after the first guy told me that they would send a pledge card out via mail. I did not give them my credit card number.

Got the pledge in the mail yesterday. Now, after looking at all of these comments as well as others on other sites.. what happens if i don't send in my pledged amount?

Anon, you are under no obligation to fulfill such a pledge. Just shred it and move on. But they may continue to harass you for a donation.

I would write a note explaining that I changed my mind after finding out what percentage actually goes to vets, and demanding that they put you on their internal do not call list, and return it in their envelope.

Jan 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

They called my mother to solicit funds for homeless veterans and when my mother told them she was on a fixed income and couldn't give anything the man was very rude and told her she didn't care.

Jan 25, 2016
unsolicited contact
by: Anonymous

I received a call today, saw the caller ID but decided to answer because I had recently sent out several RFPs for a military reunion. My phone number is not unlisted but I give it out sparingly.

The caller was rather miffed that I would not give to the cause but I am struggling financially also. After a couple more refusals, he thanked me.

I tried to ask where he had obtained my number, but he had hung up, rather abruptly. To say I was not impressed would be putting it mildly! What I have read on this site makes quite suspicious of them.

Jan 25, 2016
Solicited call wanting credit card FAV
by: Anonymous

Asked for pledge and then asked for credit card. Told them I do not give out number and hung up. Received pledge in mail, a few days later.

Decided to check out on line and read that the money doesn't reach our Vets. Sorry FAV, but will keep pledging to our wounded Vets, a pledge I've been giving to for years.

Jan 24, 2016
pledge complaint
by: Anonymous

Why would I send my hard earned money to pay someone a large salary and about 8% goes to the veterans. And what does that 8% pay for. I would like to see a valid list of the expenses for the veterans.

I do hope the telemarketers are not getting the big bucks. [Sadly, they are.]

The one verifier was very rude and hung up on me. Just because I asked her why she needed my address when they had my name and phone #.

Well guess what? I got a pledge letter in the mail asking for the $15, which I did not agree to. Funny how they found my naddress for that. Scam 101. I am all for helping the veterans but not for a scam like this.

Jan 23, 2016
by: Martin G. Arrey

I do not like being pressured into donating towards our vet programs, do not care for your rep's opinions or that of your org.

Please do not contact me again. I will donate if/when I want to. I served to be able to to make my own decisions, DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN!! DO NOT PRESSURE ME OR MY FAMILY!!

Jan 22, 2016
by: Every person you call

have left messages for YOU not to call...........
number our calls for weeks, daily numerous calls........will never donate to YOU....check your ph will be reported to district attorney for harrasment!

Report harassment to your local phone company. They have the power to stop harassing calls.

Jan 22, 2016
Solicitation Calls
by: Anonymous

I am a police officer for the Boulder Police Department. I received a call to complain about a phone solicitation. The caller asked to be taken off your list. He called to report that he is still getting calls from your number and is being hung up on by the caller.

I'm sure this is not condoned by your organization and I would think you would stop this. The number that the call is being made from is (720) 403-9498.

Jan 22, 2016
Thanks for Enlightment
by: Penny

I received my pledge in the mail and before mailing a check, I decided to do some investigating. I will ignore this pledge and if they call again, I will also ask to hold while I get my credit card and then leave them hanging.

Jan 21, 2016
STOP CALLING Multiple X each Day
by: SueJ,RN

They call and call and call and call - if I never pick up, why wouldn't they STOP and give up already!?! Waste of everyone's time and their effort.

Jan 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

Constant calls from "Found Amer Vets," and no matter what I tell the person on the other end, they keep calling.

Well guess what, guys? You, whoever the heck you really are, have lost any good will you might have had from the public. When you use a scammy and thoroughly inconsiderate telemarketer to raise money for you, that's what happens.

Jan 20, 2016
low life bottom feeding front for laundering money
by: Anonymous

this is the slimiest, most ethically deprived, harassing, no-conscience, abuse of the name of this country's most valiant citizens - IRS please send them to prison for perverts.

Jan 20, 2016
sick of it
by: Anonymous

These scammers call me several times a day and will not stop. RVN vet and I give some money to VFW. That's it and they do not hound me with calls day and NIGHT!

Jan 20, 2016
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the information. I received a call wanting a donation but refused to give them banking or credit card info. over the phone. And I also told them I wanted to do research on their organization before I would donate. Thanks again!

Jan 20, 2016
Caller getting too personal
by: Jeanne

I answered the phone and the caller proceeded to address me by my first name. I said "Do I know you?" Being called by my first name by a stranger, I figured it was going to be a request for money.

"Steve" asked me if I was "ready for service" and then started to laugh and said he was joking. He was seeking donations for the veterans and the VA hospitals and kept pressing me for a committed dollar amount.

His voice and scripted words made me think I actually had a recording rather than a live person. After finally stating that I would decide how much to give after receiving a mailing, I was then transferred to a woman to "verify my commitment." When I kept pressing her for info regarding this organization without success, she hung up.

Jan 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

You are absolutely ridiculous and then commenting underneath with stupid remarks. [???]

I am with all of these people that the last few weeks I am being harassed. I am getting mailings every week saying I pledge $20 and then 3-4 phone calls everyday, usually after 8pm, but then no one speaks when I try getting them to stop.

This is f-ing ridiculous and needs to stop. How can we stop this solicited harassment ????

Report them to your local phone company, which has the power to stop phone harassment.

Jan 19, 2016
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this site. I just got off the phone after saying I would make a donation, but I refused to give my credit or debit card number. They will be sending me a pledge card in the mail.

After reading this, I will mail the card back without any check but with my opinion of any 'organization' who would take advantage of the fact that we have so many veterans who are in serious need of help. I did warn them that I would be researching them before I send a check. So glad I 'looked before I leaped.'

Jan 18, 2016
Phone calls
by: Anonymous

These people should listen when a phone is answered and the party BEGS them not to call! It is harassment!!

Report it to your local phone company. They have the power to stop harassing calls.

Jan 18, 2016
FOUND AMER VETS almost daily calls
by: mj

How do I get you to stop calling? We have had 22 calls under FOUND AMER VETS from either 720-403-9498 or 720-564-9498. STOP IT!

Jan 16, 2016
No Money for Scammers
by: Anonymous

Your greed will not get me to donate to you, ever. Calling me everyday day for the past 2 months and not receiving an answer tells me this organization is run by a bunch of dummies.

Why would you continue to call when it is obvious it will not get answered? Low IQ types.

Jan 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

This organization has been calling my 92 year old mother as a predator. Same MO, calls late at night, mentions a given name, like "Steve" Then abuses the person called with relentless solicitations for $.

Don't donate, call your attorney general and file a complaint. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau also. [Also the FTC and the FCC.]

Jan 15, 2016
Unwanted Phone Calls
by: Anonymous

Every morning and every evening we receive these harassing calls. Your "charity" has an abysmal record and we would never donate to you. STOP THE HARASSMENT!!!!!

Jan 15, 2016
Not snookered in RVA
by: Karaschke

After reading your info, then others' comments first, I experienced almost the identical thing: at 8:45 PM., a guy (also) asked me if I were "ready for duty." He laughed easily and in a fairly engaging manner.

When I asked what a "501(c)(19) was, he only answered that it was a nonprofit and slid right back into his schpiel. (I have since learned that a (c)(19) is: "IRC 501(c)(19) exempts from federal income tax a post or organization of past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States, or an auxiliary unit or society of, or a trust or foundation for any such post or organization..")

And when I asked what, exactly, his org does for vets, as I am otherwise disposed to help, he again answered vaguely and returned smoothly to his ask, always emphasizing that donations are tax deductible.

When I agreed that I'd be happy to receive his letter, he confirmed my response would include a donation of "at least $15," and then said he'd hand me over to his supervisor who was on another line and could get to me right away. I said OK.

THEN, the woman who "spoke" to me turned out to be a pretty sophisticated computer voice.
She thanked me for agreeing to donate to FAV. I said I had NOT promised and indeed, had several questions.

So I hasked about c-19 again. Same "we're a charity" answer.

But then the fascinating (to ME) thing: I next asked what % of donations they receive went to the vets they served and what % went to the fundraising group. She told me what sounds like it 's close to the truth! "She" said, and I paraphrase, "15% to the vets and 85% to the fundraising arm."

I responded in a slightly miffed voice, "No way!" Or "That's horrible!" Or something that demonstrated my disgust...

I next heard my call being disconnected.
The gall!!

Jan 15, 2016
Aggressive and ungrateful foundation comes to mind after my experience with Foundation for American Veterans
by: Anonymous

The people who call are not willingly responding to one's questions, they seem put out by the very people who are suppose to give them donations, a very turn off to say the least. When I asked if these contributions were tax deductible, the phone call ended by the caller slamming the phone on my ear. They will get a big zero in donations from me.

Jan 15, 2016
No Credit or Debit Card Info!
by: Anonymous

I just received a call from them. Told then I would give $10.00 and they insisted on credit card or debit.

I refused, told them I don't give out that information over the phone. Finally they agreed it was okay they would send me an envelope.

Now that I read how little of my $10.00 would actually go to the vets, They will be getting an empty envelope back.

I told her I wanted my phone taken off their list, but she just talked over me. That's why I looked them up. If they call again, I won't even answer the phone.

Jan 14, 2016
Business interested in its own profits rathar than vets
by: Anonymous

This organization uses a robocalling system to lure people into sending them money. They show little concern or interest for veterans and their families.

Jan 14, 2016
First mistake...I answered the phone
by: Anonymous

"Steve" just called. I told him to send me information. He said her would put me down for a one-time pledge of $20, while I was saying, "no, Steve. No, no, no..."

As he completed his statement about the pledge, he hung up. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give money to this group.

Jan 13, 2016
Robo Scammers
by: Linda

I rec'd my first phone call from these people. Having many veteran family members I always check out an organization before giving any money to them.

There was something fishy about the phone call - mainly after each question there was a pause. When i answered the question, their comment was tailored to my answer. I soon realized that this was a computer generated robo call which picked out certain words in my answer. Very clever.

I said to the robo caller that i would look at the information once i rec'd it to determine if i would give anything or not. The robo was unhappy with that answer and kept pushing for more money.

Today i rec'd the information. Its going in the shredder.

Jan 11, 2016
scam-artist "charity" organization
by: sickOFthis

these scam-artists keep calling 2-5 times a day at all times of the day. try to get any information about contacting them directly or any supervisor information and they just hang up.
have repeatedly told them to stop calling this number.

Jan 09, 2016
Rip Off Artists
by: BGKY John

After 12 calls, I answered and got the big pitch from some guy called Steve. I let him give me the sales pitch and every time I said no the money went down.

Then they tried for the credit card number. Wrong thing to do, so he put me thru to a girl who was going to confirm everything.

They told me I'd go on the hero's list and had the balls to tell me God Bless You. I've sent a copy of their letter to the Kentucky BBB. I kept a copy of the letter with my nasty comments on it,

Don't Be Stupid People - These Snakes need to rot in Hell!

Jan 09, 2016
by: Sheila

I received a phone call asking for a donation to Foundation for American Veterans. They wanted me to submit payment by Cr Card or Debit card. Since I am very careful when asked for these numbers, I told them send me the info by mail. I did get a Pledge Reminder and decided to research how this organization spent monies received.

I want to personally thank you for the research you did. How can the CEO's for this charity sleep at night. I am retired and have Parkinson's Disease and have to watch how I spend my money. Needless to say the Pledge Reminder was shredded.

You're very welccome, Sheila. Glad you found the information helpful.

Jan 09, 2016
Crank Calls
by: Anonymous

Stop calling my house!!! You call all hours of the day and night. You are a bug that needs to be sprayed with insecticide.

You call and ask for someone's first name on my machine. How dumb!!Get a life and stop harassing people.

You will not get any money from me. Is this how you get your thrills? Calling and not speaking when I pick up the phone.

I have called the number several times to tell them not to call but of course they never answer and the voice mail is always full. Quit being a pest!!!!!!!

Jan 08, 2016
They Will Call You Non-Stop!
by: Karen

"Steve" called a week before Christmas wanting a donation. I told him to mail me some information. Since he had my phone number, I assumed he had my address. He said he did but wanted a credit card over the phone for the donation, he said most give $50 but they would love $15.

Again told him to mail me some information and I would see if I could donate. He said great and hold for a sec..... a woman came on as a "manager" and assured that a cc # is secure with them. AGAIN mail me something....

She says ok, I'll just put you down for the minimum $15. NO AGAIN mail me something or just forget it. 2 days later I got a letter saying my pledge was $15.

Might have sent them some money if "STEVE" didn't call me 15 times in the next 5 days!!!! Including Xmas eve 3 times and at 8 am the day after Xmas. SCAM

Jan 08, 2016
by: Sandra Boyce

Please stop sending her request for contributions and calling her. My understanding is you keep 62% of your contributions for God only knows what.

My son is a Veteran and and we help him as much as we can.

It is bordering on taking advantage of the elderly. I am asking you to stop harassing her.

If what I read is true about you organization, you should be ashamed of yourself for making money on the backs of the Veterans that have served our country at a great cost!

PS- it is interesting that the word that asked to be entered to submit this email is MALICE>>>>, makes you stop and think...

Actually, Sandra, it's just an amusing coincidence. The words that our Captcha program uses are totally random.

We do hope you realize that you are writing to us,, and not to FAV. You will have to write them directly to ask them to remove someone from their calling or mailing list.

Jan 07, 2016
Late intrusive calls.
by: Anonymous

They call our business every night at 8:46 after we have gone to bed, since we get up for work at 4 am.

We give to several vet organizations but don't like the rating on this one. This is an intrusion on our sleep and privacy.

See our note in the comment below about Robocall blockers.

Jan 07, 2016
Telephone harassment
by: Anonymous

This organization calls me numerous times daily during the week and most evenings between 8.30 pm and 10.00 pm.

I did answer their call once requesting that they remove my number, but they only accelerated the calls after that.

I have reported them to the FCC, but assume it is difficult to stop these calls. They dishonor Vets.

We just found a Consumer Reports review of RoboCall Blockers! You might try one of those.

Jan 07, 2016
Thank you for vetting FAV
by: Kimberly B.

I've received multiple phone calls from FAV over the last 2 months but didn't answer when they called, as our number is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

However, today I did answer. Not knowing anything about FAV, but caring deeply for our veterans, I agreed to make a small donation. I was then transferred to another person who said they would take my donation by credit card. That made me suspicious.

I insisted they send me a donation form by mail; they continued to press me to make a credit card donation by phone. I stood my ground, and boy am I glad I did, after reading your thorough review of FAV.

I think it's an outrage that such a low percentage of the funds they receive from donors actually go into the pockets of needy veterans. If and when I do receive a "mailed donation form", I plan to return it with NO DONATION and a scathing letter expressing my mistrust of how they use the funds they raise!

And now I'm going to file a complaint against them with the National Do Not Call Registry for calling our number! Kudos to Military Money Matters for a vetting job well done! God bless you all.

Kimberly, thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately, the Do Not Call rules do not apply to charitable organizations. However, if you request them to put you on their internal Do Not Call list, the law requires them to do so (although we're hearing that it doesn't do any good).

Jan 07, 2016
You should do something to stop it
by: Mad Bear

Received a call before 9:00am that was to early for someone to call. I will not give anything to a veterans org. again.

Mad Bear, please don't confuse this outfit with admirable veterans charities who are good stewards of the funds they receive, like Fisher House, for one. Just be sure to check out any group before you donate.

Jan 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

This group is a scam and should be reported for taking advantage of the elderly.

Jan 07, 2016
Breaking the law
by: M. Wood

This organization continually calls after 8:00 pm. and several times a day. I will not donate to an organization that actually uses such a small percentage of what they solicit for Vets.

I am a vet and I live in California. I don't think they have filed the proper paper work to operate in this state.

Jan 06, 2016
Thank you
by: Carol wallbank

I was contacted by this organization and since my Dad was a WWII veteran and my brother served, I thought I would give. They did seem a bit shady.

After reading this post, I would never give to an organization that only gives 11% to the real charity. Thank you.

The number is actually even less than 11%!

Jan 06, 2016
Not Happy
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately I did not take the time to investigate this group prior to making a pledge....which of course was solicited over the phone.

I will send my pledge this time but never again!

Anon, you have no obligation to follow through with a pledge.

Jan 05, 2016
Won't stop calling or sending reminders for a "Pledge" I no longer want to make!
by: Anonymous

The woke me out of a sound sleep and asked for me by my nickname, Acted as if we knew each other then jumped right in to ask for the pledge of 30 or fifty dollars! Then tried to get my credit card or debit card number to pay for the pledge.

When I asked who thy were again and how they got my unlisted number I was told they were allowed to get any number they wanted. I hung up on them but now I am receiving pledge reminders and more phone calls for my 30 dollar donation. I want them to stop calling me and stop sending me these reminders.

I changed my mind about giving them any money after reading how bad a group they are. Don't I have the right to change my mind after all they woke me out of a sound sleep at 8am on a Saturday and I wasn't really wake!

Jan 05, 2016
Deceptive Practice
by: Anonymous

We continuously receive this call from a caller ID of "QVD." Tonight we received a message on our machine thanking us for our promise of a donation. In the mail we received a reminder notice of our pledge from last week of $30.

We were out of town last week and made no such pledge.

We find that to be very unprofessional.

You're much kinder than we are. We find unprofessional to be one of the nicer things it could be called!

Jan 05, 2016
Harrassed my 91 year old mother
by: Anonymous

My mother received a phone call from a man who kept asking her for a donation. She kept telling him no; she supports veterans in her local community.

He ignored her and said he was putting her down for a $15 donation. She is now gotten 2 pledge forms.

This is very upsetting to her and I am trying to find the phone number to have them take her off their call list. She lives alone and is still very acute so didn't fall for their scheme but feels harassed. This is not helping veterans' causes at all.

Please let your mother know she is under no obligation to make good on these "pledges" she didn't make. It's just another way they bully people into donating.

Jan 04, 2016
Just another scam
by: Anonymous

We too get unending Foundation for Amer Vets calls.

As a vet I ask you to not give to these clowns.

Also check out Wounded Warrior percentages before giving to them.

If you feel the need to give for veterans, send a package overseas through the APO!

Jan 04, 2016
Suspected that this was a ripoff
by: Butch in KY

Received call from FAV couple of weeks ago and they asked for a pledge. Since I am a vet I usually try to contribute to veteran organizations, although I was not familiar with this one. When they switched me to another person asking for credit card information, I responded that I had never had a charity organization ask for this but they could send me something in mail.

Thank goodness I did some research before I put the money in the mail. I did return my pledge card with a nasty note but no money.

Jan 04, 2016
by: Anonymous




Jan 04, 2016
SCAMMER Larry Siedell should be ashamed
by: Angry Anonymous

This organization spends more than 50% of their income on fundraising and about 45% in other expenses and only 5 - 8% going to Veterans! This is just the bare minimum required to qualify as a non-profit.

The key officers made over $237K in 2012 according to the website link here. This only includes Larry Siedell and Bob McDonald as far as I can tell. The return address for donations is in UPS Store personal mailbox.

We should all send our (empty) donation envelopes to Larry Siedell's address instead. 473 Wilshire, W Bloomfield, MI 48322-2876. I also plan to complain to my Congressman.

Jan 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

This organization with a phone number of 206-512-8478 have called my home numerous times asking for my wife who not only is not a Veteran, but has never released our unpublished phone number to this or any other organization.

They refuse to speak with anybody other than my wife, are rude, disrespectful, and hang up immediately when you challenge them, only to call back in a day or so.

Anon, if you've ever donated to Wounded Warrior Project, that could be where they got your name. WWP makes part of its revenue by renting out its donor lists to other charities.

Dec 30, 2015
A Solution
by: Anonymous

I respond "911, what is your emergency?"

That worked. He hung up REAL quickly.


Dec 29, 2015
Legacy of Foundation for American Veterans in Michigan
by: Anonymous

I s foundation for American Veterans in Michigan legitimate? Why haven't they responded? I in S. Carolina received a call from them, but am reluctant, is this foundation a scam?

Anon, did you read our review, or any of the comments posted before yours???

Dec 25, 2015
Foundation for American Vets
by: Anonymous

These scammers will not stop calling us, how they know our names even with an unlisted number I would like to know. They keep calling even when told to place us on their internal do not call list.

I'm a disabled vet. trying to live on ssi. with lungs damaged from the dust inhaled from working in the towers sites after 09-11-01 .

I asked them where is their help? The dude who called himself Dave just laughed when I added my local vfw members were doing more then they do to help me.

Dec 24, 2015
Too many calls
by: Anonymous

Foundation for American Veterans has been calling me every night at 8:30 pm. Sometimes they call two or three times a day.

It is an absolute nuisance to me, and bordering on harassment. I can not find a place to complain about this, and I will not give them a penny.

I have legitimate charities to donate to, and it is MY choice which one I pick.

Dec 23, 2015
Rip Off
by: mgrocho

I was willing to consider this organization but when they asked for a debit or credit card - said "no way." Hung up and checked their site. It's a con!

I give to various legit vet organizations and all are willing to send u something in the mail or by email and have NEVER asked for immediate payment.

Vietnam Vet 70-71

Pissed off to see these organizations can get away with this. They are worthless making money off of citizens willing to help.

Dec 23, 2015
Stop Calling
by: winston hall

Stop calling my phone. I served with distinction like many others.

You are a pain in the backside. People donate where they are sure their money will matter. You deter people from donating to veteran affairs.

Dec 23, 2015
by: Anonymous


Dec 23, 2015
Is there an end to these ornery phone scams?
by: Anonymous

FAV had been calling my number 5-6 times a day for
two weeks. I had already researched them at this
web site, and found that....surprise, surprise...
just another greedy scammer trying to lever me to
send money!

So I answered the phone this time. The caller hung up on me when I quoted the percentage actually given to the veterans!

Please support our veterans in need, but do the research before you contribute. I am a Viet Nam veteran.

Dec 20, 2015

Received a phone call requesting donations for this organization, and I responded positively. This was for a pledge, but when the lady came on to get my information, she immediately requested my credit card number.

I stared to give it to her until I realized this did not sound right. So now, I am very skeptical of this organization. Not sure I will hold up my end of the bargain.

Dec 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

I told them they could send out a pledge envelope in the mail. After receiving it, I did reverse look ups on the addr and phone and zip address. There is no one in the building spot of the address they are using. You look up the phone number and there are scam reports so get rid of the pledge notice..

My opinion!!! this is a scam. I will give the money to a vet here not to FOUNDATION FOR AMERICAN VETERANS SOUTHWEST MI. 48076


Dec 18, 2015
Need not Greed
by: Sally

The person in October got to my comment first!! I would rather Pay it forward and help someone out in need as I see it rather than pay mere pennies to them and put tons of money in a corporation!

IN THE FIRST PLACE IT SHOULD BE ALL VETERANS RUNNING THE CORPORATION!! Then we KNOW that veterans are being helped all the way around!!

Dec 17, 2015
No More Harassing Calls
by: Susan G.

I like to research charities before donating, and i really have a heart for Veterans, already supporting other Veteran charities, but I was willing to add one more.

Red flags went up for me when they started harassing me by phone before the week was out from when I pledged to send money. I get 3 or 4 calls a day. I have heard of "NoMoRobo" and the number is (866) 614-0005. It's supposed to stop the calls. My cable company is going to put it on. I hope it helps you all too.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Bless our Vets.

