USAA Financial Center
Open in San Diego

A USAA Financial Center is now open in Mission Valley East to provide face-to-face personal service to the thousands of military members and families living in the San Diego area. The Center is located at 2431 Fenton Parkway.

There, USAA members can open a USAA checking account, obtain a USAA auto insurance policy, and take advantage of other USAA services. ATMs are also available to withdraw cash and make deposits to USAA banking accounts.

Business Hours

Regular business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. The center is closed on Sundays.

Other Locations

The first USAA Financial Center is located just up the road in Oceanside, California, and has received enthusiastic response from local USAA members.

In addition to the new San Diego location, USAA Financial Centers are now open in Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg), and in Clarksville, TN (near Fort Campbell).

USAA Membership and Services

USAA Membership has recently been opened to all those who have honorably served in America's armed forces. So if you have not yet joined, take advantage of USAA membership today.

USAA is well-known as one of the top car insurance companies in the country, with competitive auto insurance rates and outstanding policy service.

A fairly new service offered is USAA Auto Circle, which enables you to shop for, finance and insure your next auto online, even on your smart phone. USAA has pre-negotiated prices with a select group of auto dealers, so there's no haggling and no hassle. All you have to do at the dealer is pick up your new car.

And a companion service, USAA Home Circle, allows you to shop for, finance and insure your new home online as well.

USAA also offers financial planning services, provided by no-commission certified financial planners.

For additional information about USAA products and services, check out the USAA web site.

A member of our household has been a USAA member since 1967, and we wholeheartedly recommend their products and services.

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