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by Navy Wife

As you said, Kate Middleton will not have the financial strain of many military families, but she does share our concern for our husbands' safety, and the loneliness when he is gone.

She also has the added loneliness that comes from the isolation of not being able to discuss her problems or worries with other military wives. That is a great support system, and unfortunately, she will miss out on that.

Hopefully, she will make military families one of the causes she champions as a princess. William and Harry are both very mindful of the sacrifices being made by British troops, and it would be nice for Kate to advance the concerns of military families.

Thank you for seeing this military spouse connection to the royal wedding. I would never have thought of Kate Middleton, now Mrs. Prince William, as a military wife!

Welcome, Kate! I can now say I have something in common with you!

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