Giveanhour Therapist ( free counseling for Vets

Dec 15, 2015
A Vet's perspective
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by the Foundation for American Veterans and experienced many of the same negative things mentioned in this report. I felt pressured into making a donation by a professional phone salesman and then harassed until they got my pledge!!

I will never ever donate another nickel to this questionable organization!

Dec 14, 2015
Shame on You FAV
by: john healy

Your organization appears to be deplorable.
Call me and I will tell you what I really think about you.

Dec 14, 2015
Sorry I Answered the Phone
by: Anonymous

I come from a military family. I don't like it that people take advantage of veterans or active military.

I listened to the call and was sent a pledge form. I looked up what amount actually went to the veterans and now that pledge will go in the trash can. I tried to call the number back with no luck.

Dec 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

So I can put these envelopes they send in the trash file. They call daily but I just hit the end button.

But I think I will be trying that put-the-phone-down-while-I-look-for-credit-card thing.

Dec 12, 2015
Bullshit Scammers
by: Anonymous

These clowns have called me over 22 times in the past week. Each time they call, my machine Zaps them because of their call.

Today at about 1:15 this afternoon, I was able to pick up the phone before they got zapped. Some guy named Steve introduced himself and called me by my first name. My number is on the do not call list as well as unpublished.

As he started going into his "Spiel", I stopped him, told him I was sick and tired of his calls 2-3 times a day, and that if they didn't stop calling me, I would report them to the Federal Trade Commission and then sue their Ass for Harassment. He Hung Up.

Dec 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

Yes, calling 6-8 times a day. I recognized this guy's voice. He used to call our business office to ask for donations for the local pba. This is the same guy, it is a scam.

We are a veteran family and this has me very upset he is now abusing our veterans. I am reporting this.

I am also calling our congressman to see how to stop this scam. He belongs in jail.

Dec 12, 2015
Almost a Sucker
by: Rick

I received a call asking for a $15.00 donation for the vets. I stated I would go $25. Not happy with that, they asked for another $2.00 for some dam reason.

They then asked for a credit card number. I refused saying I would be glad to contribute if they sent me a hard copy in the mail. I had to tell them twice. When I received it in the mail, I search out their foundation and found too many sites saying this is a red flag.

Most veterans groups give a lot more than $0.14 of every dollar to the vets. Thanks for the heads up.

Dec 12, 2015
Bogus charity is a scam
by: Anonymous

Check this group out on They keep calling me....contribute very, very little to vet charities and are pulling support from valid charities. A real scam.

Dec 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call - the person on the phone did not give a name, instead went into a slick pitch about helping the veterans.

Coincidently, I had donated money to someone who does give 100% of the money to the VA. I asked the person on the phone if they were familiar with this person and he said he was, so I asked him what the person looked like and was hung up upon immediately!!!

I called back and could not leave a message. There was a prompt to speak to an operator, when I used the prompt for the operator I was told the operator was not available goodbye!!!

This infuriated me as I lost my father in October. Something should be done to stop this false charity!!!!

It is shameful that this bogus charity can prey on elderly people that believe they are doing the right thing. I hope someone reads this and is able to shut them down. It is cruel to use the military to make money off of.

scam scam scam, the people perpetrating this scam should go to jail or at the least fined heavily!!! Do Not Give These Scam artists a Dime!

Dec 11, 2015
Complaint Filed with FTC
by: Anonymous

After five calls from this organization, I filed a complaint with the FTC...not that it will probably do any good, but aside from not answering the calls, it's my only resource to stop this intrusion and harrassment.

Dec 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

You keep calling my house.. the one time i did answer you asked for someone named jacob.. when i responded no that it was not jacob, you replied "oh well, no message, i'll just try back later.."

no opportunity was given to inform you that no one named jacob lives at my house as you hung right up..

Dec 10, 2015
Do Not Call List
by: Anonymous

Please take us off your call list. our number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

A man called from your organization at 8:10 this am - would not stop talking and finally I got a word in that I wanted to be put on your do not call list and he hung up.

I would never give to such an organization.

Dec 09, 2015
Too many calls for my deceased parents
by: Anonymous

The phone rings several times a day asking for my mother. If I don't answer there is no message, and if I do answer they disconnect before I can tell them that Mom died 2 years ago.

Boy, do they keep calling. I have quit answering the phone because of them.

Unsettled in California

Dec 08, 2015
Wasted money
by: Anonymous

I am an American Veteran and I resent being bullied on the phone for a $20 pledge. When I check this out - I decided that I will not be sending this scam a check.

I will not give my pledge - ever!!! I support Wounded Warriors and Homeless Veterans. I will never give to Foundation for American Veterans - I don't care how often they call!

Please see our review of Wounded Warrior Project.

Dec 08, 2015
No Donation From Me
by: Anonymous

I see the information before I send my money. If only 6 cents goes to the vets. I decline to send you any money.

Please do not contact me again.


Dec 07, 2015
Phone solicitations
by: Annoyed in Virginia

They have been calling our home every night for months. I typically don't answer.

Tonight I did, and told the solicitor we were on the Do Not Call List. He replied in a snarky voice that charities were exempt and my response was to tell him they were bothering us and to STOP CALLING!!

Armed with this information I look forward to their next attempt......

Dec 07, 2015
Stop Calls
by: Anonymous

Did some research on this organization. I too am getting multiple calls.

Here is the contact information for 2 of the indiviuals running this.

Maybe calls to ones home and the others cell will stop this.

Robert G. McDonald
West Bloomfiled, MI
(Home) 248-661-9365

Larry Siedell, SR
Cell: 734-658-2082

Dec 07, 2015
Combat Paratrooper
by: Anonymous

Scam organizations like this really anger me. So many of us have given their lives, lost limbs and have suffered horribly serving our nation and scum like these people rip off us and our families.

Many of us are former highly-trained and combat-season veterans of elite military groups--and we're in great physical and mental shape. Some of us worked in law enforcement, others worked in intelligence agencies.

We can find anyone anywhere. If I was running a scam like these people I would worry about veterans getting together and deciding to do something about my scam with a search and destroy team. I would have a hard time sleeping at night.

Dec 07, 2015
Thank you for this information
by: Anonymous

Based on your report I won't be fulfilling my pledge. What a shame, veterans don't deserve another organization taking advantage of them.

I'll find another way to help.

Dec 07, 2015
by: lawrence kurtzke

This organization only gives 11% of its take to veterans. Give to DAV veterans instead.

I would not give them a penny and if i did it won't help veterans.

Dec 06, 2015
by: Les Williams

I was prepared to write a check until I checked this organization on-line. You will not be getting my donation. You do not appear to appreciate veterans as much as I do.
Thank you.

Dec 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm in Albuquerque and they call via a local number (505)373-4370. They call several times per day, starting about three weeks ago, but I don't answer any of them since I read my caller ID. They keep calling anyway.

Some agency gives out veterans phone numbers, but I since I don't do any business over the phone or give out my phone number, who knows.

Best thing is not to answer these calls ever. For those of you that don't have caller ID, it is a small monthly fee to pay to avoid nuisance callers these days.

Dec 03, 2015
THANKS for the FAV Directors' contact info
by: LB

Thank you for posting the names and phone numbers of the program directors of "Foundation of American Veterans". I just called Program Director Robert G. McDonald (248-661-9365), and he actually answered the phone.

He sounded professional and courteous while I made quite sure that he understood the magnitude of the inconvenience of his organization's daily phone calls. He promised to make sure my phone number is removed from his list.

I left a similar message on the voicemail of the other FAV contact, Larry Siedell Sr (734-658-2082).

Now every time the FAV automaton wakes me up with another daily phone call, I will promptly call these two directors - in Michigan, one time zone earlier than mine - to remind them how very annoying their program is.

Dec 02, 2015
Calling Same Time Every Night
by: Anonymous

I am a veteran and your westminster co org keeps calling my house at 2030 every night and asking to speak to my wife. Next time you call I will not be so polite and chew your pog ass out...


Dec 02, 2015
A Real Disabled Navy Veteran and Proud Wife of 38 Years
by: David and Maureen

Thank you for publishing your research results and doing all of the legitimate legwork that we were going to do before giving to this organization.

My husband felt that they were a little heavy handed on the first contact call when my husband made a pledge. He asked them to mail it to him and he would write a check upon receipt, as we would never just gift over the phone without doing some due diligence.

The man representing this Foundation who identified himself as "Steve" was insistent that we gift it right then and there on Thanksgiving Day, via our Debit card. We got the written pledge a few days later in the mail and it was stamped near my husband's name, with an obvious machine stamped but handwritten design "You are a hero - Steve" note near the greeting which just pissed me off.

Then we went online and immediately found who we were dealing with. So thank you again. We will stick with the REAL and VALID charities that we have fully researched and trusted with our gifts of money over the years. God Bless You.

Regards, Maureen and David.

P.S. They did a follow up call and my hubby said outright "No, we will not be sending you anything" very calmly, and they hung up on him! HA HA

Thank you for those kind words. I'm glad you found our site helpful.

Dec 02, 2015
Research on FAV
by: Anonymous

Found out that the pledge amount is mailed to a mail collection po box business in a strip mall in Southfield, MI. I've tried several times to contact a Robert Gerald McDonald who is referenced many times on the web page. The home that he and his wife live in in Allen Park, Mi is a little two bedroom. He has not returned my phone requests. 313-381-6614.

I have not been able to locate any type of office or business site in Minnesota for "Foundation For American Veterans."

Dec 01, 2015
I'm glad I found this site.
by: Anonymous

I just got off the phone with these people. Normally, I do not answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number, but I was expecting a call from someone I don't normally talk to.

They caught me off guard. I said I would donate because I think our Vets are important. Thanks to this website, I have reconsidered and will donate to another Vet charity. I didn't find it amusing that the caller mentioned suiting up and asking to join the military. I've already served in the Navy and I don't think these buffoons believe women serve in the military.

They've called me 7 times in the past 2 days. I'll have to record this and forward it to the appropriate organization to complain.

It's a shame that there are so many scam organizations that use veterans to steal money from those willing to help.

Dec 01, 2015
Thank you
by: Anonymous

The information you provided is valuable. I will not contribute to this organization and the next time they call me they will hear from me about their shady practices.

Dec 01, 2015
More Scam Charities that use ACS Telemarketers
by: Anonymous

Heres some of the charities that Associated Community Services work for:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, Inc.
Breast Cancer Society, Inc., The
Cancer Fund of America, Inc.
Children With Hairloss, Inc.
Children's Cancer Fund Of America, Inc.
Children's Charitable Foundation
Crusade For Child Safety, Inc.
Detectives Benevolent Association
Disabled Veterans Services, Inc.
Firefighters Assistance Fund, Inc.
FireFighters Charitable Foundation
Firefighters Support Services, Inc.
Foundation For American Veterans, Inc.
Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc.
Law Enforcement Education Program
National Children's Leukemia Foundation
Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth
Washington Chapter Of The United States Navy Veterans Association
Youth Development Fund (Tennessee)

Some of these "charities" goes as low as giving only 8% to those they represent....the rest goes to Associated Community Services for fundraising.

Dec 01, 2015
State of Michigan filed Cease and Desist order on AC Services Telemarketing
by: Anonymous

AC Services is the parent Company of a Group of Companies that get the bulk of the Money from Foundation for American Veterans.

After examining the Tax records Form 990 /990EZ from 2009 to 2013 there is a distinct pattern. Most of the Money Donated on Behalf of the Veterans is being funneled to 4 Companies, all controlled or operated by "Associated Community Services, Inc." a For Profit Company in Michigan.

If you Google the Associated Community Services, Inc., you will find they had a Cease & Desist order issued to them by the AG's office in 2013. In addition the Principals of AC Services named on their website are the Registered Agents or Family members are Registered Agents of All the Fund raising companies that do business with the Non Profit per their Tax return.

This information obtained by researching that Tax records and doing a search on the State of Michigan Business License Search. Free Public Disclosure.

With the bulk of the money going to these Telemarketers. They are hiding behind the scrutiny of the public by engaging the Non Profit companies and taking the bulk of the proceeds..
40% - in some years 80 % since 2009!! Per the FAV tax returns!...

Nov 30, 2015
You gotta be scammers
by: Anonymous

I'm continually getting calls at my business, from a caller in my AC. They hang up, (I assume it's because I answer with the business name), and it always comes up under caller ID as Foundation for American Veterans. Can't return the call, as often as I've tried.

Nov 30, 2015
by: Tom Crowe

Why can't the government shut these scumbags down? They are phony-balonies.

Nov 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

They have been calling 4-5 times a day for the past two weeks.

You call back and there is no option to remove your number which is against the law. You can't reach anyone, just an answering system which hangs up on you with any option you choose.

I am disabled and have been woken up daily by the phone calls.

It's getting ridiculous. I donate to the Veterans, as it is a cause near and dear to me. My Father is one. But I would never in a million years donate to these scammers!

Nov 28, 2015
Phone Contribution
by: Anonymous

I was given a call by the Foundation for American Veterans and the call sounded like it was on the up and up... They wanted me make a contribution with either my Debit or Credit Card. I sad "No," I will send a check.

Again they tried to get my money right away by saying "We can save you the cost of a stamp," I said send it to me through the mail and I am glad I did...

As soon as I got off the phone I went on line and found your page and comments on the Foundation for American Veterans and as the one vet said it is going in the shredder as soon as it arrives.

I am a DAV Member and have been for 20 years. They helped me get my compensation through the VA that is besides the American Legion I'm giving my donations to ...

Nov 28, 2015
Phoney foundation for veterans
by: Anonymous

Called me via 505-373-2046. I never answer. My caller id says "Foundation for American Vets." Sounds phoney to me!

Nov 27, 2015
FAV cover for SCAM
by: Anonymous

The ph# was : 209-898-0534, when answering the phone there is a brief silence (a bad sign) and then "a handler" picked up and just said is Nick there? No greeting, etc, just is Nick there?

I just hung up and finally found this website which explains that while FAV is a registered charity it is organized at the minimum requirements to skirt appearing to be totally illegitimate.

However as to how much revenue actually goes to programs the dismal rating by the attorney general of Oregon says it all. Under 10% actually goes to programs and even then they are not necessarily veterans programs.


Nov 25, 2015
Glad I Checked
by: Anonymous

I had pledged a small amount to the FAV, but after reading this information about how little they actually spend on the veterans and all of the comments, I will be donating the pledged amount along with my regular donation to the Mission in my city that I KNOW helps the homeless veterans with shelter, food, clothing, rehabilitation, getting a job, and a place to live.

The veterans have given so much for us, I want to be a small part of taking care of them. So glad I checked before sending my money to FAV. I won't be snookered again! Thank you!

Nov 25, 2015
2nd request for pledge
by: Anonymous

My husband asked them to send information about where the money goes before he would make a donation. They only send bill for pledge...twice.

Not going to send them any money. We donated to wounded warriors, adopt a solider and other great charities....not this one.

You may want to read our review of WWP. Please click on the link in the comment below.

Nov 23, 2015
Wounded Warriors
by: Anonymous

I was told from our Legion Commander Wounded Warriors is no better.

Please do a check on them too.

Anon, we have reviewed Wounded Warrior Project.

Nov 23, 2015
Wasted Money on a Rip Off Organization
by: Douglas Lackey

I got a phone call requesting a donation. After telling the person I would not give credit card information over the phone I did get an envelope to send in my donation.

Since then the check has been cashed and posted as a paid item to our account. We have gotten two pledge reminder notices and after leaving several voice mail messages we have decided that this was wasted money and time on an organization that is clearly a rip off. We will never send them money again.

Sadly the veterans they claim to help probably get little or no assistance at all. I think it is shameful the way they conduct business.

Douglas Lackey

Nov 21, 2015
Beware of scams. ...
by: Anonymous

I just got a call from them they talked so fast almost like a computer. Sounded fake.

I told them to send a envelope. I will post it on Facebook later when I get. Don't think I want that... real veterans need a real fundraising not this...

Nov 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am a combat wounded Marine and when they call me at 1900 hrs on a weekday, ask for my wife, then hang up when I ask who is calling it pisses me off!

These guys are useless p.o.s. and if I ever run into someone from there I can guarantee I am gonna open a can of whup ass on him!

Nov 20, 2015
I Always Investigate
by: Anonymous

When asked for any donations over the phone I always ask for PAPERWORK. When and if I receive what has been requested I always investigate how much of my funds are for what. I am not sending any money to this organization.

Nov 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

Called asking for a family member...Will not leave a name...and hung up in my ear...

Nov 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

Many thanks to anonymous below who posted contact info for this group.

After receiving numerous unwanted calls over the past 3 weeks (and requesting that they cease and desist), I called Program Director Bob McDonald at 248-661-9365 and asked him to remove our number from his call list. Said he would let his fund raisers know.

by: Anonymous

For all of you that have been harassed by the Foundation Of American Veterans, I invite you to contact the Foundation of American Veterans program director, Robert G McDonald or President Larry Siedell.

Please make sure your calls are either very early in the morning or late at night Michigan time so that they might realize how it feels…

Robert G Mc Donald
Program director Foundation American Veterans
Emelia A Mc Donald
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Tel 248-661-9365

Larry Siedell, Sr.
Karen R Hawraney
Cell: 734.658.2082

Nov 20, 2015
Disrespectful Leeches
by: Tana Williams

Who can I report them to? They call me at least 2x per day and then the phone disconnects.

They called me once at 7am and last night called at around 9pm. They have called up to 7 times a day and it's always a disconnect.

I want to put these people out of business!

Nov 20, 2015
Too little for veterans!!
by: Anonymous

I just came from the mailbox but I am returning to remove my donation.

Nov 19, 2015
How to Write to be Removed from Call List
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to stop the bombardment of calls for weeks. They only speak to my wife and every time I answer they hang up.

My wife tells them every time to stop calling and take us off their list.

I am also a veteran and this pisses me off.

Nov 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Do not Call!!!!!! We have your information and will contact you if interested!!!!!!!! Will never answer your calls, so it's a big waste of time.

Fortunately, we can silence the ringer....

Nov 19, 2015
Research First before Donating
by: Anonymous

I got a call from this organization on Veteran's Day. Well, that's Veteran's Day and it's the best time to recognize the veterans, so of course you will be more than willing to help.

I was impressed by the guy's jolly tone and I was, like I said, very willing to give. But he kept talking fast about giving and mentioning amounts I could consider so I slowly started thinking I should get a written copy first. He settled on $15 and urged me to give through phone. I was thinking I could give more so I insisted that he mail me a copy first.

He thanked me for my 'pledge' and said he would transfer me to somebody. I had no time to ask, I was being pulled into the conversation way too fast. The lady who took over proceeded to ask my credit card information. I told her I told the guy (whose name I forgot) that I needed a written copy first. She asked me for my address. That's when I started to feel they were badgering. I told her that the guy (in his smooth talk) talked like he already has my mailing address so I asked her to give it to me instead. I had to ask her twice, she was still focused on getting my credit card info. She responded but the tone changed and I got my address read back to me by another voice that sounded like a recording. I just insisted for them to send the paper.

I got the mail copy the same week but set it aside. A follow-up call came while I was in the grocery store, between 6 to 7 pm. I picked up the call because it was a local area code. The same guy (Steve, if he's the same guy who signed the pledge voucher they mailed, and told me "You're a HERO!") talked to me again, asking about the pledge.

By this time I was already suspicious, and the same feeling of being coerced was stronger. I simply said I haven't checked my mails yet and said thank you and goodbye.

So, I googled this organization and I am so glad I did because of all the feedback I am reading. And to think that I was so willing to give, and much more than they were asking.

Thank you, this is a big lesson for me.

Nov 19, 2015
Constant Calls Non Stop am/pm!
by: Anonymous

These people are calling morning, afternoon, & evening. Contact # we get is (214)390-3012.

When I answered the call, they hang up or ask for a person and hang up?!!

Thank you for this website - I know not to respond now, and good thing I never spoke to them!

Nov 18, 2015
Ending Telemarketing
by: rob

Raising money under the guise of charity and pocketing the money for yourself is truly evil. Mr. Friend do not care what we think of him. The only way we can put them and other telemarketers out of business is to waste their time. Do not call lists do not work, they just use people from India.

When I get a call, I try to keep them on the line as long as possible. I don't waste my time, I do laundry, work on my computer, it is amazing how much I can get done while wasting their time. The reason I do this is because that is the only thing that hurts them, time is money.

They love it when you don't answer, they love it when you curse and slam the phone down, they just call the next person.

I frequently have telemarketers on the phone for over an hour. Think of how many people did not get a call that day because of me.

I give them bad information, fake credit card numbers, make them send me info via federal express and they pay both ways.

Time and money are the life blood of telemarketing. If you deprive them of these they will cease to exist.

All it takes is a small percentage of Americans to do this and I am certain it would have a big effect. Then maybe we can answer our phones again.


Nov 17, 2015
Unbelievable. Seems to be a SCAM!
by: H Anderson

I just receive a phone call from a gentlemen asking for a contribution to the Foundation for American Veterans. He thanked me for being a veteran (US Air Force retired).

I asked him what percentage of the contributions went directly to the veterans. He stated they spend 15% on the veterans and 85% on overhead, marketing, etc. I asked him to repeat as I did not believe the organization was collecting for veterans and only giving 15%. He repeated the same thing again.

I told him there was no way I would give to an organization that gives 15 cents for every dollar they collect to veterans. I asked him to remove my name from his database and not to call again.

As unbelievable as it is, that 15% figure is a gross exaggeration of the amount that actually goes to veterans.

Nov 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Just off the phone with these clowns. They call day and night.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll stick with Wounded Warriors.

Anon, please read our review of Wounded Warrior Project. There is also a link on that page to a CPA's review of their tax returns. You'll find some real eye openers.

Nov 17, 2015
This is more scam
by: Anonymous

I have always been advised that when giving to a charity, you should try to determine how much of your contribution goes to administrative overhead. It seems that with this organization at least 89% to 94% is administrative overhead.

This is not, by any standards, a definition for a "Charity". Because of the tactics they used on phone with me it made me suspicious about donating with my credit card.

And now after reading these comments, I am glad I did not give them my credit card information, instead insisting they send me the pledge form. I will do as one of you suggested and file this in folder 13.

Nov 16, 2015
Do Not Call List
by: Anonymous

Do not call list not working.

The Do Not Call list does not apply to charitable organizations.

Nov 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Where was Lois Lerner while this
"charity " was collecting this $$?

Nov 12, 2015
Stop Waking my Children Up !!!
by: Anonymous

I have made complaints to the FCC and to the do not call list.

I am SICK AND TIRED of you nasty people waking my children up at 9 pm at night! What the heck is wrong with you people?

I have three kids in bed at 9 pm and you keep calling and harassing me. Have a heart and leave this single mother ALONE !!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2015
by: Pam M

They go through their spiel so fast, that it sounds like a recorded script. I was not able to ask anything. I am a disabled Veteran so I wanted to hear them.

After some research, now I don't want to give them a dime. They do not give a big enough percentage to the project they are soliciting for. And funny they call on Veterans day!

Nov 10, 2015
Shameful sham
by: USAF 1968-1972

These folks called my landline twice today. After the second time I blocked them. Charity Navigator rated them a zero.

I am a vet, and it is absolutely shameful that these people chose the day prior to Veterans Day to put maximum pressure on people to contribute. This especially since so little of their collected funds actually go to helping veterans.

Nov 10, 2015
And It's a Robo-Call
by: Rick F.

After receiving a call from "Steve" and agreeing to make a contribution, I realized that it wasn't an actual person on the line - it was a sophisticated "robo call."

When "Steve" called back a week later to ask where my contribution was, I asked him for his middle name. After a lengthy pause, his response was "I'm new and in training. I can find the answer to your question and get back to you."

