World's Most Famous Military Spouse

In Westminster Abbey today, Kate Middleton became the world's most-famous military spouse, as she married Britain's Prince William and became Her Royal Highness Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

While the royal status of her husband clearly sets her apart, and insulates her from the money worries faced by many military spouses, the new Mrs. William Wales shares many things in common with every other military wife. She will likely worry about her husband's safety whenever he goes on a mission, just like the rest of us. She will also experience lonely nights when he is away, as has every other military wife before her.

The royal couple reportedly has chosen to live as normal a life as possible (under the circumstances), with no household staff, doing their own grocery shopping and cooking their own meals. They are renting a 1500 sq. ft. cottage in Anglesey, near Prince William's base. Many an Army wife (Air Force wife, Navy wife, Marine wife) can relate to living in a 1500 sq. ft. cottage.

The new military spouse has already shown her understanding of deference to her husband's career. I noticed as they made the carriage ride from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace, every time Prince William saluted other military personnel, Kate bowed her head in deference until he dropped his salute. We can all relate to taking a back seat to our husband's careers.

We'd like to welcome Kate Middleton to the worldwide sisterhood of military wives, and wish the newly married couple every happiness in their new marriage.

Words of Welcome for the World's Most Famous Military Spouse

Although her life will be far different from most military spouses, the wife of Britain's Prince William will share much in common with those of us who love a man in the military.

Please share your words of welcome to Kate Middleton, as she joins the sisterhood of military wives.

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Welcome to the World of Military Wives 
As you said, Kate Middleton will not have the financial strain of many military families, but she does share our concern for our husbands' safety, and …

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