by Russ Anderson
(Galesburg, IL USA)

Russ writes:

These men are heroes in every sense of the word. They did their job and did it professionally and efficiently. Whether or not this godless heathen got hit is beside the point and should not even be a factor.

Why is the government prosecuting these SEALs while protecting the rights of our enemy? He is a terrorist and deserves no rights.

Let these American heroes go free to capture more of these godless heathens.


Thank you for writing in support of the three Navy SEALs facing courts-martial following their heroic capture of a most-wanted terrorist.

Prosecutions such as these make a laughing stock of our government. The current administration announces it will bring the 9/11 terrorists to NYC for a federal trial, affording them the rights granted to American citizens by our Constitution. It reads Miranda rights to the Christmas bomber, affording him the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

Instead, it should declare these men to be the enemy combatants they are, responsible for the murder and attempted murder of thousands of innocent American civilians. These thugs should be tried by a military tribunal, as other war criminals have been throughout our history.

Yet, while affording Constitutional rights to terrorists, the Obama administration prosecutes these heroic Navy
SEALs for capturing a HVT (high-value target), responsible for the heinous murder and desecration of 4 American civilian contractors.

No wonder the terrorists are laughing at us! The current administration looks like the latest episode of the Keystone Cops.

What about you? Do you agree that these three Navy SEALs should be prosecuted for claims that one of them punched this terrorist in the gut, hours after his capture, while he was in U.S. custody? Or do you believe that this is another stunt, taken directly out of the terrorists' training manual, designed to de-moralize our troops, and that we should Free the SEALs?

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