No donations for these jerks!


Nov 09, 2015
True scammers
by: Anonymous

I received four calls from these scammers on Friday. The earliest was at 8 am, the latest a bit after 8 pm. Did not answer the first three calls. Did answer the last one and told them to remove my information from their list and to not call me again. This morning they called even earlier. Enough!

Upon doing a search, I came across this page and read the info you've provided and the comments. I have now blocked these particular scamers from calling me. I suggest that others being harassed do the same.

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you found our information useful.

Nov 07, 2015
Another Scam
by: Joe D

We have been getting the many phone call a day also. The wife made a commitment of $15 to get them off the phone.

Now that I look at this charity, I find that it appears that only 6 - 10% actually goes to the veteran causes and 90% to their bureaucracy. I have since said, there will be no donation.

You know all their tele-marketers are paid and not volunteers. Our major Veterans Charity is the Navy Seal Foundation where 95% of the money goes to their programs.

The states need to shut down this organization.

Nov 07, 2015
Here's CEO's cell number!
by: Anonymous

My 91-year-old mother (widow of a Colonel) lives in an extended care community and was being harassed by these folks. She walks with a walker and has fallen in the past (which nearly killed her), and she is not able to handle her affairs any longer.

I think the fundraising firm has done a reverse look-up on the address and is contacting all these elderly people to excess.

My mother begged me to send them the $20 she "pledged" to get rid of them, but they will only share her number with every other scam charity out there and the calls will get worse. I contacted the Secretary of State's office, the Consumer Protection agency (state of Georgia) and all they do is say to call the other.

In desperation, I began an online search, found Mr. Bob McDonald's cell number and it worked! I called from my home phone and happened to ring him during a board meeting. He saw my husband's name and the unfamiliar number and thought he'd better call back.

I was able to read him the riot act in person. VERY satisfying. The calls to my mom have stopped.

As of 2 weeks ago, his number was (248)661-9365. Good luck!

Nov 06, 2015
Bad Phone Calls - Enough is Enough!
by: Anonymous

The phone calls every night for the past two weeks at 805 is not making me a fan of this organization!

I will never make a contribution !!!!!! Blocking your calls!

Nov 06, 2015
Tactics like a Scam FAV
by: Anonymous

My mom, dependent of deceased military lifetime veteran received a call from these people (FAV Michigan - we live in Georgia).

They requested her debit/ credit card number before even one of her questions she had asked was answered. She had not agreed to give. She felt it was a scam and said so, and hung up.

I came to this Military Money Matters website and the sentiment was confirmed. Any organization that masquerades as helping veterans but only provides from 6 to 11% of the money they misleadingly obtain should not be allowed 501 3c status.

Our local sheriff generally looks into phone scams, but because this is an official charity, this doesn't meet the exact definition of a scam. Comes really close, though. BEWARE!

Nov 06, 2015
Call too often and too late
by: Carioca

They have called me almost every day for the past several days. Worse yet, they call after 8 p.m.

I don't know about snyone else, but somehow soliciting calls should not be that late. Number is 209 area code. Because they kept calling that late, I blocked the number.

Yes, they're legally allowed to call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Nov 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call asking me if I knew of any homeless Vets, I answered "NO" and then the give-us-money pitch started.

I asked if they knew of the Missouri Valley Agency, the person stumbled in his give-me-money pitch. Just so happens that I had just spoken to someone from the Agency who told me they had just been given a large grant by the federal government to help homeless Vets with both the housing issue but also in job training.

The man then the said..... Well, I see you aren't willing to extend yourself to help fellow Vets in need, so I'll send you a letter so you can give us our lowest level contribution (trying to make me feel guilty).

I told him I would contribute, he said "How much?" and I informed him I would contribute to my VFW posts Veterans services fund. The man hung up on me.

The VFW helps Vets in need, contributes to funds for the Orphans of Veterans, they visit our Vets in the Veterans homes, and give rides to Vets who need help with transportation to VA appointments. If you want to help a Vet in Need, point them to the VFW service officers. The man who called me was a paid fund raising solicitor.... Those who give aid from the VFW are volunteers.

Nov 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

I got two telemarketer calls inside 10 minutes one day last month. One was the Foundation for American Veterans.

I asked for literature to read. Each time I received a follow-up call because I did hesitantly pledge 10 bucks, I had to say that I had received no pledge card nor any literature to help me know the organization. I finally got a pledge card almost 4 weeks later with no literature.

I hate to back down on a pledge, but I think I will this time.

There is no legal obligation to make good on such a pledge. Shred it without a second thought.

Nov 04, 2015
Thanks for the Heads Up
by: Anonymous

My husband is a kind man. He took the phone call & finally agreed to a donation. He received a couple of calls from them after that to be sure he had received the form, and would he please send it in right away as our veterans need the help.

We did the research, not complying with donation. Don't comply with phone solicitations. Give through your church, local charities, or check Online and with AARP for valid groups that actually do help those they say they do.

Nov 03, 2015
Glad I read this, I was about to write a check!
by: Anonymous

All these so called Fundraising Groups should be ashamed of themselves. It's just downright disgusting.

If caught they should be forced to give up there US citizenship, and/or be forced to "volunteer" /"community service to help veterans, force them to watch films starting from WWII until now. It saddens me that these fund raising companies are Americans, you would never know it.

I'm now going to call this group and tell them to take me off their mailing list and put me on their "Do Not Call List", it's the law.

Thank you and God Bless and everyone thank the veterans.

I will give to my local VFW from now on.

PS. 9/11 money went missing, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy the same, missing.

Nov 03, 2015
Scum have Moved South for the Winter
by: Anonymous

The group calling itself Foundation for American Veterans is now operating out of Orlando, Florida from a number which appears on caller ID as
: QVD 407-749-1042

The male caller has a radio broadcast quality voice and knows your first name when you answer and then asks you if you "are ready to report for duty" before then launching into a high energy spiel.

The caller is highly annoying and overbearing and will not shut up and may be reading from a well rehearsed script and will try over talk you if you attempt to ask any questions.

The best way to handle this POS is to yell "I have done more for veterans than you ever will---so now F-off and never call here again or I will call in the Police" and then hang up on him.

For good measure then report the attempt to your local police department because many towns have an auto-phone message system and call all households with a recording advising citizens of current crimes and phone scams in play to be wary of.

Nov 02, 2015
Call the source
by: FedUp

For all of you that have been harassed by the foundation Of American Veterans, I invite you to contact the Foundation of American Veterans program director, Robert G McDonald or president Larry Siedell.

Please make sure your call is very early in the morning or late at night Michigan time so that they might realize how it feels…

Robert G Mc Donald
Program Director Foundation American Veterans
Emelia A Mc Donald
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Tel 248-661-9365

Larry Siedell, Sr.
Karen R Hawraney
Cell: 734.658.2082
Canton, MI 48188-4738

Nov 02, 2015
Dead Giveaway
by: Anonymous

I have been getting an average of 3 calls a day. When the answering machine picked up the last call the voice said "Can I speak to the lady of the home?" To me that was a dead give away that this is a scam.

Nov 02, 2015
Vietnam VET
by: Brian Twomey

I am always willing to help out soldiers and I think that is why I am faced with so many scams just like you all are.

I can say that if our government took better care of its veterans we would not need organizations like Foundation for Am Vets who prey upon our generosity and the goodness of our hearts to help support those men and women who signed the check with their life to keep us safe from the forces of evil.

Shame on the U.S. Government and shame on these frigen ba***rds that take so much from us and give back so little to our veterans.

Oct 31, 2015
Tired of the Harassment
by: Anonymous

I normally don't pick up these calls, but after being bombarded with calls all evening, I picked up, pushy guy named Steve, addressing me by my first name as though we knew each other.

I forget how much he asked for, but I told him no way. He then asked for $30. to which I said okay. Transferred me to someone else who asked for credit card info. Told her no no and no! I wasn't about to give 2 strangers my credit card info over the phone. I told her I'd mail a check, send me something.

Today the invoice for $30.00 came. I am sending it back without a check, but with a short note explaining that I would never support their charity because of the low percentage of donations making their way to the veterans.

Oct 31, 2015
Fund Raising Scam
by: Anonymous

I, like many other people, according to the messages I've been reading, feel duped by Foundation for American Veterans.

When I first got the call from "Steve," I said I would make a donation provided they send me the pledge card in the mail, but then I was turned over to another solicitor to get my credit card info who was disappointed when I said it was to be mailed.

I got the card 10 days later but in the meantime have gotten daily calls, which I didn't answer. I tried repeatedly to call back to be taken off their calling list and cannot get anyone. You can't leave a message because the mailbox is "full" nor can I get to talk to the "operator".

Googled information on this organization to read negative reports filed. My pledge card is going into the shredder.

Oct 30, 2015
Ask for info and they hangup
by: Georgia Vet

They called repeatedly, even though I'm on the do not call list. I guess their non-profit status gets them past that.

So this jovial character asks if they can send an envelope for me to send in a donation of $20. When I first ask what it goes to, he then says "well, if you could send $15 we'd really like to help these homeless veterans."

Ok, I said, how much of a dollar actually gets to a homeless veteran? He says "Sorry you couldn't help us today maybe another time."


Oct 29, 2015
What a Sham
by: Anonymous

I received a call from this organization. They wanted $20, they then came down to $15.

Since I read the information on the internet, I learned that about only $.06 from each dollar goes to Vets.

Thus I am sending them a check for $.90. Will see what happens, if anything.

Oct 29, 2015
Just Another Scam
by: SFC J.B. Imhoff (Ret.)

I use the word Scam, loosely. Yes, there is an organization Called Foundation for American Veterans. That's the only good news.

When I got the call last night (10-28-2015) I got the same approach as another recipient listed below. "Are you ready to go on active duty?" I responded, "been there, done that."

It threw the caller off a bit and I was immediately shuttled to the donation person, who was conveniently audible in the background, who asked for more money than the initial caller. I told her that this had all the feelings of a scam and hung up.

Then, I did my own due diligence and found that most of the donations collected (89%) DON'T go to veterans services at all. They go somewhere else. Coming from a long family history of veterans (Grandfather, father, four siblings, myself and my son) I was offended but not surprised.

It reminded me of the United Way campaigns of the l970's where 75% of the employer encouraged donations went to "administrative costs." Scams are everywhere and the pot gets more murky every year.

Stick with the Wounded Warriors. They "get it" both literally and figuratively.

J.B. Imhoff

Oh, J.B., you had us right down to the last paragraph. You may want to have a look at our review of the Wounded Warrior Project and our reader comments before you recommend them. That page also includes a link to a page where a tax accountant has reviewed the WWP tax returns for a couple of years. You'll find it a real eye-opener!

Oct 27, 2015
Wasted Money
by: Anonymous

During this time of need for our military, this makes me sick to know that our troops at home who are in need, only get pennies of what is intended for them.

I will not give my pledge. If I see one of our troops in need I will give to them hand to hand. At least I will know that they got it.

Oct 27, 2015
FAV Comment
by: James Russell

Thank you for your response to a reader's question regarding the viability of Foundation for American Veterans.

I received a donation form in the mail today in my wife's name for a $20.00 donation. It was unsolicited so I thought I'd do some research.

Being a veteran household, I don't mind helping other veterans, but I want to make sure the largest portion of the dollars collected actually go to the proposed services provided.

Because of your answer, the donation request has been put through the shredder. I will continue to donate to Wounded Warriors and the like where I know my donation is put to work proudly for our veterans and not in someone's pocket for spending money.

I am also bookmarking this site for future use. Great job!

Thank you, James, for your kind words. You might want to have a look at our Wounded Warrior Project review as well.

Oct 27, 2015
scam the scammer...
by: Anonymous

I don't give my name in case the scammer reads
these comments too!!!!

I get up to 5 calls a day, but I do not answer them.

I do not donate - I mark the card as a scam and fill the envelope with as much paper as I can.
Then I seal the envelope with no stamp or return
address - then I take it to the post office and drop it in the box.

Your postman will not take it without a stamp, reason for the trip to the post office! When the scammer receives the letter, he has to pay postage on it to find out there is no money in it!!!

He might smarten up and send no more requests for money.....

Oct 27, 2015
Solicited "Donations"
by: Anonymous

FAV was disappointed that I would only offer the minimum, but they were too eager for you give them a credit card or something electronically instead of mail.

Given your review of their expenditures, I won't even do that. Thanks.

Oct 27, 2015
Finally home to answer their call
by: Ann

I've seen "Foundation for American Veterans" at least 10 times on my caller ID, over a couple weeks, but hadn't been home to get the call. This morning I was.

A forceful voice asked me if I were ready for active duty. A bit odd.

I never respond to telephone solicitations and told him so. He was a bit indignant over that. I told him never to call back--to remove me from the list.

Then I wondered if the "charity" does much good and googled it.

Oct 25, 2015
Dealing w/FAV
by: Ted in KY

Next time they call, listen for a minute then ask them to hold on while you get your credit card information. Put the phone down, and go watch tv or read a book for a while. Unless you're expecting a call, it's a great way to get some payback and at the same time tie up one of their pests.

Oct 24, 2015
Another Phone Scam
by: Anonymous

I, too. have been receiving telephone calls late in the evening. The caller always says Hello then my fist name and then hangs up. I always let the answering machine pick up, since I did not recognize the telephone number or the name. Just another telephone marketing scam.

Oct 24, 2015
by: FedUp in casinoLand

Your Organization constantly calls us AFTER 8 pm at night, which is extremely annoying!!!

I DON'T & WON'T give money over the phone!!! NEVER!!! EVER!!! So STOP wasting my time!!!

Bother someone else!!!

FedUp, we understand your frustration, but yelling at us doesn't help. We can't do anything to get them to stop calling you. But you might want to try some of these suggestions: Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services.

Oct 24, 2015
Pure Harassment
by: Anonymous

This organization has called my home at least 4 times a day. When my husband answers, they hang up. Apparently, they are looking for some helpless female to give them money. I have numerous family members who have served in the military that have never benefited from any of these so called organizations. I live in Virginia and I plan to catch these scammers along with many others.

Oct 23, 2015
Phone scam harassment
by: Anonymous

Been receiving 3-4 calls a day, never answer nor do they leave a message. Next call I get will deal with them. Referred to local Prosecutor and Sheriff's Dept to put out newspaper article to alert local citizens.

Oct 23, 2015
Thanks for the Heads Up, Everybody
by: FAV is not a FAVE

They are calling my landline non-stop, I must have gotten ten calls in the last few days and their website offers no way to contact them to be removed from the list or get them from disturbing the peace of my home. (That itself is surely a dead giveaway they are not legit.)

Honestly, it isn't just that FAV like a lot of these shady groups is scammy (lavishing most of their revenue on themselves with gold-plated health, dental & pension plans and padding their payrolls with relatives as 'consultants', etc).

It's that they are taking money from many older people on fixed incomes and every dollar they bilk is one more dollar that does not go to a vet who really needs it.

Plus, the aggravation they cause through their non-stop harassment of phone owners is bound to generate ill-feelings against vets among at least some in the public getting targeted by these incessantly intrusive barrages of calls.

There oughtta be a law.

We hear you! You might want to keep a log of all the times they call you, then submit that log, along with a letter, to your local phone company, asking them to disconnect the phone that is being used for harassment.

That will slow them down a bit, but it won't stop them. Just keep doing it for each number that they use to call you repeatedly.

Oct 22, 2015
Thank you
by: Ellen

I've gotten two calls today from them, they did not leave a message either time. I would never donate over the phone, but thanks to this page, I won't donate by mail either.

In this age where so many are worried about the veterans, it's sad that a group like this donates so little to the veterans.

Oct 22, 2015
Snookered over the phone
by: mainiacdan

After researching this outfit I decided to dump the request in the round file. They tried to snooker my wife so I checked them out before writing a check. Glad I did. Wounded warriors gives 90% to vets programs. This outfit between 6 and 11 %.

ManiacDan, we thank you for your vigilance in checking out the organizations who request your donations. You might want to check out our review and reader comments about Wounded Warrior Project. That page explains why the quoted figure (90%) is incorrect, and also links you to an accountant's review of their tax returns, where I think you'll find some eye-openers.

Oct 22, 2015
Another scam?
by: Carol

Got a call from these people this morning. I told them to drop the pledge card in the mail. I was then connected to another person who wanted a VISA or other credit card number.

After being suspicious about the call I looked them up on line.

When I donate to our Veterans I want 100% to go to the Veterans. This organization is just another scheme! Shame on them using our Veterans to make money for themselves!!!

Hi Carol, there are many people who feel as you do, but remember that 100% is not realistic for most organizations. Some money has to be used to rent an office, pay for phone lines, keep the electricity on, and pay some salaries (most people can't afford to work for free). We think 75 - 80% is a more realistic figure.

The only exceptions are those organizations such as Fisher House, which was set up with a very generous (multi-million-dollar) endowment by Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher, that pays its operating expenses in perpetuity.

That way, it can use all donated money for its cause, which is providing "comfort homes" - a home away from home for families whose military service member is undergoing medical treatment at a major military or VA hospital.

This temporary housing is provided totally free of charge to the military family, and many times, the airfare to get them to the proper location to be by their service member's side is covered with donated Hero Miles. So if you have accumulated airline miles you think you'll never use, that would be a great place to donate them.

Fisher House is an excellent organization, with an outstanding service model, and I wholeheartedly endorse a donation to them, and/or their sister organizations, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and the Intrepid Relief Fund. You can learn more about the Intrepid Family of Foundations, and more about Zach & Elizabeth Fisher and Fisher Houses.

Oct 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

Their so-called voice box is full so that you can't even tell them never to call you again. SCAM

Oct 21, 2015
Avoid these people
by: William the Skeptic

Their name appeared on my caller ID, so I googled the organization. After reading this article, I was waiting for them to call again. They are slick. I asked some benign questions and every answer ended with "so, can we count on you when we send you your pledge packet."

Knowing the answer, I asked "what services do you provide veterans?" Had to ask 3 times to get "well, we provide them clothes and funding to the homeless."

Next question: "How much of what you collect goes to the services you provide vets?" Answer, 15% goes the the vets and the other 85 goes for operations and administration costs.

Next question: "How much does your CEO make a year?" Answer: "You have a good day now." Click goes the phone.

Oct 21, 2015
Clueless Calls
by: FtMcWAC

We're getting calls everyday from someone who asks for my husband. But he apparently doesn't know us, because he asks for my husband by his first name which he doesn't use. The guy never leaves a message (very aggravating) or says who he is.

I'm the vet in the house. You guys already have a bad rep at Read the comments and you'll see that most people are pissed.

You might want to rethink your calls. Most of us are on the no-call list and do not appreciate you calling us (even though there is the loophole so you can legally call us, there is the ethical question).

I am a disabled veteran in a lot of pain. We use the answering machine so I'm not disturbed.

Pull your act together and quit calling or if you do call, leave a message. If you're calling me for a donation, don't bother. I have no spare money.

FtMcWAC, thank you for providing me with a chuckle for today. Some of these organizations are so clueless. They just got your husband's name from some mailing list they rented, and obviously have no idea that you're the vet.

If you do answer the phone and talk to the caller, insist that he take your name off their calling list - they are required to do so if requested, but you'll usually have better luck by putting your request in writing.

And thank you for your service. WACs paved the way for your sisters coming behind you, like me. Thanks for inspiring many women to military service.

Oct 21, 2015
Talk too fast for me!
by: Anonymous

Had a call for money to help homeless vets. Told them I was on fixed income and had sickness in my family.

Still wanted a $20 donation - told them I may could give less and they wanted credit card info. I said no 2 times to send by mail.

I just came on site to check out and I WILL put in trash when it comes after seeing how much really goes to whom it is suppose to help.

Oct 20, 2015
1st time Called by FAV
by: Anonymous

Just received a call from this foundation; call disconnected when answered.

Thank you for providing this information.

All of the men in our family are veterans .... From WWI thru Vietnam.

Thank you for being a watch dog for our Veterans .... They did it for us.

Oct 19, 2015
Almost Stupid Me
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call from them too. Told them I could pledge $20.00. Then they wanted my credit card number, and I said no, I would send them a check. After i said that, was told as soon as I receive the pledge card, to send my pledge right away for the amount.

My daughter said it might be a scam, so I decided to do some checking, and am so glad I did, and found this site. In the trash my pledge card goes.

Oct 19, 2015
Put Pledge Card in File 13
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the information. Just got a call
from these people.

I will do what another writer
suggested - Drop the pledge card into file 13.

Perhaps if enough of you who feel this way would drop a note into your payment envelope about why it's coming back empty, they might start to get the message. But state your case respectfully, please. No one listens to someone ranting and being abusive. (Not suggesting that you would, of course, but just in case.)

Oct 16, 2015
Close call
by: M. Parsons

Thank you for this website. I got a call from these creeps, would NOT give them a credit card number, they are sending a donation request for 20$.

They will get zero $ from me. Will send their form back to them empty.

Oct 15, 2015
Crude & Rude
by: Anonymous

These folks called. A real "fast buck Charlie".

Charity Navigator doesn't list them. Checked while they were on the line.

Won't give them a dime of your money let alone mine. Internet has several sites stating just how bad these people are.

Too many legitimate Veteran's charities need help so help them but not these pond scum sucking bottom feeders.

Oct 14, 2015
Smooth Talker!
by: Anonymous

I usually don't do any donating over the phone, so I asked them to mail me an envelope, now I see that they aren't truly helping the vets.

I told the solicitor that my husband was a member of the American Legion. I added their phone number to my Time Warner Cable services for it to be blocked. That's too bad they are getting people, especially elders to donate, and for what?

Oct 13, 2015
This is Harrassment
by: Anonymous

I am being harassed so bad my father, a ww2 vet, would be embarrassed. I do have an attorney that will handle these calls I just want them to quit.

Oct 11, 2015
Telemarketers for Foundation American Veterans
by: Anonymous

Associated Community Services (ACS) is a telemarketing firm based in Southfield, Michigan which reportedly filed for bankruptcy & owes more than $15 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS and more than $1 million in unpaid state tax. ACS is owned & operated by Robert W. Burland, Jr. and Richard T. Cole.

ACS has been cited by the Michigan Atty General as being in violation of numerous laws and ACS retains up to 90% of funds received for telemarketing services on behalf numerous charities, including the Foundation for American Veterans. ACS badgers it’s victims repeatedly at all hours with high pressure tactics.

The owners are con artists and should be held account for their activities. I urge you to contact the owners and give them a dose of their own medicine. I’m sure they will be happy to hear from you at any time of the day.:-)

Oct 11, 2015
FAV Pledge
by: Veteran myself

I have had the same thing happen to me. After checking them out and finding out that only 7-11% goes to Veterans, my pledge is trash bound. They won't get anything from me.

Oct 09, 2015
Tired of this Garbage
by: Anonymous

Just like the others, I too was nearly scammed. The same marketing tactics, wanting my credit card number, and robo-calls. Anytime someone asks for my credit card they don't get it, but what they get is me checking them out.

These people should be stopped, there should be a percentage that they have to give and not just 8 to 11% of what they collect. My best friend is an ex-Navy Seal who is handi-capped like me, and I do more to help him than this charity does for our vets.

I am a handi-capped person on a fixed income, and it is illegal to take advantage of or to harass a handicapped person. I will be contacting the AG in my state to see if we can get these vultures stopped and prosecuted.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

For all of you that have been harassed by the Foundation Of American Veterans, I invite you to contact the Foundation of American Veterans program director, Robert G McDonald or President Larry Siedell.

Please make sure your calls are either very early in the morning or late at night Michigan time so that they might realize how it feels…

Robert G Mc Donald
Program director Foundation American Veterans
Emelia A Mc Donald
7473 Wilshire
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Tel 248-661-9365

Larry Siedell, Sr.
Karen R Hawraney
Cell: 734.658.2082

Oct 07, 2015
Rude Harassment
by: Anonymous

These people keep calling and I don't pick up. Finally, I did, to tell them to stop calling.

The guy said that he wasn't trying to recruit me, but did I want to suit up? I am a middle-aged female and don't have a man's voice in any way.

Then when he insisted that he was going to send me an envelope to send in $20, I asked him to stop calling. Then he said $15 then okay? I told him that I was unable due to my own circumstances, which I am sorry I even said that.

He kept talking through me and then hung up on me. I wouldn't give them a cent if I was a millionaire and I hope nobody else does.

He didn't represent the homeless. He insulted them by his actions. Luckily I have a phone which blocks calls.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

Smooth talking guy hits me up for a donation. I reply I'm happy to receive an envelope but will do my due diligence first. Pushes for a $20 donation; I remain insistent that I won't send any thing without due diligence. he then pushes for putting me down for $15 to which I reply, sure go ahead, but I'm not giving anything until I check your organization. He hangs up.

Oct 05, 2015
Veteran Here
by: jim knight

Just agree to send whatever amount, and when it arrives in mail, file it in 13!

Oct 01, 2015
This is Harassment!
by: S. Murphy

I have had it with this organization! They have called incessantly since I requested that they no longer call me. The calls have been at all hours of the day and night, including at 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning and after 7pm on Sundays.

I contacted my local police department and they recommend calling the phone company and having the # blocked, which I am doing.

This solves my problem, but not the overall problem of this heinous organization. Still working on that.

Oct 01, 2015
Bad English
by: Anonymous

My Mandarin Chinese, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian fluency is really pretty bad. It's actually Horrible - it blends together when I try to speak it.

But it's very useful when I get phone calls like these from less-than-credible Organizations trying to pry money from me - they need to Target English speaking people in order for their scam to work.

As soon as they hear another language spoken, they hang up, and don't call anymore.

Was it something I said? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sep 30, 2015
Spam Calls
by: William

I have a couple ways to deal with them. If it looks like a charity, I ask for the name and salary of their president/CEO. Most won't know.

Also ask what percentage of your funding goes for the services you say you provide. I googled this organization: from 6% to 11% of the funds go to services for veterans. Big time Rip Off!

Another technique I like, if I'm not busy, is to see how long I can keep them on the phone, before telling them THEY have been scammed.

Sep 29, 2015
Star (*) 60 this number
by: Anonymous

Someone from this number calls and asks for me by my first name. I will not say whether or not I am myself and instead ask, "May I who is calling?" Then the caller will hang up without announcing one's self. This is illegal, as these organizations are required by federal law to state their identities.

I use a call blocking service that costs ten dollars a month, but it is worth every penny. After receiving the last call, I used the call blocking service (*60) to reject the caller in the future.

That ten dollars is the best ten dollars I spend all month!

Sep 29, 2015
Late Call
by: Anonymous

I rarely answer my phone, but thrill over the late calls. I picked up nearly at 9pm and said, in an extremely rude tone, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? WE HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN WHO ARE IN BED AND THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF RUDENESS"..... then I hung up. Wish I could have slammed the phone down.

I never gave them a chance to speak. It always makes me feel like I own my own phone when I do this to solicitors. I also do this for early morning calls.

Well, that's certainly one way to handle them! I have to admit, when solicitors keep calling me over and over, I have been known to pick up the phone and just hang it up again, without ever saying anything. Yes, it may be rude, but I figure it's no ruder than them calling me a dozen times a day. When you work from home (like I do), those interruptions are even more annoying.

Most of the time, I just ignore them, but if one particular number calls me over & over, I'll do that just so their auto-dialer registers that the call was answered, so they don't call me again. ;-)

Sep 24, 2015
Still a scam in 2015
by: Harry Andruschak

I have been repeatedly robo-called by these vultures. When I call back, their voice mail box is always....and so conveniently...full, so attempted requests to be taken off their phone list do not work. This is the standard working pattern of a Charity Scam.

I have repeatedly reported them to the FTC "Do Not Call" registry, but as is usual with charities with the word "veterans" in their title, the FTC (to quote The Joker) balls seem to have dropped off.

US NAVY 1963-1973

Unfortunately, Harry, charities are not subject to the "Do Not Call" Registry rules, whether or not they have the word "veterans" in their name.

Sep 21, 2015
Enraged And Disgusted At These People
by: OneTimeTooMany

I already spoke to one of your representatives (read "slaves") and I told him I cannot give any money. That should be enough. Yet the Robocall keeps going through, cleverly using my first name of course, time and again.

I am waiting for an important call that I do need to take, so I haven't been letting my trusty message machine take the calls. I have simply hung up immediately when I recognized the voice.

I am now going to the recommended method at, which allows me to report you to the State government. In addition, I am posting all the information on my News Blog, where I have some 50 readers a day, mostly in the US but around the world also. Bye, bye!!

Sep 15, 2015
How to deal with this obnoxious group
by: Anonymous

Write down the name of the caller, the time and date they called, and their phone number off your caller ID.

You now have all the information you need to file a complaint with your State's Attorney General's office, directed to the consumer affairs department. (They many even have a form you can complete online.)

You will notified by the AG's office that they received your complaint and they will make the contacts to correct this.

Sep 10, 2015
Too Happy - Got Rid of Them
by: VMWH

I got this call from a clown wanting to know if I was (my husband's name). Did the pitch about how he was not asking for pledges before wanting to send me an envelope for a contribution.

I told him our house was sold and we would not be here to get the envelope and he tried to tell me it would find me somehow.

I told him truthfully that my husband does his veterans' giving via American Legion at which point he thanked me and said goodbye.

Sep 08, 2015
Pledged $20, billed for $220
by: Anonymous

After being annoyed with their constant calls I answered and they convinced me to donate $20 after I refused higher donation requests.

I was uncomfortable giving them my credit card # over the phone so told them to send me an invoice. They did, for $220!

That made me suspicious so I decided to check them out on line and glad I did. They will get nothing!

Aug 26, 2015
What a scam!
by: Anonymous

17 calls in the last 3 days. When I start to ask to be removed from their calling list, the caller hangs up...then calls back 30 minutes later (like I am going to change my mind about giving money to a scam organization that donates only 8 percent of the money it receives).

Aug 23, 2015
Same Experience as Others Here
by: Anonymous

I also received a phone call from what I can only describe as a fast-talking hustler. His requests for money dropped to $20 after I said no a few times.

I was then transferred to a woman who asked for my credit card info over the phone, to which I replied "no way." Of course, they already had my address and phone number.

Since the call, I've checked them out online and find nothing but negative comments and stats showing they use less than 10% of the funds they raise for veterans. I've received 2 "Pledge Reminders" so far, but have no intention of sending these scammers a dime.

Thank you for your desire to help our vets, and for your diligence in checking before you donate.

Your comments provide a reminder for others - you have no legal obligation to send money for one of these "pledges."

Aug 21, 2015
Pledge Reply
by: Anonymous

I received an unsolicited mailing from fav thanking me for my $20 donation and asking me to fulfill my pledge.

This is the first and only correspondence. I never made a pledge!

Didn't answer them--scam!

Aug 21, 2015
Heart Breaking
by: Saddened in Georgia

I have started helping my mom with her finances recently and since I can see her banking information I happened to look this morning and found where a check had cleared her bank that was made out to FAV.

I called my mom and asked her about it and she said that she wanted to help our veterans b/c my papa (her stepdad) and our grandfather (my papa's dad) were veterans.

I told her to let me do some research concerning this organization and I would let her know what I find out. I am so grateful that I found your website.

I have since called her and told her not to ever give to them again and that we can find better organizations for her money to go to.

I will suggest the Fisher House when I see her this afternoon. Thank you for your diligence in informing the public of this outrageous and disgraceful attempt to scam hard working men and women of their money in the guise of helping our vets.

Fisher House is an excellent choice.

Aug 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

These people kept calling here asking for my husband. I told them he was not available and not to call here.

They kept calling but I would not answer the phone. The calls stopped for awhile but have since started again.

They use a local number to make it look like it is from my area.

It is terrible that they prey on our veterans and their families. My husband was a World War 2 veteran.

Jul 26, 2015
by: Mary Ann

They have called me many, many times so I finally answered the phone. Big mistake. Was given the same line " We will send a tank over to thank you".

After reading the comments here, I sent their pledge card back stating I will not donate to a SCAM organization.

It would be great if these people actually used most of the money for the vets.

Jul 15, 2015
Repeated Unwanted Calls
by: Anonymous

This organization calls my home even though they have been asked repeatedly not to call.

They ask for my husband by his first name. He has been deceased for several years. I have informed them of this several times.

Sometimes when I answer the phone the caller hangs up on me.

This needs to be resolved immediately.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with the insensitivity of this group!

Jul 14, 2015
Not Enough to our Vets!
by: Anonymous

I was called and it's to go to Mi. so not even my state.

Guess I'll return without a contribution and let them know 11% isn't enough for the Vets! They are just like gov...

Jul 13, 2015
Scammed my Elderly Parents
by: Anonymous

My parents donate to the Wounded Warrior Project which is very legitimate.

The Foundation of American Veterans called and scammed them out of $20 which showed up on their credit card.

I'm handling their finances now and noticed this charge on their statement. I called the number from the statement and, you guessed it, it is out of service.

I googled them and found this email address I emailed this address to let them know not to charge this card again. Sounds like a total scam. Sad.

Anon, you may want to read our readers' comments about WWP.

Jul 13, 2015
This organization may be a scam..only in it for themselves.
by: Anonymous

Hi, They were rude/laughing and called twice in a row. They said to send the money fast and have now sent 3 envelopes. To me they were laughing since they knew it was a scam and enjoyed tricking people.

The way they used this money was not important ... something Vet homes should already do mostly and homeless Vets may not find them to get help.

I think they should investigate them and shut them down since Vets are not getting hardly any real help from them.

Jul 07, 2015
Harrassing Phone Calls
by: J. or M. Hampton

We do keep receiving calls from them. We always want to support our veterans, but with so many scams out there, we wanted to look at the information and be able to check the company out before sending them ANYTHING.

We never received anything in the mail from them, and I guess maybe 1-1/2 weeks or so after they called and were suppose to have mailed the information, the phone calls began and never stopped until I had to just get very, very rude with them and tell them to forget about the donation, they had practically accused us of lying about not getting the information in the mail the first time and they would not listen about letting up on calling so much until we received the requested information.

I am so glad I waited until I got the pledge information in the mail and found out what type of scam artist these people are.

It's no wonder our poor Veterans are in the shape they are in.

We are going to take the money to our local Veteran's Association where we KNOW it will be used on a REAL VETERAN.


Jun 29, 2015
by: Bernadette from Long Island, NY

I usually do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. I too was tired of this group calling every 3 hours so I finally answered the phone.

The fast-talking pitchman started out asking for a $50 donation and finally got me to $20 before transferring me to what sounded like a telecommunications center.

The young girl who picked up immediately asked for my credit card number for the $20. I told her I don't give my card number out over the phone and that I could only send $10 but to send me the info via postal mail. I was suspicious and wanted the information in front of me so I could check them out online.

I'm grateful that people have posted their comments on here because I am now sending back the paper with a note that I will never donate to them, that they should be ashamed for playing on people's feelings about our veterans and that these veterans deserve better than this.

I hope you will all follow the same. Absolutely disgraceful!!

Jun 28, 2015
Yes they Do want the CC or debit card!!
by: Anonymous

I was completely put off by their sales 'tactics' and after I agreed to make a donation ONCE I was sent an invoice, the guy switched me over to an operator to get my credit card!

I told them OH NO! I don't even know your organization so you aren't getting anything.

I did receive the 'invoice' and am not sending it back.

Jun 27, 2015
Non Profits
by: Ned

I receive a number of calls from so-called non profit veteran organizations.

Some try to insult me for declining to donate to veterans. I eventually tell them that I am a veteran myself of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, so do not talk veteran to me!!

I recommend you donate to local veteran organizations. NEVER pledge to phone calls. I am in fact retired Army and did serve in all three wars.

Ned, thank you for your many years of distinguished service to our nation.

Jun 16, 2015
Another Scam
by: August

I now make it a habit to research all requests for donations and have found most are scams, including this one. Zero dollars ($0) goes directly to veterans. Only 6 cents out of each dollar goes to anything charitable, and they will not disclose how it is spent.

Ask them to explain this and they will hang up on you. The person calling you gets paid commission and they don't want to waste their time when they can be scamming someone else.

Jun 11, 2015
Thanks For The Warning!
by: Anonymous

A couple weeks ago we started receiving calls from FAV, more than several times a day.

I do not answer if I don't recognize a number and no message was ever left,which usually means "sales pitch". The same number would appear several times a day.

One day, my husband who is an Army and Air Force veteran, answered and was talked into a $20 pledge. However, he does not give info over the phone, but the caller was pushy. He told the man to send him info. The calls kept coming right up to the day we received the letter, very annoying.

We have a non published number, how did they get it? I am so glad you all took the time to comment and confirm my feelings about this organization.

My husband has been a Legionnaire for forty five years, so I guess we'll just continue to support our local group.

Thanks for your candor.

Jun 09, 2015
Foundation for American Veterans (FAV)
by: Wisconsin Resident

There is a lot of confusion regarding this matter. I did some research via the internet as I also received a call to pledge a donation to the FAV.

I have found that the calls being made to potential donors are not directly from the FAV. The FAV hired a charity telemarketing firm for fundraising.

The callers are actually from a Southfield, Michigan-based charity telemarketing firm known as Associated Community Services. It has call centers throughout the United States.

This telemarketing firm is taking huge chunks out of all charity donations that it receives, instead of paying what they collect to the charitable organizations they are calling on behalf of and represent. Google Associated Community Services for more information.

Wisconsin, all comments and contributions are held pending moderation. We get some extremely colorful language in some comments that needs to be weeded out before they're published, so nothing gets published till I've had a chance to take a look at it. Sometimes that means there may be a delay before your comment goes live. Thanks for posting, and thanks for understanding!

Jun 05, 2015
Taking advantage of Seniors
by: Concerned Daughter of Veteran

I handle my Dad's finances and have to pay many of his bills because he lives on Social Security.

These people call him constantly, and because he is a Veteran and wants to help support services for Veterans, he continues to donate, even when I have asked him not to and tried to explain that not much of his money will go to actually help veterans.

I just found out that he has given them his debit card number for contributions.

I think it is horrible how, not only this organization but others as well, prey on our senior citizens!

Concerned, I agree with you that it's deplorable for these organizations to donate seniors, who sometimes are easily confused.

To stop them from using his debit card, call the bank and tell them he lost it and you need to cancel that card and get a new one with a new number. That will stop them, because that card will be cancelled, and the new one won't have the same card number.

May 28, 2015
Scam -- Do not donate
by: Carol Henderson

This organization called me several times wanting me to make a donation with my credit card over the phone. Told them no, and I give to a lot of Veteran organizations and I've never heard of them. Asked me if they could send me a donation pledge, told them no but they wouldn't give up.

I just received it in the mail and I've returned it to them with a note stating that they were not going to get even a dime from me. With them collecting over $1.2 million and only 36% of it going to veterans told me that it was a scam.

Never, never, never, give your credit card information out to anyone over the phone, especially if you don't know who they are. That's how people get ripped off.

May 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

My relative received a call from this organization.

She was given the same line, except the caller said "they could send an army tank over to say thank you." Big laugh from caller at this point.

Well, she moved back to Canada, but expect follow up calls. Good luck, folks, in trying to find her!
This organization sure looks like nothing but a scam.

Research them! Don't donate!

May 21, 2015
foundation for american veterans
by: Anonymous

Had originally pledged $30.00 but after doing a little research and going to this site, I returned their letter with a short note stating
"I refuse to contribute to an organization that retains the majority of the donations."

May 20, 2015

THANK YOU Everyone for posting....We too have been getting daily calls from FAV (206-512-8478)..

It is getting quite old. I totally support the LEGIT organizations like the LOCAL AMERICAN LEGION in our area and you can too..I have not sent this SO CALLED organization any money as of this post...

My husband himself is a Vietnam Vet so I'm very aware of all these organizations but had never had this one call till 2 months ago...Very pushy on the phone, they called again the other nite and the person i got was trying to get more money out of me!

Which in the first place they didn't get the first time, because I DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL INFO OVER THE PHONE TO ANYONE...

I said really an how much did I donate ?? They said $75. I said, "Really? Funny thing is I have my tax statement right from last year, and under donations, I don't show one to your organization! (I was telling the truth - had just picked up from the accountant so was easy to check)

She backtracked and said well it's probably under FAV an not the full name!

REALLY, so i played along an said, "WOW! You guys are physic! That's impressive - how the heck do you know what my tax return says???"

HUM HUM HUM is what i got, then she gave me to some CC pushing bank acct. collector..haha

Didn't get any info outta me, so when I get their so called form I know where I will be sending it..I wish I had thought of what the one writer said about, "WOW, I'm glad you're gonna pay my bills since i'm a retired VET!!" Priceless...


May 20, 2015
Do not respond
by: Anonymous

I had a very difficult time getting this organization to stop making calls to my phone many times a day.

There is no record of this organization with the BBB and I have learned that only 11 cents out of every dollar is used for actual benefits to Veterans.

May 14, 2015
Yeah I Don't Think So
by: Anonymous

I don't answer phone calls anymore. I figure if you want to speak to me, you can leave me a message. My wife picked up the phone and said it was the V.A.

So when this guy started his line of "just give me your C.C.#," I stopped him and told him I don't give any info over the phone he said he would send the pledge form to me.

My first impression of him was it's some kind of a scam and now reading M.M.M. I was "Yeah, I Don't Think So!"

I'm a veteran and this pisses me off.

May 06, 2015
Called 7 times in 2 days
by: Anonymous

so absurd. Ready to give up landline.

May 04, 2015
by: Betty Bales

When someone called asking me to make a donation, I asked them to send me the information and I would decide if I could do so.

I received the info; however, I decided I am unable to donate this year due to other obligations.

Since then, I have sent you a letter asking you to remove me from your mailing and telephone list. I would appreciate it very much.

In advance, thank You.

Betty Bales

Betty, you will have to contact the charity directly to make this request. We cannot do it for you. Good Luck!

May 02, 2015
They Suck!
by: Stephanie Gray

They are a horrible foundation. My daughter is disabled and on a very fixed income. She donated 1 time and now they keep calling and sending letters for more money.

She has asked them to stop contacting her, I have asked them to stop but they continue. They have even called trying to guilt her into donating. This foundation also has a phone number to call but does no good because they never answer, it's just a recording saying how sorry they are that no one is available to take your call.

Stephanie, please see my answer just below to Anonymous. You have to tell them specifically to put your number on their "do not call list," and that you will report them if they call you again.

May 02, 2015
Please stop calling...
by: Anonymous

i only wish they would stop calling me , they call from 8am to night time every day...

Anon, keep a record for a week or so of what time(s) they call every day. Then, answer the phone and tell the caller to put your number on their "do not call" list, and that if you hear from them again, you will report them to your phone company for harassment. Then do it.

May 01, 2015
Scam watch
by: Anonymous

I received this same crap about "promising" a donation today. After checking this website and seeing that others are being targeted also, I am reporting these people everywhere I can. This is a disgrace to all veterans.

Apr 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your postings herein. You have confirmed my thoughts that FAV is not a legit business. It's disappointing that only 5% or less actually reaches the charity. I did note the following:

Flag 1: Note the remit address is PMB 742 (Personal Mail Box).
19785 W 12 Mile Rd., Southfield MI 48076. I input the address and BAM there is a UPS Store at that location. A legit business would have a standard PO Box or street address not a PMB.

Flag 2: Like others I, too, am receiving phone calls. I have Verizon Fios cable and the caller ID appears on my television screen when it is on. Needless to say I need not get up to answer the call when I see Michigan. How long does it take for them to stop calling me? What list did they buy to get my phone number?

Flag 3: Nowhere is it stated that your donation is a charitable contribution under the 501c3 classification. They can say its charity but that's to get your emotions going. You're paying a business who may or may not contribute on their behalf for any tax write off to them, not you. It's the same as the Goodwill collecting free merchandise and then selling it for a profit. But that's another issue.

It's sad that these people who are trained collection agents are fearless in what they do. It's a job and they care nothing for you. Only your money.

I am glad I have not sent in my pledge. They call you for your money and once received, how often will they call you back for more money?

The fundraising company for a legit charity I donate to tells me 4 times a year its their annual pledge time. When I tell them I already get the monthly pledge form in the mail, they don't know how to react. I guess that is not in the training course.

If enough "suckers" pay up, as stated herein, then they have succeeded at their mission. Those in need still go without.

Apr 27, 2015
by: Over40ordie

I received a call from these people looking for someone with another last name. I listened and said, send me a pledge but I will first do some research into their organization and the % of funds that actually go to vets. The lady was rude and tried talking over me.

Just received another call from a guy who also tried talking over me. He said I pledged to send $20, which I did and explained above. I also said I had not received anything in the mail. He basically called me a liar saying, "our records show that it was mailed on xxx, blah, blah, blah.

I said, STOP, and unloaded on him, telling him of my research and that I served 35 years in the Navy and it will be a cold day in hell before they get a nickel of my money. He hung up.

Exacerbating it is my wife is an RN who works a 7pm-7am night shift in the ICU and they have awakened her several times.

Over 40, next time, tell them specifically to take your name off their list and not to call your home any more because your wife works nights and they keep waking her up.

When she goes to sleep, turn the ringer on the phone off until she wakes up. Problem solved.

Apr 23, 2015
by: 'federalist

Tired of this scam? Just ask for a mailer.

When received, write "scam" on the donation slip, put it in the envelope without a return address and no stamp. On your next trip to town, just drop it in a mail box.

The post office will deliver it and ask for postage. The scammers will assume it is a donation and pay the postage!!

If they continue to importune you then just ask for another donation packet and do it again.

Apr 07, 2015
Fax Machine
by: Anonymous

The foundation keeps calling my fax machine at 8am and 8pm I wish they would stop or take the hint.

They're probably using an automated dialer. It doesn't know it's calling a fax machine. It just knows the call wasn't answered, so it will keep calling until it is.

If you can see the call come in, and pick up the handset on your fax machine (if there is one), maybe you can trick the machine into thinking the call was answered.

I would just pick up the handset long enough for the call to connect, then hang up. Rude? Maybe, but not any more rude than them calling constantly.

I've gotten really good at ignoring my phone for numbers I don't recognize, and "private" or "anonymous" callers.

Mar 29, 2015
Foundation for American Veterans
by: Anonymous

I too, get calls frequently. Always - "you're harder to catch than a jackrabbit" or some other line.

When they asked for a credit card number, I refused, and told them not to send me a pledge form. They did anyway.

After doing some research (as described in other posts) I also found that the FAV website has NO WAY for you to contact the group directly on line, or listing of officers.

If they are legit, there should be names and phone numbers.

Mar 25, 2015
Not Truthful
by: Al Barrett

The first call that we received, my wife answered the phone and she was told that Foundation for American Veterans was an organization that I had been making donations to. She said that she would prefer they talk to me.

In a few days we got a pledge document from them with her name on it, which we never returned. We have since received two or three reminders now.

I have one of them ready to mail with a note explaining that I am not making a donation. I have never made a donation to this organization.

I am a veteran and I currently work as a volunteer working with Guard and Reserve service members and with veterans in the search for employment. I make donations to veterans organizations but never to this one.

In the meantime, another call was received last night. I told the lady I was not making a donation and to remove my number from the call list. Guess we will see how that works out.

Anyone who has to call and beg for money and send out numerous documents can't be doing it for the good of our veterans.

Your local American Legion is a better place to make donations if you want to help veterans. All American Legion Posts do good things in support of our veterans.

Mar 09, 2015
shameless miscreants
by: Anonymous

They've called me 4 times in last 2 weeks, first from 877-230-6733 - "unavailable" caller id.

Now using 209-898-0534 - "found amer vets" caller id.

Didn't get the Loch Ness line, but he said "Don't worry we're not recruiting you".

Very "hey old buddyish" that the hair on the back of my neck stood up & it was clear he was a huckster.

I told him i was sure he was a scam & was now gonna make him my hobby to shut his shameful abuse of my bros & sisters down.

Didn't take long to find some financials. 8-11% goes to service programs, 67% to their paid solicitation organization! They do now have a website. That makes 'em traceable ;). States have to tighten their criteria on charities. We'll have to expose them as we find 'em.

Mar 08, 2015
screw with them
by: Fred

I ask if they are still screwing their mother. That makes them angry. Who cares.

Mar 07, 2015
by: Retired Marine Wife

Have gotten SIX calls from them since 2/27.

No idea how they got our number, but after a little bit of research found out that only six cents of every dollar MAY reach the veterans. Rest is "operating costs."

The BBB has no score on them because they've consistently refused to turn in the necessary documentation to get themselves classified as a LEGITIMATE charitable organization.

Don't send them money; don't even commit.

Number that comes up for us when they call is 703-348-6253, which is a Northern Virginia Number, but this place claims to be in Wisconsin. Don't answer.

Mar 03, 2015
Is the following a scam ?
by: Roger Anonymous

We are continually receiving calls from 704 438 9994. Is this a scam?

The phone number is preceded by the following: FOUND AMER VETS.

Hi Roger, welcome to the site. If you took the time to read some other readers' comments, you'll see that many of them believe it's a scam.

But the law only requires charitable organizations under Section 501(c)(3) to use 5% or less for their stated charitable purpose.

What we need is for Congress to change the law.

Feb 09, 2015
My Opinion of this Organization
by: Anonymous

I got a call a week ago from this org. and I told them I didn't do over the phone donations, as I don't give out my debit card number. They acted kinda put out and said they would send me the letter of promise to donate, so when i received it i got on my pc and found this site ...

Thank goodness, it just goes to show you how they get all that money and the vets get nothing to speak of ..I copied it and mailed it to them and told them this is why I don't donate to their kind of soliciting ..

Feb 03, 2015
Do they come after you?
by: Retired Medical Officer

I received call from this bogus charity a couple of weeks back. We had guests, so I had no time for the fast talker on the telephone and said just send me a mailer and I would see what I might be able to donate.

The letter came stating I had made a $15 pledge. Since it gave me the full name of the charity I was able to look it up and see it is a scam.

So now will they harass me over the $15 that I decided to simply ignore?

That's a good question, RMO, and it's one that many people have. They may harass you by continuing to call and remind you of your so-called "pledge," but that's all they can do about it.

A pledge is not an enforceable obligation. So don't worry about it.

Jan 22, 2015
Annoying Calls
by: VA Resident

This organization is calling me almost daily and in the early morning and has awakened me several times.

Call rings several times then disconnects. I will do my best to block this number.

Jan 21, 2015
Watch for a beginning other than Loch Ness monster now!
by: Maxine Slater

They didn't start off with me being harder to find than the Loch Ness Monster, like they had with so many others~~maybe a new one for this year~~it was that they appreciated what I had done for them in the past.

I had never heard of this organization before, so that was actually nothing! Went along with it so I could find out more, but never give out credit card # unless I've made the call.

I insisted on getting a letter before responding, and got another call to find out if I had gotten it yet. I hadn't, but had gone here to find out about them after reading in the Wise Giving booklet that they hadn't responded to them. The letter came yesterday, and I have told them what I thought of their scam!

Thanks for all the info provided here!

You're welcome, Maxine. Thanks to you and the other people who are posting here. Maybe if enough of us tell these organizations why we're not donating, they'll eventually get the message.

The sad part is that these professional fundraisers are so good at raising money, that even if the charity only gets 10-20% of what's raised, many times that's still more than they would have been able to raise on their own.

And that's how the organizations justify what they do. No consideration for the fact that the average donor feels he/she's being fleeced because the money isn't going where they think it is.

Jan 07, 2015
Mom, Grandma, and Gr. Grandma
by: Anonymous

The people ought to be arrested. Why are such people allowed to get away with such a program?

Guess we don't have any federal offices that investigate these think men and women are maimed, psychologically destroyed so wicked people like these "fund raisers" can get paid for their sacrifices.

All of these type of people should be prosecuted and made to go to prison.

They get away with it because the IRS regulations for charitable organizations require only 5% (and sometimes less) of donations to go to the stated charitable purpose.

And with budget cuts, the IRS is understaffed to do many investigations anyway.

The only way to change the current state of affairs in the world of charitable organizations is to get Congress to change the law, and I propose they require a minimum of 51% to go the charitable purpose.

That would get rid of a lot of the for-profit fundraisers, who require a bigger percentage than that, or at least make them reduce the amount they siphon off the top.

Dec 30, 2014
Bottom Line
by: Bhurley317

It's a SCAM ... Do Not Donate!

Dec 18, 2014
Phone Calls
by: Anonymous

I have asked twice to discontinue these phone calls, yet almost each evening and early this morning I received a call.

I never answer, but called the number listed and they are never available.

Dec 16, 2014
RIPOFF organization!
by: Major RLCronk USAF Ret.

I also rcvd a phone call from a person from this "organization" stating I was harder to get ahold of than the Loch Ness Monster. I let him do his schpeil...did not tell him I am a retired Vet.

I was unable to find any information about this organization from the State of Minnesota Attorney General office....that set off the red flags.

I have returned the pledge card (without a donation) they sent me...they were really pushing for me to give a payment over the phone (which in no way on earth I would ever do).

I included a letter to this "organization" to remove my name and phone number from their database, and sent a copy to the Minnesota State Attorney General's office.

Dec 16, 2014
Pushy Caller
by: Anonymous

Being harder to reach than the Loch Ness monster must be a standard line they use. They also pressed me to use a credit card. Told them to send a donation form which they only reluctantly agreed to.

Dec 09, 2014
Don't Give to Foundation for American Vets
by: Anonymous

In their first call to me, the solicitor gave me a line like "...You're one hard guy to reach." That made me uncomfortable.

I agreed to a $30 donation, but not by credit card - I said I'd write a check once I received a pledge promise. The solicitor really pushed for a credit card donation, then turned me over to a "Verifier" who also pushed for a credit card donation rather than a check.

Good thing I stuck to my decision about the check.
When I received the pledge card, I checked them out on line.

Found that less than 10% of donations ever reach the Vets. Over 90% goes to admin expenses. This organization is either corrupt or they are paying way too much to fund raisers.

Instead of sending them a 430 check, I sent it instead to a local veterans group.

Dec 08, 2014
Veteran Scams
by: wjs

I have recently started a habit of vetting every organization calling for donations for Veterans. I am appalled at what I have found out. Most, but not all, are scams where less than 10% of the money raised goes to support the welfare of our veterans.

Among the leading candidates of this scam are Foundation for American Veterans and Wounded Warriors.

Dec 02, 2014
Want donation to go to vets not fundraisers
by: Anonymous

Same circumstance as the previous comment. Said I was harder to reach than Loch Ness monster. Pressed for a credit card donation.

I told them I needed to check them out first and would write a check if I felt comfortable. They pressed for a two-day turnaround on the check.

Nov 30, 2014
A Disgrace to Legit Organizations
by: Anonymous

The person who called me, also used the phrase that I 'was harder to reach than the loch ness monster'.

I did not donate over the phone, and, after reading about this organization, I will return the pledge card, with the review of the charity attached.

Nov 23, 2014
by: Steve

They called and talked very fast. They told me who they were, and asked for a donation.

Being a 100% disabled vet myself, I asked him if he was calling to offer assistance? He said that he was collecting to help veterans get better health care.

I asked him if he wanted to help pay for my "service dog"? He said that he just wanted a promise for a donation.

I told him that I was on a fixed income and couldn't commit to an amount at this time. He kept prodding and I finally told him that I'd donate $10.00. I was skeptical, so I looked them up before sending in a donation.

Over 86% of their income is classified as "operating expense". Sorry, I sent my $10.00 to the local American Legion for their fund to aid local vets. 100% of that money goes to help vets.

Oct 08, 2014
foundation for american veterans
by: gillis bryant

I will not give a cent to a scam outfit like yours, only 6 cents go to the vets.

You should be ashamed. I will give to wounded warriors only.

Gillis, you might want to have a look at these two pages:

Wounded Warrior Project Info

Wounded Warrior Project Tax Returns Analyzed

Sep 30, 2014
Shame on FAV
by: Glenna

Received call via (703) area code a few minutes ago, and had the same thing said about the Loch Ness monster. Seemed odd thing to say.

I requested a mail request..just didn't seem right. So glad I searched web.

Thank you for info on this scam. They will receive nothing from me.

Sep 21, 2014
Shady Organization
by: Anonymous

Was contacted by FAV. The caller used the phrase that I was harder to reach than the loch ness monster. Called from the 703 area code.

When I told him I knew nothing of his organization and requested the web site, he rattled off a web address.

Tried to appeal to me by asking if I believed the vets deserved better health care. When I told him I was looking up the web site, he hung up on me.

Sep 05, 2014
Always check it out before you donate!
by: Anonymous

I was called and asked for my credit card to make a donation. I told the representative that I don't give my credit card information out over the phone and to send me the information in the mail.

I'm so glad that I followed my own advice. Do not give any money to this organization.

From now on, my response to any telephone solicitor is going to be: I do not respond to telephone solicitations of any kind. You can take a chance and mail me the information but I am not making a donation until I check you out. You found my phone number; I'm sure that you can find my mailing address. Then hang up.

Sep 03, 2014
Caution: Look Before You Give
by: Anonymous

After weeks of calls from this organization, I finally answered the phone and agreed to a $15.00 contribution by mail to get the man off my line.

After researching the organization, I returned their Pledge Card and NO payment.

Disgraceful that they use the the Veterans to scam money.

Sep 02, 2014
Combat Vet
by: Anonymous

Numerous calls - even on Sunday and Labor Day from 617 209 2020.


Aug 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

Caller number 703-348-6253. Caller said, "My you are a hard one to get a hold of, and how are you today?" Asked if they could plan on same donation as last year, and "most people in my area donate $50." I did not recognize name.

Told him no, so he asked what could I donate this year, $30, $20? I indicated maybe and then said to stay on line so they could make sure the information they had was correct.

I then hung up and looked on website. I donate to Wounded Warriors and Disabled Vets.

Anon, you may want to review the info and comments here about Wounded Warrior Project and about Disabled American Veterans.

Aug 21, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I receive many requests for donations and I have a soft spot for Veterans. VAF called and I was being pressured for my credit card number and I never give that information over the phone.

The envelope came and I noticed that the return mail box was at a UPS store. The second give away there was no web site.

It is a real shame because there are many legitimate organizations and it troubles me when an organization such as FAV hides behind the veil of a 501.

So I sent the envelope back empty and told them not to call or write me again.

Aug 12, 2014
Thanks, but no thanks!
by: WEJ

Like all these folks, I researched this organization and it seems that it doesn't do much of anything for our veterans, so they eat my dust and die as I take for the high ground and leave them without a fulfilled pledge.

I will never fall for their sob story again!

Aug 12, 2014
veterans support foundation drive
by: Anonymous

I received a call from 206-201-1152 wanting money donated for veterans. This man wanted me to promise I would send 15.00. Hung up. It was a landline.

Yesterday, received a call for donations for the police department from bellevue wa as well. I think it is a scam.

Are the veterans having a foundation drive for money?

Aug 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I asked this group to send me the envelope instead of donating by phone. I always make it a practice to never donate over the phone and this is why.

I received my envelope in the mail and decided to look this up to make sure my monies were actually going to the Veterans and I am so glad I did.

After reading all the comments below I will be returning this solicitation without a donation.

Aug 07, 2014
Financial Information
by: jrh

If you wish to see how FAV spends their money, simply take a look at their tax returns.

Tax returns filed by tax-exempt entities are public information and easily obtainable. Go to and search for the "Foundation For American Veterans", or in the alternative, search for their IRS employer ID number of:

While you do have to register with, the "normal" registration is free and they have some very good information on tax-exempt entities.

In my mind, FAV's claimed expenses are more for the benefit of the owner/operators. I also would expect to find that a considerable amount of their fundraising fees (approx. 50% of their revenues) somehow makes it back into FAV's operators in one way or another.

Foundations like this simply make me sick.

Jul 23, 2014
Numerous calls from 206-512-8478
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the heads-up re: this phone number/company!

They have been harassing me with hang-up phone calls!!! I will block them!

This is a cheap shot to use Veterans to "steal" money from people!

Jul 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

After getting a call from FAV, I pledged $25. They wanted my credit card info and I told them I never give that out, if they want to send me something in the mail, I was fine with that. No one asked for my banking information.

After writing out the check this morning, I thought I should check this group out and am I glad I did.

After reading everything, I promptly tore up the check. I am sending their pledge letter back and I wrote on it that I was withdrawing my pledge and why, and to put me on their do not call list and to never call me again (although it probably won't do any good).

Jun 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Just received the donation material from this so-called foundation.

I refuse to give out personal info (credit card #'s or checking account info over the phone) to anyone until I know if they are on the level.

I then looked these people up and judging by the reaction by others to this group of greedy blood suckers, I sent back their card with my refusal written on their donation request.

As a veteran I was disgusted by these people. It may have cost me a stamp, but I felt it was worth it just to know that someone will at least see what I wrote.

Feb 11, 2014
Veterans deserve better than these scams!!!
by: Leslie

Caller thanked me for my generous donation last year (I did not donate last year). Asked if I or anyone in my family was a vet (I said no). Asked if he could count on another basic donation of $25 - I said yes (fully intending not to send any money, but to entertain the scam so I could report it). He said he would have a supervisor come on the verify this information so my number would be blocked until the next campaign.

The supervisor came on and thanked me for my continued support. She asked how much I agreed to donate - I said $25. Then she asked for my credit card number - I refused to give my credit card number - she said I used my credit card last year but that they don't keep the number (I assure you I did not give them my credit card number last year, I NEVER give my credit card number out).

She asked if I had my check book handy - I refused to give her that information either. She said they would send me a pledge card and asked if I could return it within a week. I will return it, with the article on this page: Foundation for American Veterans and certainly not a donation!!

Dec 27, 2013
Rec'd a Call by FAV
by: Anonymous

I received a "Thank You" call for donating last year.

When I told the guy that I didn't donate, he told me yes I did, and for me to check my bank statement. He also told me to "Chill out," that it was just a Thank you call.

I called back to voice my outrage, but of course I got the voice message and so I left my name and number. I get calls all the time.

How many times can you say "no" and ask that they remove your name from the list.

This is the first time I received a call from them, how dare the guy tell me that I didn't, to check my bank statement and to "Chill Out".....I'm sure I'll get a call after the first of the year, because that will be when they will be looking for money.

If my number wasn't tied to a few different things, I would change it. But I can't...

Dec 17, 2013
Just Got Called by FAV
by: Joe

I was just contacted by AC services for FAV. I've been called before. Last year I finally did the research and came across this site and a few others dedicated to getting the word out.

I was horrified to find out that I had been duped for years into spending my hard-earned money to support a few corporate fat cats who had created a scam on the backs of our brave men and women in uniform.

As a veteran and the son of a Vietnam era career veteran, I do not take this lightly. I have formally lodged a complaint with the state of CT attorney general's office about it.

Last year after my research was complete I spoke to someone who solicited me and "tore them a new one," so to speak. They claimed to not know the details so I enlightened them...

Just today another solicitation and another complaint to the state.

If we sit by and do nothing, this will persist. Everyone who posts a comment here should be writing their state officials to get these outfits shut down. It is so far barely legal to run these scams but certainly there has to be a way to solve it if we are vocal and complain about it enough.

God Bless you all for finding the truth and acting on it.

Thank you, Joe, for joining our conversation. Contacting your state's Attorney General (or other department that regulates charities soliciting in your state) is a good place to start, but I'm afraid that until we change the laws that allow charities to give as little as 5% (and sometimes less) of the funds they receive to support their charitable purposes, we will continue to see these abuses.

So in addition to contacting your state's Attorney General, please write your Senators and Congressional representatives (you can find contact information for them here) and ask that they change the IRS requirement for charitable organizations to require a larger percentage of donations be expended for charitable purposes in order to maintain their designation as a charitable organization. Perhaps requiring more than 50% would be a good starting point?

Dec 09, 2013
Only 15%
by: Anonymous

F.A.V. asked for my support again this year, and thanked me for my support in the past (I guess so).

I am a vet of seven years, so I support all charities that I can.

When I asked how much F.A.V. received, they transferred me to a supervisor who told me they get 15% of each dollar. That's $1.50 out of every $10.00 they received.

I cannot in good faith send hard-earned money to that organization.

There has to be a better way to support our troops....

Dec 03, 2013
Slick Solicitors Ask For CC or Bank Info
by: Don't Scam ME!

I had a call from a fast talking fellow who had a very slick script to get me to commit to a $40 - $60 donation, and when I agreed to the $40 I was passed on to a "secretary" to confirm the commitment.

She was slick in trying to get me to give my credit card information, and when I informed her that I do not give out my credit card (especially when THEY are calling ME!) then she chirped in that they could take my check information. [REALLY! I'm not THAT STUPID, but they are really sly. How considerate that they could take my banking information instead!]

I had suspected a scam here and after reading these other posts, I will ignore the mail request for funds. If they send a self-stamped envelope, I may just send a copy of these complaints!

Watch out everyone! Unless you KNOW and have dealt with a reputable charity, say "No Thank you" and hang up!

Nov 04, 2013
Foundation for American Veterans Donation Call
by: Anonymous

I'm like others - received a call around supper time requesting I commit to donating $15.00 to the organization in support of veterans.

Since I have read all the comments, I will withdraw my commitment when I receive the letter in the mail.

Sep 13, 2013
Still Scamming
by: Lynda D

They have been calling my home relentlessly for weeks, during dinner, and well past little kids' bed times.

I don't typically answer the phone for 800 type calls - I picked up the phone tonight and said nothing, the guy on the other and said "Hey, John?" (my husband's name) as if he knew him.

I hung up the phone, but now that I know how much of their money really goes to vets, I will not hang up next time, but will give them a piece of my mind. Thanks!

Aug 26, 2013
they asked for my bank account information
by: Virginia Pratt

I received a call on 8/24 asking me to honor a pledge that I had not been able to pay due to unforseen expenses.

I told the solicitor I would be able to do that now and he asked for my credit card number. I told the man I did not donate from my card but by check.

He then proceeded to pressure me for my checking account information (for "verification purposes"), starting with the routing number. I told him he didn't need that and I told him what the check number would be. He continued to press for the account number and I told him I was withdrawing my pledge.

This is worse than just fraud. This is an attempt at identity theft and I intend to pursue the matter further.

May 02, 2013
How is this still happening??
by: Anonymous

This nonsense is still continuing after more than two years.........yet the constant calling, ripoff scam is continuing.

Bless you and your efforts.
I will be sure to pass this information along to others. Thank you.

Thank you, anon, for helping us spread the word.

Apr 27, 2013
by: john mccormick

I scanned the comments and reiterate that I too asked for something in the mail so I could check them out.

Why would the good people here lie about something dumb like this ?

The really sad thing is that I only have a landline because it is bundled with my DSL connection, which I have had for less than a year. Is the media cartel (Verizon) selling my phone number to scam artist charities?

I don't know, but I think it's a good bet they, the media cartel, are as bad or worse than this "foundation".

Jan 20, 2013
Donation Scammers
by: Disgusted in Chicago

I received a call feom Foundation for American Veterans and pledged 25.00. Glad I asked to be sent a pledge letter and not give my credit card (which I never do).

After reading all the negative posts about them glad I am not responding to them.

What I will do is the next time I see Troops in a restaurant I will buy them their meal, whatever the cost. That way I know they received it and not just 6% of a dollar.

Sep 22, 2012
by: Joe L New York

I also had just put the stamp on the envelope when I decided to research its activity.

I am so glad that other people took the time to post their experiences to help the rest of us.

I also tore up the check.

Thank you all and God Bless America.

PS I did save the stamp.....

Dec 18, 2011
Thank Goodness for the Internet!
by: Anonymous

I, too agreed to donate money to the FAV, especially since I have a brother-in-law who is a Vietnam Vet.

I refused to provide personal credit card information so they sent me an invoice.

I decided to check it out on the internet...I am always suspicious of organizations who do not provide information to the BBB. Reading the various sites about FAV, one can only conclude that someone's pocket is being lined with our hard-earned money, and it isn't the services that veterans and current active soldiers so desperately need after the Obama administration cuts!

Shame on them! After all is said and done, only $0.20 of every dollar goes to services provided to our veterans and soldiers. Provide me with the financial breakdown of where the other $0.80 goes!!!

Nov 14, 2011
my credit card and banking info???
by: Anonymous

I received a call from the Foundation for American Veterans and they wanted a donation. I told them to send me something in the mail. He said, "OK,let me just link you to another person to verify that you will donate."...

Then the next person wanted my credit card info or bank routing info...

I have never heard of this and it sent up a red flag for me. Well, they will not be getting any money from me!!!

So glad there are places to check on these people!

Oct 17, 2011
They ALMOST got my $$
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call from Foundation for American Vets. They asked for 20.00.

They proceeded to tell me where the money would be spent: VA Hospitals, CARE packages, medical equip & clothing, etc.

Thank God, my husband said he was going to check this out on the internet. They should be ashamed of themselves. I was going to give 50.00 because my brother is a vet and now goes to the Vet Hospital for chemo treatment for his cancer.

Thank God we checked this out! I would still like to give, but where is it legit?!

Anon, check out our page on honorable veterans charities that are good stewards of the funds they raise.

Oct 12, 2011
Nonstop Calls!!!
by: Anonymous

I've been getting calls from FAV nonstop!

I tried to ask them to put me on their "do not call" list, but they keep hanging up on me!

I'm so sick of this! I wish something could be done!!!!!

See our detailed instructions on How to Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services.

Oct 02, 2011
by: Sylvia - Richmond, VA

I too received a call from FAV and promised a $50 donation (Purple Heart).

I received the Invoice in the mail and decided to check them out. So glad I found this site.

My husband and my brother are Vietnam VETS and my son is currently serving in the Army National Guard.

Since I had intended to send $50 to this SCAM, I decided to send it to a legitimate organization. Thanks to your site, I found Fisher House Foundation and made a donation to them.

I have told my husband that if these Scammers call to find out where their money is, to tell them, "The Check Is In The Mail". I am going to put a post on my Facebook page and warn my friends about these SCAMMERS. I am also going to ask them to repost so that we can put these people out of business.

My thanks go out to the men and women of our armed services, past and present, who have fought for the freedoms that I enjoy. God Bless each and every one of them.

Sep 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was cold called by a really rude person. I was asked to donate $50 which was quickly reduced to $10 when I told him I wasn't able to donate at this time.

I have a brother, sister and father who are vets so I said "ok" to $10.

I was passed to a woman who IMMEDIATELY asked for a debit/credit card number. I asked them to send a donation card.

Something didn't feel right, so I checked Google. I'm glad I did.

The FAV won't get my $10 or anything from me - ever!!

Jul 25, 2011
Just another scam
by: PD

Unfortunately for me, I was contacted by FAV about 7 days after my husband's death.

Since all the men and 50% of the women (including me) in my family for the past 3 generations have served at least one tour of active duty, I agreed to their request.

I agreed to pay by check, but I guess I waited too long to reply. I do not know how they got my credit card #, but a charge eventually showed up on a monthly bill.

This year I will NOT return their pledge form. I wonder if there will still be a charge on my credit card?

PD, wow, that's quite a family legacy of service to our country! Thank you to all of you.

If a charge shows up on your credit card this year, contact your credit card company immediately, and tell them you did NOT authorize this charge, nor the one they made last year, and ask them to reverse it.

Jun 30, 2011
So glad I found out
by: I hate scammers

I was just about to send off my check and decided to check out this organization. I did get caught with the breast cancer scam but not this one! The script is the same, just a different organization.

Yesterday, they called to see if I had gotten my pledge card. I hate that they stress using your credit card. I told them that I will send it in. NOT!

Thanks for the information.

Jun 21, 2011
Too close for comfort
by: Anonymous

Whew!!! Had the check enclosed and the stamp on the envelope when I decided to check out these flim-flammers.

'Nuff said'! Thanks.

Jun 09, 2011
This is a scam
by: daisy

For the past two years my elderly aunt has been consistently harassed by telephone and mail by these people.

Upon trying to call the phone number they list on the donation bill they send, you get a recording to leave your name and phone number and they will call you back.

Jun 07, 2011
Harassing phone calls from FAV
by: Annonymous in CT

i have been receiving phone calls on 6/06/11 starting at 8:34am, and continuing 12:55pm, 1:56pm,3:02pm, and 4:08pm; again on 6/07/11 at 8:45am, 11:58am. 1:28pm, 2:22pm, 3:14pm, and 4:18pm. i hope they call me one more time so that i may be able to speak to someone in person, and give them the chance to solicit my donation; which i will flatly refuse. i agree this may be a total scam!

Jun 01, 2011
No Respect
by: Stan

I want to thank everyone that has posted their outlook and insight into this "organization's" money management practices.

I am a veteran that uses the VA for medical and other reasons, and my Mother has "donated" money to this group in the past.

She asked me if she should continue to do so, so I went online to find out about the FAV.

Thanks to all of You Respectable People, and Your information, I told my Mother to Never Give These Leaches Another Penny!!

May 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Somehow I felt suspicious when the FAV donation form came in the mail - two of them in fact.

So I decided to come online and check them out. Now I am glad I did.

Thanks for the information. It does pay to check out fund-raising organizations.

May 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was about to send off a check to Foundation for American Veterans today for $20. I felt bad because I had promised to donate to them in February but never had time and they kept calling to remind me.

Luckily, I decided to check online first and found this website! I am completely shocked by all this.

I thought I was donating my full $20 to the people who deserved this, not 20 cents off a dollar!!! This is completely outrageous. They will NOT be receiving anything from me any further.

This just makes me feel so reluctant to donate any more monies to any organizations now.

May 05, 2011
FAV Upset my Mom
by: Anonymous

FAV called my elderly father. He is easily confused and he agreed to donate. My mother received the donation letter and disposed of it.

She then received a follow up call asking where the donation was. My mother told them she had shredded the letter.

The person on the phone began to tell her that they needed the donation now and that my father had promised to donate. They wanted her credit card number immediately.

She refused but was harassed verbally until she agreed to send a check. Received her bank statement and the check still has not cleared so she is stopping payment.

So sad that it is going to cost her additional expense, but she is worried that she may be getting ripped off for even more than the original donation.

May 04, 2011
Thanks for the Information
by: Squerida

As many who have already commented, I want to thank you for the information that you and other commenters have provided on FAV.

I want to contribute to Veterans, not a fund-raising organization!

Fortunately I saw this site before I send my check in. Many thanks!

Apr 29, 2011
Bogus FAV taking veteran funds.
by: torkmaster

Confirmed by Wisconsin Representative that this organization is bogus. MMM has not independently verified this claim.

Uses telemarketing to solicit illegally from numbers on FCC DNC and WiNoCall list.

Actually, charitable organizations are not legally required to abide by the Do Not Call list, although telemarketers calling on their behalf are supposed to.

Apr 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had a phone call from the FAV and I said I would send 25.00 dollars to them when I receive the bill.

When the letter came I did a little research and found them to be lacking in integrity; therefore no money will be sent..

This foundation should be shut down....

A Navy vet of four years and a daughter of 17 years both Navy and National Guard.......

Mar 15, 2011
Repeated Calls
by: Anonymous

I caved in last year and donated $30 after many, many repeated calls. I wish I had done more research and checked out the comments here. Fortunately, I did not provide a credit card number.

They recently called again this week and were about to double bill me, again. When I mentioned I did not want to donate again, the rep was insulting and did the whole guilt trip tactic. Comments were" do you even know what these VA hospitals do?!" and "I don't think these troops need just a one-time donation.."

Their tactics are extremely pushy and condescending. I expect to hear from them again despite saying no yet again. Extremely skeptical of this organization and their tactics are not only extremely annoying but condescending as well.

You may want to visit our pages about How to Get Removed from Charity Mailing Lists and How to Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services.

Mar 07, 2011
Another Scam at the expense of our VETS.
by: Anonymous

Like the others making posts, I too received numerous calls I did not answer.

Finally one night I did answer and received a pitch asking me to buy a "package". The first package was for a wheelchair - a donation of $40 or a "package" towards an artificial limb- $50.

I too have family that have served in the military overseas and wanted to help.

After being "encouraged" to provide either cr
edit card numbers or a checking account number over the phone, I asked to be sent brochures. I am really glad I did.

This group needs to be investigated by the Florida Attorney Generals Office. Thank you for keeping Americans aware!!

Mar 06, 2011
Making my few dollars count
by: Jeannetta

I have become more concerned about how my few donation $$ are actually spent.

I was about to write my check and decided to check out the organization. I appreciate the comments from the woman whose family members are veterans.

I am a single parent of 4 and want to make sure that I am a good steward of my donations. I think I'll just go to the local VA hospital and make a donation there. I also wrote that on the donation form from the Foundation and mailed it back to them.

Feb 25, 2011
Cold call from FAV
by: Combat Vet

FAV called my wife one day while I was out. They pressured her to give them a credit or debit card over the phone. Since we've had challenges in the past, my wife asked for a bill to to mailed to us and we will write them a check.

Numerous family health challenges came about and this donation was not at the top of our list.

My wife received another phone call on a Sunday night at 9pm and they insisted that we send the donation in.

We began to wonder and went to the internet and did our research and found out who they really are.

I'm just waiting for the next call and I'm gonna open up a can of Combat Vet whoop ass! I personally know our Governor and State Attorney General and would not hesitate to go after them.

I have posted information about them on all the military forums I belong to warning everyone. Please don't hesitate to pass the word on!

God bless the USA!

Feb 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Glad I looked up this site before sending my money. Thanks.

Feb 20, 2011
Thanks for the information
by: Julia

Glad I checked on the internet and found your website!

Thank you, Julia, for taking the time to let us know.

Feb 05, 2011
by: Kitty

Thank you for the info. I was about to send my check to them, but now I won't.

I am disabled and wanted to help our vets. I'll find another way to do it.

Feb 03, 2011
FAV scammers
by: Anonymous

We are active Navy so when i got our call i decided to try and give back a little ourselves.

They must have changed tactics because my call was very nice and no pressure, so i told them to send me the info in the mail (I don't give any information over the phone).

Well, good thing i researched and came across this site! Thank you everyone for putting the information out there.

These people will not be getting anything from us and i will be sure to let the commands around here know what these people are doing!

Feb 02, 2011
Thank You for all of the comments
by: Anonymous

I was about to send a contribution but did my research before sending.

I am helping a veteran of the Vietnam war at the present time and felt this also may be a way to help others.

Their advertisements through the mail look good but now I have found out that most of the money that is received is really not helping veterans in a way it really should.

Please give but not to this organization.


Feb 01, 2011
Is this another scam?
by: Anonymous

I received a call a few days ago from the United States Armed Forces Association. Same stories as other charity...asking for a donation, passing me to a girl to verify my info, asking for a credit card number (did not give to them!), but did send me a donation card and brochure in the mail.

Have been researching and cannot find any evidence that this is a reputable charity.

According to the brochure, USAFA was originally the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund (VVAF).

I think it's all BS! Can anyone verify?

Jan 30, 2011
I was about to write a check when I thought of checking, thanks for the information
by: Mohinder Gulati

I received an unsolicited call asking if I would like to donate for the benefit of veterans returning from Iraq. I said, yes but declined to give them my credit card number and instead asked them to send me the letter.

I was about to write a check for the promised $20 when I thought of checking out the organizations.

Thanks for providing the information; they are not getting my donation. I will instead send it to a reputable organization working for the veterans.

Jan 21, 2011
Re: Told 100% Went to Vets - NOT!
by: Anonymous

Even the best managed nonprofits have some overhead/administrative costs. Based on my work in the nonprofit sector, 10% - 15% is an excellent percentage for overhead and administrative costs. The average is probably closer to 30% - 35%.

Given the range of sizes of nonprofits and the varying sectors they work in, computing a "reasonable" average for all nonprofits is quite difficult.

That said, the only way 100% of donations can go to program services is if the organization is a very small nonprofit run entirely by volunteers with no out-of-pocket operating costs and/or some outside organization is providing the operational support.

If an organization uses paid fundraisers (telemarketers), which Foundation for American Veterans has a track record of doing, telling you that 100% of the donation goes to program services would appear to be a material misrepresentation of the facts.

There are some organizations whose operational and administrative costs are paid via an endowment to the organization. In that case, they truly can use 100% of donations to benefit their cause.

Fisher House is an example of a military or veterans charity for whom this is true. Its operational and administrative expenses are covered by an endowment from Zach and Elizabeth Fisher, who created Fisher Houses.

So when you make a donation to Fisher House (or the other Fisher organizations mentioned in that article), you can be confident it is going to support military families, and not to pay salaries or operating expenses.

But for most military and veterans charities, that is not the case. Most must pay their operating expenses and salaries out of donated funds.

Jan 20, 2011
Told 100% Went to Vets - NOT!
by: Anonymous

I asked the guy how much of my donation would go to the vets. He said 100%.

I research before I donate anyway - I'm a little shocked.

No money from me.

Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Like everyone else here, I got the high pressure pitch. Thought it strange, but pledged.

I was just about to write the check when I thought about how pushy the rep was.

Glad I found this site, I will be looking for a different charity to donate to.


Jan 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

There are people like myself thats barely making it but still have the heart to help others and these are the type of people that we live among, if you want to call them people.

Sad and pathetic way to make a living. There is a place for those PEOPLE.

Jan 06, 2011
They got me
by: Anonymous

I could tell from the smooth talk this was a well-paid salesman, not a minimum wage kid. Even though I told him I could barely pay my rent he talked me out of $20.

When the invoice came I waited about a week and paid it. I received another invoice for $20 about a week later. I bet everybody gets double billed and some folks just forget what they agreed to.

I got another call a few months later from another rep wanting more money. I had checked their practices in the meantime and told the "gentleman" I wouldn't be contributing again and asked that my name be removed from their list. He said "I'll just have to tell our disabled soldiers that you're not willing to help them even after they sacrificed their bodies for your freedom". I called him a few names and hung up.

Don't give to these shysters.

Jan 05, 2011




Jan 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Got my first call today. When I asked that they no longer contact me as the phone is for business, I actually started to get an argument from the caller about how this was the first time he ever called. I don't care, don't call ever again.

It was obvious from the person's tone and level of professionalism that this is a scam. Don't worry, Karma will catch up with these jokers.

Imagine what a bottom feeder one would have to be in order to steal from good people under the guise of supporting the troops.

Jan 03, 2011
FAV and Associated Community Services
by: Rob - NJ

These guys got me last year, but since then I have been researching every one of the half dozen or so charities ACS has solicited me for. NONE of them meet the basic criteria most of us would consider adequate for a charitable organization.

By the way, 's "990 Finder" is a great tool for checking these out. Reviewing the IRS data on these "charities" will tell you pretty quickly who is the real beneficiary of these organizations - the fundraisers and the directors. FAV is one of the worst of the lot, if you judge by % of funds going to real programs vs. professional fundraisers.

I have never left a comment on one of these sites, but these solicitations really irk me. We want to help people, and instead we're being taken advantage of. 13 cents on the dollar going to program services? No way!

Jan 02, 2011
Not sending my money
by: Former USMC mom

I appreciate all the info on your site. I took a call from FAV on 12/29/10, received my pledge card for $10.00 on 12/31/10. This was after they had started at a much higher amount and I refused.

I have been out of work for over a year, and I usually hang up on these people. I did donate to them last year so decided to go ahead and send $10.00 this year. Tonite I wrote out my check to hopefully head off follow up calls if I wasn't fast enough, and something told me to check them out.

OK, needless to say the check is torn up and I can't wait to get the follow up calls, will make my day to tell them they are scammers. They tried to get my CC number, too, and I refused.

They acted offended when I said I don't share my info. They need to act offended for their deception.

Thank You.

Dec 28, 2010
Thank you M-M-M
by: dallas tx.

Was just called and pledged a donation...

I've never looked anyone up but these guys gave me I found you...

They will not be getting a donation from me...

Thank you...

Anon in Dallas

Dec 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

This org. contacted me on Christmas eve and wanted my debit card #. I asked them to mail me an envelope. I'm glad I did.

I wanted to make sure this org. was legitimate as I have several family members whom are veterans. Seeing others comments confirms I have made the right choice not to give to these people.

Shame on them!

Dec 27, 2010
Deceptive Foundation
by: jane doe

I, too, received a third call from FAV soliciting my donation.

I became very suspicious when the amount they said I agreed to donate was much higher than the $10 I agreed to pledge. I had the check made out and ready to send off when I had this "nagging/sick" feeling in my gut.

I went on-line to check out FAV on the internet, and I "Thank God" that I did check. I will not be sending them any donations.

Thanks to all of you for your comments about this group.

Dec 23, 2010
by: Pudge R

Twice by phone,two mailings.

Glad I checked the net.

No cash for Greedy FAV!!

Dec 23, 2010
by: RoseanneP

After repeatedly telling this person we can't afford to make a donation this year, he had the nerve to sit on the phone and berate me: "What, you can't send $10.00?"

He tried to guilt me into giving something even after I explained that my husband and I were both unemployed and that $10.00 could mean the difference between paying our electric bill or not and asked if he might try back next year.

He made a disgusted noise over the phone and hung up---loudly!

Just yesterday this same man called up and said, "Well, I know I can count on you for a donation after January the first." When I told him no and started to explain that our financial situation hadn't changed, he tried to make me feel stupid by saying "I said I was collecting for after the first of January--that's next year!"

I told him we couldn't and he slammed the phone in my ear.

No means No even in a phone call. These folks don't represent the vets by bullying people who can't afford to give on the phone and constantly harassing them with phone calls.

Roseanne, thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for wanting to help our veterans. We feel confident you will do so when you are able. At that time, please come back to check on the charity you intend to give your donation to.

In the meantime, I'm sorry to hear of your current situation, and hope it improves soon. Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

Dec 19, 2010
Phone solicitations
by: Anonymous

I got my call a few days ago.

Thank goodness I have decided to not make contributions over the phone to any organization. However, I did, as many of you, agree to give once I received the brochure.

And, as many have, I decided to check them out online. So glad I did! I can put my $20 to better use I'm sure.

Dec 17, 2010
How to REALLY send a care package
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your GOOD IINTENTIONS and HEARTFELT desire to help our VETERANS!

I too received a call and of course wanted to help. As many of you have stated they were eager to pressure for a credit/debit card charge; I requested a bill so I could investigate further - and I'm glad I did!

My best friend's Son is a Marine and was in AFG last year and we sent him care packages monthly through Marine Parent.

IF YOU TRULY WANT TO MAKE A DONATION PLEASE GO TO and on the left side of the screen click on 'sponsor a care package'. At a cost of $22.00 you will be sending a package to a Marine stationed overseas! This is guaranteed to reach YOUR INTENDED PURPOSE OF THANKING OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN!!


Thank you for your comments. We have not yet reviewed the financial records for Marine Parents, so we can't tell you how efficient they are with the money you donate.

If you are interested, and have questions about their financials, you may request them directly from the organization. IRS regulations require them to provide their 3 most recent tax returns to the public upon request.

Dec 11, 2010
by: Captain James W. Rhodes, USN, Ret.

Thanks for all the information on these guys.


Dec 08, 2010
Veteran who asked questions
by: Anonymous

I just received a telephone call1-866-877-2049. They have called me several times but until I got online and did some research I did not want to send them or anyone money who claim to support Veterans.

After reading one of the emails regarding this agency I asked how is the money broken down with regards to support Veterans. I was informed - just like others - 80% of the money goes to cost and 20% of the donation goes to Veterans!

The breakdown is horrible - only 20% to Veterans! They will not be getting my hard earned money!!

Dec 08, 2010
by: Gwen

About a week ago I got a call asking for a donation to FAV. The person on the other end asked for a $100, $150 or $300 donation. I told him no I couldn't do that. He then asked for a $50 donation. Told him again "no" I'm on a fixed income and cannot afford that. He then asked if I could afford $30, and again I said "no". His last request was for $20 which I said I could afford.

The next thing he asked if I was ready to put it on my debit or credit card right now; of course that is something I would never do and I told him so.

When the pledge card came I immediately checked the website looking to see if they were legit.

Thank goodness for sites like yours that gave me the information I needed. No way will they get even a penny from me.

I am happy to make a donation to a reputable charity. God Bless our Veterans.

Dec 03, 2010
What a rip off!
by: Anonymous

I got this call from this organization at an early time of the day, I was just waking up and this gentle voice on the other side of the line enticed me with the needs of the veterans coming home from Iran.

I have high regards for the men in uniform fighting for our country and of course I accepted to donate.

Thank God, my husband alerted me to check this organization online and I found your site. I will not send them a penny!

Dec 03, 2010
Glad I didn't pay online
by: Retired AF

I too received their call for a donation. I asked them to send me a donation form and then was transferred to a woman wanting my credit card. I told her that I wanted a donation form and would not provide my credit card information over the phone.

After receiving the form, I checked online and found out what a scam they are running. I called them and let them know I would not be sending in a donation to them, that my money would be donated to an organization that does directly support veterans.

I have sent emails to friends and family letting them know that this is a non-profit scam doing a nation-wide phone solicitation with little to no benefit to veterans.

Dec 02, 2010
Do Not Give Money to this Organization
by: Anonymous

I received a cold call today despite being on a no-call list.

Yes, it's tempting to want to give to an organization that helps vets, however, I asked for the name of their organization and that I would decide on my own if I wanted to contribute.

Thank goodness I did this and found this website to warn us about these disgusting low life people.

Using .08 of every dollar to help vets. Disgusting.

I say, throw these jerks in jail and throw away the key. They should be ashamed to call themselves Americans.

I'm a Democrat and am so proud of our troops and what they are doing. They deserve better than having these idiots stealing our hard earned money - greed.

I'm not sure how they get away with this.

I have no problem contributing what I can to a valid and legit organization where 90% of the money goes directly to helping vets.

Nov 30, 2010
What A Crying Shame
by: A Patriotic Citizen

I too received a call several days ago and told them I would try to send $20 even though I have been out of work for over a year. I support the Veterans as I myself am one along with several family members.

What a shame that so little goes to support the veterans.

This year I have been unable to send any money, but support them in other ways by donating clothing, household goods, etc. to local Veteran's charities. They in turn resell to generate revenue.

I'm glad I checked this out first. My $20 will not go to them.

Since I planned on spending the money, I will send it to one of the many reputable Veteran's charities I have supported in the past. Thank you for the heads up.

Nov 29, 2010
by: Brenda Riley

November 29, 2010

I just received my letter after agreeing to a donation by telephone.

After the caller asked me if I wanted to use my credit card, I too became suspicious and also googled this so-called foundation.

They will not get a check from me, and I will keep my donations in the local area. Thank you to all the comments so we don't fall prey to these vultures.

Nov 29, 2010
Got The Card Yesterday
by: Janet

And the calls have already started this morning about 8am.

When I agreed to donate I told the caller I would check them out first. So I didn't answer the call but went straight to my computer and found this website.

My gut feeling was right- the pressure to make me say yes to a donation- they started at $50 and got to $20 before I was too worn out to fight them any longer.

Since I am the widow of both a WWII and a Vietnam vet- I do give to vets charities. So I took the money I was going to send them and sent it to the VFW instead.

Many thanks for your website. I couldn't find this organization on Charity Navigator which is the first place I go.

Nov 28, 2010
fair donation laws
by: Anonymous

I think there should be a law to stop solicitation
of a donation when only 6% of the money goes to the intended recipient!

Nov 26, 2010
Scam for Veterans During the Holidays
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for this information.

I also received a call a few weeks ago. I told them no, I already support my local Veterans (which I do) but the young man said this was especially important for the veterans in the hospitals and overseas at this time of year. He continued with a sob story (which should have told me then it was not legit).

I just received the donation card in the mail. Checked it out and found this site. Saved myself a pile of money.

Am sending a letter to their national headquarters but it probably won't do any good. Thanks again for your input.

Nov 23, 2010
FAV is a Disgrace
by: Anonymous

I am a retired US Marine Officer. I received a call from the Foundation for American Veterans.

I was willing to donate until the caller passed me to a lady that asked for my credit card number. This was a red flag and I asked that they send me a package. My real intent was to check them out.

Agree with previous comments. They just called to follow up and I told the caller I had decided not to donate. After a moment of silence, I asked if they wanted a reason why and the caller said no and hung up.

I hope the State of Virginia does something to advise others.

Nov 22, 2010
Disgusting deceptiions
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call for a donation to Foundation for American Veterans recently. Having been asked to make my "donation" with a credit card (which I declined to do), I hung up feeling as if I had done a good thing.

Today, I received the pledge card in the mail and I really can't say why, but I decided to Google this outfit and see what I could out. Well, chalk one up for me!!

I agree with the the majority of your respondents and feel as if they should be run out of business. Playing on our sympathy for our vets should be considered a crime against humanity. I can't wait for them to make a follow-up phone call.

Nov 16, 2010
A VVA reply
by: Paul Wilson

I wrote earlier about my giving some items to the VVA. Your report said that they only donate 25% of the income from selling the stuff.

Well, no money donating is involved at my end, and I wanted to get the stuff OUT of the house,so it was app. a good way. There is only ONE more load to give them.

They haven't phoned me, but they have put their appeals in my mailbox. Well, should they phone me, I can explain that my home only had just so much hoarded material, and I ran out of all such in the 3 1/2 years since my mother died.

The same for the scrap bulk. (Actually old windows stored in the attic I decided were too dangerous for me to go out on attic crawlspace with no flooring over the bare beams, wires and insulation, and get down all the stairs, without risking all sorts of mishaps. They were there since the house was no longer a rental.)

Paul, thank you for making that point. Donating to organizations that pick up items from your home is a very convenient way to get rid of items you no longer want. No muss, no fuss, no hassle of having to load it in your car and take it somewhere. That's exactly why it's so popular.

We just think people should be aware of what happens after items are donated in this way. It's about being an educated donor.

Your comment about the 25% figure is a bit oversimplified, but we don't want to confuse readers in this thread about FAV by discussing VVA here, so readers who are interested can follow the previous link to our report about VVA.

Thanks again for sharing your comments.

Nov 15, 2010
A tip
by: Anonymous

I wrote earlier on the two scams attempted on me as these 3-ring clowns. Now I wish to make a suggestion.

Donate to the VVA.** They take donations in the form of clothes, books, household items (except heavy furniture). The donation schedule card and/or their website (VVA) gives a run-through on what they'll take.

** Editor: Please see our review of Vietnam Veterans of America before donating.

My parents, oddly, were hoarders*! I inherited the hoard and I am now in the 2nd clean-out. This also will make the house more sellable in the event I decide to sell it and move to an apartment.

It took 1 1/2 years to complete the first clean-out and now books I have no use for or interest in, as well as women's cosmetics - and a good load of soap bars - are on their way, in the 2nd. The shopload of laundry detergent is slowly being utilized.

So far, in this 2nd clean-out, 2 pick-ups were arranged and carried out. The third is in progress. The attic room is livable again.

* not as severe as those featured in TLC's "BURIED ALIVE". I wasn't the one who accumulated the stuff, so it wasn't too hard to donate it or throw stuff out.

Nov 15, 2010
Thanks for helping me be vigilant
by: Nelson Richards

Recently the Foundation for American veterans called and asked for my support.

Since I am a veteran and a very dear family member that was a veteran of WW2 died recently, I wanted to do something in his honor.

Fortunately, I found this site and I will not make this mistake.

Thanks for helping me to not dishonor my family member.

Nov 15, 2010
Thanks for the Info
by: Anonymous

Thank you for tipping us off to this scam. I got the call, the reminder call, and the letter in the mail.

Decided to check them out because the calls seemed very similar to one asking for donations for American Childrens Cancer Fund. Both are scams.

Rule to follow: give locally to organizations you see helping others.

Better rule to follow: Do your research before donating to ANY charity organization.

Just because you see them helping others does not mean they are good stewards of the money that was donated to them. We have seen and written about egregious examples where third-party fundraisers kept 99% of the money collected and forwarded just 1% to the charity.

The people who saw them putting that 1% to use probably think they're a good organization because they saw them helping people. We would have to disagree.

Educate yourself before you give your hard-earned money to any charity.

And thank you for supporting our veterans.

Nov 13, 2010
Foundation for American Veterans
by: Anonymous

After responding to their call and listening to the request, I refused to render a credit card but told them I would make a pledge of $50.00.

Received the invoice and wrote the check, but, something clicked between my ears and I used Google to check out the charity. Thank you for the heads up.

I'm sure I will make a like donation to a charity that actually helps our veterans.

Retired USMC in Chicago

Nov 12, 2010
So Glad I did my research
by: Anonymous

Thank you to all who took the time to write your comments about FAV.

The first solicitor was extremely nice and when I said I would contribute he gave me to a secretary who wanted my CREDIT CARD over the phone. The first person said they would be sending an envelope so I was taken off guard when the "secretary" asked for my credit card number. I refused to give my card over the phone.

She then said she would be sending an envelope and to send it back with a check within 24 hours or receipt! She also asked "if I could handle that?".

I wonder if she can handle the ripping up of my check!

Nov 07, 2010
Shady operations
by: Anonymous

My mother is 89, in an assisted living home and has dementia. My father served in WWII and our family, especially my mother, is very proud of that.

Her credit card recently showed a contribution to your organization. She is incapable of reciting her credit card number over the phone or even finding her card. Yet, you have her credit card number. How could that be?! This is despicable.

For the last three months a series of so-called charities (SCAMS) have used her credit card number. You should be ashamed, and I intend to follow this with legal action!

Do not support this organization!

Nov 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the comments. You just saved me $20.

I am glad for learning more about such bad organizations!!

Nov 01, 2010
Foundation for American Veterans
by: Anonymous

Whew, that was close. I had the check all made out and in the envelope with the donation card, when I decided to check this web site.

Thank you, I'm now tearing up that check. Isn't it sad that we cannot trust these foundations.

Nov 01, 2010
Thanks for saving me $50
by: Anonymous

Shame on them!

Oct 31, 2010
Thank You
by: Anonymous

You just saved me $20.00. I told the person who called I planned to check them out before I sent them the money. I am so glad I did.

Normally I never obligate myself to give money - and I would never put it on a credit card as they would like to have you do.

So far I have received three payment notices and one phone call. If I receive another call from them I will tell them what I have read - that they do not use donor money for veterans, as they claim to.

Oct 31, 2010
possible malfunction.
by: Paul Wilson

Hello, it's me again. The two hassler scam charities have disappeared, BUT there's something that may have started at the same time and is still going on, but they only call about once a day.

Something called "New Jersey Health Care Filing System". I have repeatedly gotten three rings and then they stop. I have pressed "redial" at night and gotten a recorded message from this group about an application and a worksheet.

They use the tree branch system "press one, press two". The 2nd question is NOT answerable, involving my "worksheet" and 2009 income tax return. I do not go any further. I have not made ANY "application, nor do I have any "worksheet".

I really do not know what they are talking about, and, hopefully this is not tied in with Medicare which I have just started on.

I am just going to ignore these rings.

Hi Paul, we didn't find any such listing on the first few pages of a Google search. You might try a search on the phone number itself and see what comes up.

Just to make sure it isn't related to your recent Medicare eligibility, call your local Social Security office and ask if this group has anything to do with your Medicare coverage. That should put your mind at ease.

Oct 29, 2010
Noble causes don't apply negative pressure
by: Trina Smoot

I received a call from an 866-842-1465, my caller id simply displayed 800# SERVICE. Generally I don't answer these solicitous callers, and for some reason, I did.

I was advised by the caller that they were from Foundation for American Veterans and they would like me to provide a tax deductible donation. I was then asked what dollar amount I would donate.

I advised the caller they could mail me information, at which point he stated "look, I know you won't make a donation for our Veterans". I advised him I would indeed, AFTER I researched their organization if I found they were legitimate.

He stated again, "you know you're not going to do anything, why don't you go ahead and make a donation now. We take credit/debit cards".

Could this red flag fly any higher? I advised him I work with the military every day, and if they are in fact legitimate, I have no problem supporting our military members, veterans and families and will do so graciously; however, I am appalled that such tactics would be employed.

I am a realist, and I understand that various foundations do not have the resources to do such mass solicitation for donations; however, I would really like to see some disclosure requirements and/or fee limitations.

I might also suggest that worthwhile foundations and organizations work with reputable marketing firms that are willing to be charitable in their own right by offering their services at reduced rates, allowing a majority of the donations to go where they are most needed, to the charity itself!

Trina, you are so right. I can't understand why these people would hire callers who are so rude and obnoxious. They must not have heard the old saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Unfortunately, their high-pressure tactics intimidate many people into complying with their demands, and as long as it works, it will probably continue.

I recommend that if you are confronted with someone this rude, you remind them that THEY contacted you to ask for something, and you don't succumb to harrassment. Then ask them to take your number off their list and not call again.

If they give you any grief, just hang up on them. You don't need their permission or agreement. It may be rude, but it's not nearly as rude as what they are doing!

And I agree with you -- a complete overhaul of this system is necessary. I wish Congress would push harder for some "reform" in charity solicitations.

Oct 29, 2010
concerned citizen from CT
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all comments.

I had also received my donation card in the mail and Thank God for the internet and your site to clarify this unjust organization.

I will not be mailing in my 25.00 check.

Oct 27, 2010
help us to act !! echoes
by: Anonymous

So these are people without a conscience.

But, for those of us who really want to help the vets, where can our money be sent? Recommendations, please.

And, why haven't they been exposed and closed down yet? What does it take in this country to close down swindlers and arrest them?

Writing an article about recommended charities is on our "to do" list. In the meantime, the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) includes the following veterans charities on its list of top-rated charities:


Armed Services YMCA of the USA A
Fisher House Foundation A+
Homes For Our Troops A
Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund A+
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund A
National Military Family Association A+
Operation Homefront ? National Org. B+

Donations to any of those groups will be put to good use for our troops and their families. You can research each charity name to learn more about their mission and services.

To receive our updates and notices of new pages by e-mail, subscribe to our e-mail updates.

Oct 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call this am before 9am and was asked if I received the previous two statements sent to me from FAV. I acknowledged I had, but did not agree to give the contribution they put on the statement so I had not sent a check.

The caller said he would mark it with another figure if I would send it in today. I just entered the info to send a check, when I decided to go with my gut feeling and check them out.

Thank you all for sharing your insights...I'll give to the poor what I promised them. There are too many of our own families suffering these days to be taken by a group out to benefit itself.

Oct 25, 2010
Disrespectful Caller
by: Cdr. Luke Memminger

I just received a call from this organization asking for a pledge donation. The call originated at 866-874-1967 and the caller said he was calling from Miami.

He tried a high pressure solicitation of a pledge. I asked him to send me the information on it before I pledged.

He immediately became angry that I wouldn't just pledge. He then was indignant accusing me of not supporting vets.

I informed him that I am a vet of 22 years and I wouldn't put up with an attitude like his when I was serving, and I certainly won't put up with it when he is begging money from me. Then after hanging up on him, I called to talk to a supervisor, which was only a phone message.

After some research I found that this organization has an 80% Admin fee. It is a scam that somehow the government has authorized as tax deductible. If it is legit, it is being poorly served by its callers.

Oct 23, 2010
Just didn't smell right
by: Herb

Like many of the other posts, I got a cold call from a very polite sounding man and when I said I would consider contributing I was turned over to a "Supervisor" who then ask for a credit card.

No way was I going to give her that so today I received their mailing for a donation.

Now that I've found it's a scam - which I was pretty sure of anyway - the stuff they sent is going straight to the shredder.

Thanks for keeping us away from such a disgusting scam that preys on people's sympathy for our Vets.

Oct 21, 2010
Thank You All
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for posting your comments in regards to the FAV.

Like many of you, I almost made the same mistake.

I decided to research any information that may have been helpful.

Based on what I have read, many of us share the the same story and with that in mind, my decision was easy. I did not write the check.

No Thanks FAV
Scam Scam Scam
Shame Shame Shame

Oct 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

Someone from this so-called veteran outfit called my home number, even though we're on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, and said my wife's name and asked to speak to her. I said she was not available, and that I could speak for her.

I asked again who they were, and what they wanted. He abruptly said, "No, I'll call back to speak with her." He then simply & rudely hung up on me. This was at approx. 8:40pm C.S.T. on Sunday, October 17th, 2010. (Give or take 5 min.)

Do they really think they are going to get anything out of us with this type of behavior?!? They're bigger idiots than Forrest Gump if they think they're going to last long. Stupid is, as stupid does.

I'm convinced that they will pull up stakes overnight as soon as they get wind that the FBI is on their heels. In fact, I think the Attorney General of my state would be interested in this organization.

I'm calling them first thing in the morning, and so should anyone else that is contacted in any way by these creepy bloodsucking leeches.

Unfortunately, the Do Not Call Registry does not apply to charitable organizations, but if you specifically request them to take your name off their list, they should do so.

You might be interested in reading our page about how to stop unwanted charity calls from telemarketing services, and about getting your name removed from charity mailing lists.

Oct 17, 2010
Foundation for American Troops (SCAM)
by: Anonymous


I was contacted by telephone last week asking if I would like to donate for the Foundation for American Troops. I am assuming this is the same organization. Anything for the troops, for all they give for us.

Anyway, I mentioned that I could give $10.00 but first I wanted to know how much of the money would be going to our veterans. The person I was speaking with said he would have to contact his supervisor.

After a few minutes, the supervisor came on the line and stated that 20% of every dollar went to the veterans. I couldn't believe I was hearing this.

He stated "how would they be able to pay everyone and keep the lights on?" I suggested that they all should be volunteers and work by candlelight. After telling him not only would I not contribute to his foundation, but I would find a way to let everyone know about it.

I hope this prevents someone from donating to a real scam.

Oct 16, 2010
My donations are for our veterans
by: Anonymous

I'm a widow of a vietnam vet, a sailor & I want to thank you for the information.

They will not get my money.

Oct 16, 2010
Texas is on the call list
by: Jayne Bordelon

I too got tired of the phone ringing so I answered it this morning.

I told the caller I'd never heard of this Foundation. And like everyone else on this post, said I'd make a contribution.

Then I was sent to the 'secretary' who first called me 'Jill' and then wanted me to give her a credit or debit card. I said, no that she would have to send the information to me so I could be sure I had the money. She made me promise I'd send the money immediately. Hum. So I looked FAV up and found all these posts.

I work for a non-profit and our administrative cost is 10% and probably could be lower. What a shame organizations like FAV make it difficult to raise money. Our organization raises money locally and provide our services locally.

Shame on Foundation for American Veterans, you should be put in jail.

Oct 15, 2010
Repeated Calls from FAV
by: Anonymous

I finally answered the telephone after REPEATED calls from FAV.

The man I spoke to assured me it was NOT him calling, it was the computer.

I was given the "talk" and agreed to donate $30. Was transferred to person wanting my credit card way would I do that so I was mailed a pledge card.

Then I started thinking of the donation I made under similiar circumstaces to the Breast Cancer Foundation to help women who could not afford mammograms. Unfortunately, I didn't check BCF before sending $50.

Thankful for all of your posts and the information about how much money is actually donated to our veterans.

And the man who took my pledge even had the gall to tell me that God would bless me for thinking of Texas Veterans.

Shame on these bogus money collectors. FAV says they are a 501(c)19) Charity. Check it out.

Oct 11, 2010
A fair share
by: 100% Disabled American Veteran

The Foundation For American Veterans called me today for the second time, asking if I had received my information package. I did and started an online review of their organization.

It seems the majority of cash collected does not go directly to American Veterans. Some says as little as 6% others 11%.

In either case I can not support this organization and will make every effort to advise the consumer protection people of the State of Florida to investigate to ensure they get a fair assessment and American Veterans get a fair share.

Oct 05, 2010
Random Thoughts
by: Anonymous

"I wonder yet whether changing my phone number to a new, UNlisted one would have been of help, or would it have been just an extra expense."

It might help. Some states have laws that prohibit telemarketers from dialing unlisted numbers but enforcement is difficult. If your unlisted number ever got on a sold mailing list, chances are you'd start getting calls again.

Some of the laws - including the FTC's Do Not Call list - exclude nonprofits and political organizations. Being on the Do Not Call list will not stop calls from charities. Most reputable charities will honor a request to remove your number if you ask them to do so. Charities with questionable practices are not likely to honor such requests.

According to a study by the Hartford Courant, National veterans' charities are more than twice as likely to use paid fundraisers than other charities. My advice is to find a local charity that provides services to veterans and service members in your community and donate to them.

Oct 04, 2010
Callers yelled on the phone
by: Ken Tak

When they called me, and I said no thank you, the man on who called YELLED at me over the phone "WHY NOT?"

I do not donate due to scare tactics.

How do I get off their call list? They never answer the phone.


Ken, if you can't get an answer, and there's no opportunity to leave a message as Paul did by calling at 11:30 p.m., then you have a couple of options. If you received anything from them in the mail, you can write them and tell them to take you off both their mailing and telephone lists. If you don't have an address for them, you can call your local phone company and tell them you'd like to file a harrassment complaint. Or go to their web site and see if there's an online complaint form you can use.

Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out.

Oct 02, 2010
Followup on phone harassment
by: Paul Wilson

OK, an update.The harassment is over ! Verizon wasn't called, and I didn't need to be rude tho you told readers how.

The two warning messages I left on those scam charities' answering machines did the job. I called on 9-30 and left the same message, and the "Children's Cancer Fund of America" stopped phoning me after that. Because the FAV continued to ring my phone the next day, they got a follow up warning on 10-1.

The phone didn't ring at all on 10-2 and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I am, however, still watching, so to speak. I think it's over and done with, tho ... I doubt, however, whether Verizon would have been much help. I am on a DO NOT CALL anti-telemarket list.

I noted that the pledge cards for both resembled one another in many ways.

I wonder yet whether changing my phone number to a new, UNlisted one would have been of help, or would it have been just an extra expense.

I have a folder on "unwanted charities" mostly those that resorted to these phone solicitation tactics, instead of the postal services that I would just ignore. This phone hassling has turned me off, even the ones I used to give to.

Take care now ! Ciao !

Thanks for the update, Paul. As we mentioned in an earlier response, charitable organizations are not obligated to honor the Do Not Call Registry, but for-profit organizations soliciting on their behalf are.

Oct 01, 2010
Phone Harrassment
by: Paul Wilson

I am preparing to call Verizon in regards to phone harassment by "Foundation for American Veterans". They are using the telephone now to extract coerced pledges out of people they contact.

Because I will not keep a pledge of $20 I made under duress (I am weak at turning down appeals made in person or on the phone -I prefer using a message or e-mail or a letter), they persist in phoning me several times every day. I will not pick up the phone if their number or a certain other scam charity's appears (caller ID), and they never leave a message on my answering machine.

I had to call them about 11:30 p.m. (to avoid getting a personal answer) and warn them to stop calling. I did this twice, but it doesn't seem to work.

I hope Verizon will read them the Riot Act!

I no longer give to ANY charity because of this behavior. I have requested in the past that (1)this is a 1-shot donation, and (2) my name is not to be swapped around. This no longer seems to be observed.

We often wonder why charity solicitors don't realize that such behavior is counter-productive, and rather than generating donations, it generates enemies who vow to never give them a penny.

Please let us know what kind of results you get from Verizon.

Sep 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

My story is the same as the rest!

I hope to make a small impact on FAV's money source by constructing a WARNING email, with links and the proverbial "pass this on" mantra, and sending it to all my address book contacts!

I'm not one to support viral emails, but I've found that folks tend to get behind a cause that reveals the truth about the fleecing of America and, more importantly, the exploitation of our Servicemen and Veterans!

If we all took a few minutes to do the same we might be able to spread the word! Then again, I may just be kidding myself!

Sep 29, 2010
Shame on FAV
by: Anonymous

I am a solicitor that works on behalf of the fav and right now I'm embarrassed to claim this stuff!!....

I'm a person with a good heart and to find out I've been lying to these sweet people makes me sick to my stomach...

I hear horror stories all day about how people are losing their homes and they can't Feed their families and here I come dam near forcing them to give their last to a bogus charity.

The atmosphere at acs is sickening...all the upperlevel employees are massive kool-aid drinkers that only care about the little money their making. They are all a bunch of heartless losers.

They know the truth but still walk around like we're really doin something good, but in reality were scamming the generous kind hearted people of america...

Shame on ACS and shame on the FAV.

Sep 24, 2010
i was hoping for a good review
by: bobse of so. californnia

thanks a lot for all the comments and information. we need to pass this around to let everyone know what's going on.

i had quite a few phone calls from this org in the last couple of months, until my wife answered the phone by mistake

just like the rest of you i'm a veteran as well and compelled to make a donation to the cause but for some reason, my gut is telling me something else.

plus, 20 cents on every dollar is not enough for our disabled brothers in arms.

Sep 23, 2010
Gave to FAV last year but not this year
by: Steve

I gave to Foundation for American Veterans last year without checking them out.

I actually had a good conversation with the solicitor that said he was a Vietnam veteran. Since I was in Vietnam in 1970 we actually had a pretty good but short conversation about a few of our experiences.

I received the same call to donate again this year. Another Vietnam veteran on the line? When I told him I was also a Vietnam veteran there was no chit-chat.

It's sad to think these soliciting veterans (if they are veterans) are also being scammed.

No veteran I know would support FAV if they knew about such a poor return on the buck.

Sep 16, 2010
So, who do we give to for the veterans?
by: Anonymous

I, like everyone else, had promised a donation to this foundation. After reading the comments, I would prefer to send my money to someone else. Does anyone have any legitimate charities for veterans?

Excellent question. Two we recommend who do phenomenal work are Fisher House and National Military Family Association.

There are many more, and we are working on a list of recommended veterans charities for you. When it is published, the first place it will be announced is on our blog page, so if you haven't already subscribed to our blog, please go there now and click in the right-hand column, under "Subscribe," where it says "subscribe by e-mail."

The only e-mail you will receive as a result of signing up there is e-mail announcing new information on the site. And we don't share your e-mail address with anyone. Period.

Sep 16, 2010
Over solicitation
by: Carol Nails

I was called 6 to 8 times a day till I was home and would take the call myself. I felt a little over-pressured and tried to say I cannot help out right now till they got down to a 15 dollar contribution.

Now that I checked, I will give my money to an organization that uses more than 70% for the charitable group.

I do not want to make the solicitor rich!

Sep 11, 2010
by: Navy Vet in Virginia

Got several calls, 11 in one day, from the Foundation for American Veterans without any messages.

I answered the phone on Sat morning and a guy who identified himself only as 'Jim' asked for me by name, when I refused to either, 'confirm or deny' he got aggressive and hung up refusing to give me any more information. He called back 1 hour later with the same attitude and tried to pressure me in to agreeing to a donation even implying I didn't care about the war vets. He said he represented the Virgina Chapter -- there is no Virginia Chapter listed anywhere in the public domain!

I am a Vietnam vet, my wife is a 23yr Navy Vet, she has been an administrator at the VA HQ in Wash. DC. I regularly connect with wounded vets and active duty at Walter Reed and USN Hosp Bethesda.

The high-pressure bill-collector-like tactics are not needed for legitimate organizations. --- make your own decision.

Sep 09, 2010
FAV Almost Got Me
by: Anonymous

I received a call from FAV this morning and, like the rest of you, felt a little funny about it. I normally pick-up the phone and the quickly hang up. Sometimes, they get the message.

I said I would TRY to send them something and then when the supervisor got on the line, she asked how much I had PROMISED! I told her not so fast, I didn't promise anything.

After I hung up, I went straight to Google and found this site. Needless to say, FAV will get an empty envelope back from me!

Thanks so much for the info.

S. Cook

Sep 08, 2010
Not Giving FAV Any Money
by: Angela, CA

I received a call from FAV also, and even though I don't know of any veterans myself, I wanted to support our troops.

They called a few days later to follow up on it and I told them I wanted to check them out first before I sent the check.

I was just paying my bills a short time ago and I was going to write my check... Glad I checked first.

They will not be getting a check from me. I will find another organization to donate to.

Sep 07, 2010
They almost got us.
by: m.yager

Same story as everyone else.

FAV used the guilt trip on my wife. We received the pledge card today and I found this site on google, glad I did.

No soup($) for you FAV! How low can can the scammers go? Thank you for exposing this scam.

Sep 07, 2010
FAV tried to get us too!!
by: Anonymous

Like others we got the call, got the letter, looked them up and now know the truth.

Thanks for the knowledge and God Bless our fighting men and women.

Aug 31, 2010
Same Story
by: Katie

My story is about word for word with others here.

What made me google them is that someone from the organization called me and asked me, "just what about the first call made me agree to give."

I thought that was very strange indeed. As though they were perfecting their skills.

So, I found you at this site. Thank you.

Aug 30, 2010
I Thought It Might Be a Scam
by: Nathan

My name can be added to the list of those who were contacted by telephone for a gift to the "Foundation for American Veterans".

I felt immediately after the telephone contact that it might be a scam! I am grateful to those who have sent in their comments on this scam.

Thank you for making this information widespread.

E-7, USN

Aug 29, 2010
Glad to find THIS site!
by: J. Mills, Wyoming

I had a "feeling" about the phone call from FAV requesting a donation, and then when the envelope arrived and did not refer me to a foundation website where I could choose to pay by credit card, that feeling became stronger.

So I did a quick Google search and landed here. What a shame!

I wrote a short note to the FAV about what I now know, changed the "amount of donation" to zero, and returned the envelope with a request to take me off their lists. =(

Aug 26, 2010
Shame on people who scam Vets
by: Angry 1970 Veteran

I received a phone call last week from someone who was asking for a donation for the Foundation for American Veterans.

Me being an x-vet myself, I really wanted to help out, but like so many of our vets, I'm disabled and on a fixed income.

I asked the person on the phone how much of each dollar goes to support our veterans and was transferred to a supervisor who assured me that 80% of every dollar donated goes to our vets.

I agreed to make a $40 donation based on that information. Today I received the invoice for the $40 and decided to check the organization out online to make sure they were on the up and up.

After reading everyone's emails, I am grateful that I decided to research the foundation before making my donation. And I'm so glad I did!

I would like to thank each of you for posting your emails to help people like me on a fixed income from falling prey to these types of scams. I believe in helping out my fellow vets but not this way!

Aug 26, 2010
Illegal Soliciting by Foundation for American Veterans
by: Ron Eastwood

I was awakened at an ungodly early hour this morning by an unnaturally cheerful "This is {name omitted) from the Foundation for American Veterans. How are you today?"

To which I replied, "Are you aware you are calling a private residence at a number listed on the national DO NOT CALL REGISTRY?"

The solicitor started to suggest that if I understood and cared about our brave veterans I should not be bothered by a call even if I am on the list. I asked for his supervisor. He hung up. There was no number on my caller I.D.

In my opinion this is at least a shady group and I suspect they are violating the law.

Ron, thanks for writing. We know how annoying that can be!

At our house, if there's no Caller ID information, we don't answer the phone. Period. We figure if it's important, they'll leave a message.

The other thing you can do is pick up the receiver just long enough for the call to connect, then hang up again without saying anything. That should be long enough for their computer to register that the call was answered, which may stop the calls for a while.

Yes, it's rude, but it's no more rude than what they are doing. They are intruding into your day, interrupting whatever you were doing, annoying the heck out of you, and tying up your phone line with unwanted calls. (But don't take it out on the poor minimum-wage caller. Just hang up.)

My guess is that your caller was an a time zone farther east than you, and probably didn't even think about it being hours earlier where you were.

Unfortunately, charitable organizations are not required to abide by the National Do Not Call restrictions. However, according to the FTC, which operates the Do Not Call Registry, "if a third-party telemarketer is calling on behalf of a charity, a consumer may ask not to receive any more calls from, or on behalf of, that specific charity. If a third-party telemarketer calls again on behalf of that charity, the telemarketer may be subject to a fine of up to $16,000." You should keep a written record of the date and time you make the request, as well as any information shown on your Caller ID.

If there is no Caller ID, there may be services offered by your local phone company that might help you identify the phone number the call originated from, or stop further calls from that number.

More specific information on how to stop unwanted charity calls from telemarketing services is available by following the link.

Aug 25, 2010
by: Brenda

Thank you for the information, it's just what I had expected.

In addition to everyones input I found they were extremely pushy about getting my pledge paid over the phone with a credit card, which I refused more than once. She then became aggressive about my returning my pledge within two days of receipt.

Why their 501(c)3 hasn't been pulled is a shame. It makes it hard on true charities to help people when there are so many BAD APPLES out there.

Aug 23, 2010
Just canceled my pledge
by: Anonymous

I, too, made a pledge to FAV.

After receiving the envelope, I had a feeling about this "not for profit" and thankfully, I happened upon this site. It is very informative, and coming from a city that has an Air Force Base, I am so glad I didn't get "suckered" into throwing my money away.

Aug 21, 2010
red flag
by: Maureen Jones

I received the call from FAV also and almost immediately I had a funny feeling about it.

I did not agree to their amount and said I would send $10.00 and to send me something in the mail.

I decided to check it out on-line and lo and behold found out that only 6% goes to the veterans.

Just goes to show, always trust your instincts and check things out before you donate.

Sending back their envelope, basically telling them to kiss my backside!

Aug 20, 2010
Had a feeling...
by: CPalo

Guess I'm the stupid one...sent the check and checked the computer after the fact....

But now I know to never deal with them again and to request my name be taken off their list when they call me again, which you know they will since I'm on their sucker list.

Sorry we couldn't help you before you sent your check.

See our report on how to get your name removed from charity mailing lists.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Ken-CA

I received a followup call this morning from FAV to see if I had received the statement for my pledge of $20.

Did research on FAV, marked the statement SCAM and sent it back!

The $20 (less postage) that I saved will benefit me more than this unscrupulous outfit! I look forward to contributing to a more worthy veteran's charity.

Aug 16, 2010
Who could do this??????
by: Anonymous

I'm another (almost) victim....'something' told me to research before paying....Thank you for this site ~ AND to all who have responded!

Who could do this to our Brave service men and women? I'll use the Cypress site or a local one in my community (if I can find one!)

Spread the word or this SCAM will continue! I'm writing emails. Educate, educate, educate!

Refer to this site as proof.

Aug 16, 2010
Thanks for the info!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your info about FAV. I thought something was not right. Just a gut feeling.

We all know SOMEONE in the Military. Ask them for a name to send a package to. Or the USO.

And/Or donate your time to visit wounded veterans at your local VA hospital.

Aug 13, 2010
Sitting here with a Pledge Card...
by: Anonymous

I hardly ever answer the phone when I don't recognize the caller ID, but FAV caught me one day, and I agreed to send in $30. Even though the man I was speaking with said I didn't need to give any info on the phone, I also got transferred to someone wanting my card. First red flag. I said No Way!

When the Pledge Card came I sat on it. Something didn't feel right so I intended to look them up online before I wrote the check. Then the relentless calls started...did you get the card, when are you going to be able to send in the check, etc. They were calling every other day and when I didn't answer, they would call over and over within minutes. At this point, they are pissing me off.

Just now I decided I better look them up before they start calling again tomorrow, so I could either write the check or be ready to tell them to take a hike. So glad I did. Thanks for the info, CAN'T WAIT for them to call tomorrow (and I know they will).

Aug 10, 2010
Where does the money go?
by: Anonymous

According to the FAV organization's IRS-990 for 2008, $3.1 million went to the paid telemarketers who make the calls. Another $1+ million went to "Billers/Collectors." The president had reportable compensation of $80,417 and the secretary-treasurer had reportable compensation of $251,250. The rest of the "administrative" costs were rent, accounting fees, travel, legal fees, etc.

You can go to the and search for a nonprofit's IRS-990 (it's the nonprofit equivalent of a 1040 form). It will tell you how the organization used the money it received. Sometimes it paints a not so pretty picture.

Aug 10, 2010
Thanks for exposing this scam
by: Anonymous

Like many of you, I too received a call from the Foundation for American Veterans in Michigan. Here I am at my desk about to write the check, and had a last minute thought to go online and check out this company. That brought me to this page.

I will NOT be sending my check to FAV. I work two jobs, and ironically enough one of those jobs happen to be at my local Veteran of Foreign Wars Post.

Please don't let these scammers take your money for a cause they aren't helping. If you want to help, go visit some of the vets at the V.A. Hospitals, let them know we care and they are not forgotten, say a prayer for those fighting today, and keep POW's/MIA's in your memories.

Aug 09, 2010
Fnd. for American Veterans
by: Hugh Jorgan,Jr.

They only give 11% of thier donations collected to vets!!!

Where does the other 89% of my donation go to???

How much are the salaries of these guys anyway?

Aug 09, 2010
Rather give locally
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for making me aware. I live close to a military base and would rather take my money directly there or to the local Vet Center or VA hospital or outpatient clinic. Thanks.

Aug 07, 2010
Thanks For Showing the FAV SCAM
by: Anonymous

My wife received a call this AM requesting a donation to FAV. When she told them no, the individual came back with "oh, you don't support our troops".

I am a retired vet and know a reputable organization would never do this. After some checking, I found all of the comments about FAV.

Anyway to put FAV out of business?

The only way we know of is to make their donations dry up, but that will be hard to do, because not everyone is conscientious about checking out charities before they donate. And unfortunately, the tactics like you describe "guilt" many into giving.

Aug 04, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the information on your site regarding this bogus "NON-PROFIT" Foundation!

Their status should be revoked.

Jul 31, 2010
Something didn't sound right!
by: Anonymous

I received a call from FAV and wanted to thank our veterans for everything they do for us on a daily basis.

I didn't feel comfortable after I had agreed to donate, when they handed the phone call off to someone else who asked for a credit card or checking account number to do an electronic fund transfer. That right there made me suspicious!!

I am glad I researched the web and found that this organization should not be supported!!

Thank you!

Jul 30, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I got my pledge card a few days ago. Last night I got a call from them to verify I had received it. Today I was just about to make out a check but decided to look up this charity on the internet. Really glad I did.

I will not be sending my donation to FAV. Donations are not as easy to make as they used to be for a lot of us. I certainly want to be sure any monies I can afford are going to an organization that is really helping someone besides themselves.

Thanks to all of you.

Jul 29, 2010
Not Much for Program Services
by: Anonymous

I have access to a web site that provides an analysis of a charities activities based on their IRS Form 990 (a charity's equivalent of a 1040 tax form). According to the analysis of the Foundation for American Veterans 2008 IRS-990, FAV spent:

$3,121,404 on fundraising,
$1,400,626 on administration, and only
$619,442 on program services

So they spent more than 7 times as much on fundraising and administration as they did on their actual program services. They'll never get a dime of my money.

Jul 28, 2010
Your money to fundraisers

I have been receiving hang-up calls from 1-866-842-1465. Since I have no connection whatsoever with any veteran organization and am just an ordinary citizen with a telephone, it was easy for me to see that this is mainly a scam.

I am disgusted that this is in the name of veterans. I would like a job like theirs, pocketing 90% of the funds of a "charitable organization" for American veterans, and spending my alleged fund-raising time inventing fiction to fool people who just want to honor veterans in some way.

Jul 28, 2010
Thank You
by: Anonymous from CT

I was receiving phone calls from FAV for days on end until I finally answered. I was given their pitch on who they are and what they stand for. With my father, a decorated US Army veteran having recently passed away, I agreed to send in a $35 donation.

As I was sitting here, JUST ABOUT TO FILL OUT THE CHECK, I thought about how their rep had pressured me to do the transaction over the phone. This moved me to google your site and just check for myself. After reading your info and the posts of others, needless to say, no money for FAV from me.

Thank you for your valuable service. My hearts go out to the vets who are shortchanged by these organizations. I will look for a more reputable group to honor my dad and the rest of our vets.

Jul 27, 2010
Thanks everyone
by: Dave G

I received a call some weeks ago, and was told first that they would expect nothing over the phone, but if I could pledge anything, they would send me a pledge card.

I got handed over on the phone to someone else, who immediately asked for my credit card. I refused, she asked then for my checking account info (saying "we can do electronic checks").

I replied no thank you, I prefer to pay through the mail.

Thank you all for these comments, I just tore up their pledge card, and quite frankly, would love them to call me back.

My Grandfather and my father were vets. I wanted to do something in their honor. Thankfully, I found these posts and didn't waste my money.

Jul 23, 2010
When will this organization be investigated?
by: Lois

I also received a phone call with a very appealing request for money.

It seems this organization would use every bit of the $20.00 they finally agreed for me to donate for a care package for one of our solders overseas.(they really wanted that credit card # which I refused to give them). How can one even on a small S.S. income resist such a request for our kids over there? (We are the ones who remember our country as it once was and love the good ole USA and appreciate the sacrifices they are making for us and our children.)

I doubt if there are many seniors who will go to the trouble of looking this outfit up, so many will be scammed when they can hardly afford to pay their own bills.

I think we should all contact our representatives about this organization. Something needs to be done!

Jul 21, 2010
FAV is harassing me like a collection agent!
by: Kathy

Like most of the commenters above, something struck me as fishy about this organization.

They have been calling me EVERY DAY to follow up on the donation. I would not give them a credit card number over the phone. I'm sure their callers are in some boiler room somewhere.


While the national Do Not Call registry does not apply to charities, you CAN ask an individual charity to put you on THEIR Do Not Call list.

If you feel you are being harassed, I would recommend answering one of their calls and asking politely for them to put your number on their Do Not Call list. They must honor your request.

Jul 21, 2010
Suspicious in VA
by: Debbie

I received my phone call from FAV last night. Most of the time I don't answer a call from numbers I don't recognize but I did this time.

After being passed off to the caller's "secretary", I was asked which credit card I would be paying with. I told her that I don't give my credit card info to anyone that calls me and for them to send me a pledge card, which she said they would.

I'm glad I took the time to look them up on the internet to find out just how much our troops get. This so-called charity needs to be investigated and shut down!!

Jul 16, 2010
FAV: Sounded bad from the start
by: Anonymous

Just got my call this morning. The pitch was really good and I almost fell for it. My son-in-law just touched down at Dulles this AM returning from Afghanistan.

I am a vet and am familiar with the good charities that support the vets. Had never heard of this one so after I told them to send me a pledge card, I decided to check them out. Glad I did, and thanks to all who have posted before me.

I will return their pledge card along with a note explaining why I will never donate to them and why I will pass along my "DO NOT DONATE TO FAV" recommendation to all of my friends both vets and non-vets.

You really gotta hate an organization like this!

Jul 13, 2010
Checking it out
by: Anonymous

This is the only time I have researched a charity before sending my money.

Something about this organization didn't seem "kosher" when I received the multitude of calls from them, only one of which I answered.

I have cancelled my pledge for the reasons others have stated, preferring to give my dollars to charities where a FAIR SHARE goes to the charity and not exclusively to the staff.

I hope that FAV will learn from its mistakes or simply close its doors.

Jul 06, 2010
a not so smart scam artist
by: Anonymous

you are another stinking scam. i wish i could kick your sorry asses. i am x-navy and would love an opportunity to hang you from the tail of my F-14 tomcat and drop you louses in the bay of tonkin.

Jun 30, 2010
Status of Foundation for American Veterans
by: Anonymous

I was solicited for a donation of $50, $40, $30,
by telephone. pledged $0.00 and then decided I wanted to check out the Foundation for American Veterans.

I did not think enough of the solicited funds were used for actual veterans help, less than 50%. I felt it was not a good cause and want to get out of the pledge. Can you check into this and see what I can do.

If you felt you were pressured into agreeing to a pledge, just ignore the invoice when you receive it.

Jun 30, 2010
Thanks for your website
by: Lisa in VA

Like many of the previous writers, I too was about to send a check but hesitated and decided to check it out on the web. First by checking BBB's website which showed they weren't disclosing financial documents which was the first red flag and then the Google search which brought me here.

It is so sad that there are so many scams out there that it makes me so skeptical about them all...

Jun 24, 2010
Cold call smelled bad!
by: Jean

I got a cold call at 8 pm last Sunday. I was promised a mailing so I could see what I was dealing with.

I also had the "pleasure" of being passed on to a rude young woman who wanted to know which credit I was paying with. The question smelled bad - so I told her it was none of her business.

Today I received the mailing, went to trusty Google, and found all of you. What would I do without Mr Google? Glad I did.

None of my money is going to this so-called Foundation out of Michigan.

Jun 21, 2010
Thanks for the Heads-Up
by: Anonymous

I too was ready to make a contribution to FAV - one that I really cannot afford.

I would have gladly parted with the donation were the majority of the money actually going to help veterans and their families - but 20 cents out of each dollar - no way!

Thanks for posting this information and grading the organizations. I will be sure to use your site in the future.

Jun 20, 2010
These people run other charities, too...
by: Anonymous

There's similarities in the typefaces they use on their marketing materials.

If you give to one, like I did, you get bombarded by others. One is some phony youth org, and the other is related to breast cancer. I wish I had the actual names but I threw the stuff out after I started doing research.

BEWARE. Check out every charity online before contributing.

Good advice to check out every charity before making a donation.

We think the similarities you are seeing in the marketing materials are probably because they may use the same fundraising organization. The principals of FAV are not associated with other charities, to our knowledge.

Jun 17, 2010
I Thought I Smelled a Scam!
by: Kay, California

On June 10, 2010, I received a call from Foundation For American Veterans asking for a contribution. The man said they wouldn't need any info on the phone, instead they would send a statement.

Then he turned me over to a lady who took the address and my first name. I asked,"If you have my last name, how come you don't have my first name?" Her answer wasn't satisfactory.

At the end, she asked what credit card I was going to use, Visa, American Express, etc. and I said none of them. To me that was a red flag, and I have been sitting on their statement.

A lady has called me to confirm that I received it -- strange. So I decided to check it out on the internet. I won't be sending any money, thanks to all your comments.

Jun 16, 2010
Thank goodness for the Internet!
by: Paula in Arizona

We get calls all the time for "charitable donations" even though we've been on the DO NOT CALL list for ages. Luckily my husband (ex USAF)just says to them "my wife contributes at work. Goodbye" and hangs up.

Did some research this morning and found all sorts of negative feedback on the so called "Foundation for American Veterans," who called us this morning from 866-842-1465.

What a scam they are. I can only reiterate; never EVER contribute to any organization who cold-calls you. And they're clever; they can get your credit card and social security # by pretending to be legitimate and preying on your conscience to help the troops.

What a scam.


Thank you for sharing this information. Just so you know, the national DO NOT CALL registry applies only to "commercial" callers (someone trying to sell you something). It does not apply to charities.

If you don't want to be bothered by these types of calls, you can ask each organization that calls you to put you on their "do not call" list. Or if you have caller ID, just don't answer calls from numbers you don't recognize, or those with no caller ID. Let them leave a message so you can find out who is calling from the unrecognized number.

At my house, we don't answer any call from someone whose name we don't recognize, or any call that says "unknown" or "private." If the caller is that protective of his/her own privacy, they should respect mine as well. If it's important, they'll leave a message. If not, then I've just saved myself some time and aggravation.

And NEVER give your Social Security Number to someone who calls you. You don't know if they're really who they say they are. Tell them, I'm sorry, but you don't need that information, and I don't give it out over the phone. If they really do need it, let them explain why. If the reason they give does not truly require your SSN to provide the services they're providing, decline again. Then verify that they are who they say they are.

Before giving them your SSN, ask for the name of the organization and a call-back number. Go to the internet and use a reverse number directory to see who that phone number is registered to. Then call it, and see how it's answered. Do they answer with the name of the company you were given? If this this the only step you take, it could still be a scam, which is why we recommend the reverse number lookup. Also look up the name of the organization (go to its website) and see if the number listed matches the one you were given.

Unfortunately, you can't be too careful with your financial information these days.

Jun 14, 2010
Always do your research!
by: Kathleen

I was contacted via phone by FAV a few weeks ago. I thought it was odd that they seemed in such a hurry for me to make a donation. They said they could charge my credit card or debit card. I thought it was a bit odd there was so much pressure.

Thankfully, I used good judgment and asked them to send me a bill. Today I looked them up online to find various websites indicating a very small percentage of their donations go to veterans. I will choose another charity to support.

Thank you!

Jun 08, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this enlightening information regarding FAV donations.

I received a call to donate a couple weeks ago, and they sent me a form to donate. I kept putting off writing the check, and just received a follow-up call from the solicitor. So I finally wrote a check and was about to mail it but decided to research the foundation at the last minute.

After reading these comments, I ripped up the check.

Thanks again disseminating this important information.

Jun 07, 2010
by: Lynne

Thank you so much for this information. They will not be getting my hard earned money. How can organizations do this and feel right about it? I just don't get it.

Thanks, Lynne

Jun 06, 2010
It's Sad How Diligent We Now Have to Be
by: Anonymous

I, too, received a phone call, just 3 days ago, to contribute $20 towards a "care package" for currently serving members of the armed forces, which their literature states is just one of the ways my gift will be utilized.

After doing even just a little research on FAV, including all of your comments, I now realize that my whopping $4 probably doesn't amount to much by way of a care package.

I'm refusing to donate to this appalling charity and instead giving it to a more reputable organization, where I know the money will get to vets and their families!

God Bless America and keep faith that there are still organizations out there who truly care about our men and women in uniform...

If you specifically want to send care packages, we know of at least two good organizations that do that. A smaller one that could use your support is Cypress Cares (, a group in Cypress, Texas (outside Houston), started by an Army reserve veteran. Then there's Move America Forward (, which bills itself as the largest troop-support organization in the country. We know that money sent to either one will go towards packages for the troops!

May 31, 2010
Thanks for checking
by: Anonymous

Thanks to those of you who checked this group out and then reported so people like me would see it.

I too have a soft spot for our vets that include my husband and two sons. Now I know why I have hesitated to make a donation.

May 25, 2010
Real Marines don't do this.
by: Anonymous

I received a call last week from the "Foundation for American Veterans" wanting a donation.

Being a son of a WWII Marine Staff Sergeant, I told them I would donate $20.00 even though I don't have a lot of money at the moment. I did it in memory of my dad.

The letter came this week with the envelope to send the money. Just to make sure they were a real charity, I went online and found this site.

Thank You for setting me straight. They will NOT get my money.

There should be a law against this type of scam. It really is disgusting for someone to disrespect our Veterans this way.

I plan on calling them in the morning and letting them know they won't be getting my support.

Thanks again for the heads up.

Mr. C. Kitson
Cutler Bay, FL

May 11, 2010
Foundation for American Veterans Scam:
Fleecing the Public for Their Own Benefit

by: Dawn

My husband is retired Navy. This morning, after receiving a solicitation phone call from the Foundation for American Veterans, I did a little research and sent the following email to that same organization.

You should have them listed on your site to warn other Americans. This is what I sent:

"I just received a phone call from your organization @ 1-800-842-1465. I spoke with a supervisor because I wanted to know just how much out of each $1 donated actually went towards the charity and how much was spent to pay the annoying solicitors.

I was appalled to find out that only $.20 of each hard earned dollar is used to help our veterans.

I truly believe in our veterans. My father, my adopted father, my husband and two of my sons are veterans.

How can you, in good conscience, scam the American people this way?

Go ahead...send me your justification for wasting our hard earned money. Robert M. Friend is NO friend to our veterans or us.

Type in 'Charity Navigator' and read the article titled "Charities' Costs Sap Aid For Vets" from the Hartford Courant, November 10, 2005, by Matthew Kauffman, Courant Staff Writer.

The most disgusting part is where your organization flagrantly takes from the public's pocketbooks and lines Mr. Friend's pocketbook with our hard-earned money.

I quote from the article, "...this is a numbers game, and with a relentless telephone campaign, professional fundraisers in 2003 collected almost $1 million for the American Veterans Coalition and three other charities created simultaneously by Friend."

It continues: "But that dialing came at a staggering cost. Under Friend's deal with the solicitors, fundraisers pocketed 85 cents of every dollar raised. Of the money left over, half was spent on printing and administrative costs, including the rented mailbox that served as the charities' official address. The other half, Friend paid in salaries to himself and his wife. And money spent on food, shelter or clothing for those desperate veterans? $0."



I am sending this same email to other organizations that monitor charity solicitors. I hope they cut you off at the knees! You and your organization are a traitor to our veterans and their families! Traitors should be drawn and quartered at a public viewing.

Good luck trying to explain your side of things at Judgment time.

From an enraged U.S. citizen"

Let us quickly clarify that FAV is not one of Mr. Friend's organizations, but was just mentioned in the same report.

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