SEALs Prosecution is Appalling

by Debbie Lee
(America's Mighty Warriors)

My son Marc was the first Navy SEAL who gave his life in Iraq

My son Marc was the first Navy SEAL who gave his life in Iraq

Debbie Lee writes:

I am appalled and disgusted at the charges against our SEALs for having given a HVT (High Value Target) "a fat lip."

I have heard stories first-hand from SEALs who, after detaining a terrorist, have observed the terrorists bang their faces against the vehicle to make it look like they were beaten. Then they report that they were beaten.

Do people understand what a High Value Target is? Those are the worst of the worst terrorists who have planned terrorist attacks, killed and tortured innocent people. These are mass murders.

Our brave warriors who were willing to give their lives to capture this guy are being "accused" of giving him a fat lip? I would have given him more than a fat lip!

The rules of engagement that have been enacted since Obama took office require that if there are women or children anywhere in the area and our troops are being fired on, they cannot return fire but must turn and run! It's amazing that our troops can even get close enough to detain the enemy with these ROE.

We are at war, not on a preschool playground. Let our warriors do what they do best.

We should be singing their praises for capturing one of the worst radical terrorists, and instead they are removed from the battlefield and placed on trial in a courtroom, incurring huge legal costs.

Sounds like the terrorist strategy won on this one!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with our readers about the prosecution of these three Navy SEALs.

Knowing that your son Marc gave his life in Iraq in 2006, we can only imagine how disheartening it must be for you to see his fellow SEALs being court-martialed after capturing this man.

Readers, Debbie Lee is a remarkable woman we are proud to call our friend. Since Marc's death, she has dedicated her time to supporting our nation's warriors. She even made a trip to Iraq to show support for our troops, and while there, donned body armor and a kevlar helmet to walk down the street where her son gave his life to permit the evacuation of a friend who was seriously wounded. She has created her own non-profit foundation to continue her work in supporting our troops. Please pay a visit to its web site, America's Mighty Warriors, and read Marc's stirring last letter home. Grab a hanky first.

We've written several pages about this amazing woman and her equally remarkable son. You can read more about Marc and Debbie on these pages:

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Comments for SEALs Prosecution is Appalling

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I concur!!!
by: Ken Delfino

If ANYONE has a right to express their feelings on this issue, Debbie Lee is that person!

I've met other parents who have lost sons serving in SEAL and SF units and they are in this category as well.

We MUST inflict terror upon terrorists for this is an EXPECTATION of our heathen enemies.

Because of American compassion of one of our SEALs, we lost 19 men on one mission in Afghanistan.

I do not envy the position our men are in with having to watch for the ACLU and promotion-hungry, headline-seeking JAG officers looking to make names for themselves.

It is extremely frustrating and NOT ONE OF THESE TERRORIST DESERVE (let alone are entitled to) THE PROTECTION OF OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! Unfortunately, we have a president and his AG who apparently do not know this...or do know AND DON'T CARE!

I am with you 110% on this Debbie.

God Bless You and keep up the good fight.
Ken Delfino
Colfax, CA
RivDiv 533, TF-116
United States Navy (RET)

Thank you, Ken, for sharing your thoughts with us.

As a former Navy JAG prosecutor, I believe it highly unlikely that these prosecutions have anything to do with a JAG officer "trying to make a name for him/herself."

The JAG who has to try the case may not have been involved in the preparation of the charge sheets at all, especially in this case, where the investigation was presumably conducted in Iraq and the trial is convened in Norfolk. There would have been a JAG officer at the convening command that provided advice to the commander as to the appropriate charges, and maybe a JAG providing guidance to NCIS during the investigation, but their name(s) are unlikely to ever be associated with this case. The names associated with the case would be the trial and defense counsel.

Military prosecutors do not have the same prosecutorial discretion that federal prosecutors do. The charge sheets, when they come from a command with a JAG assigned, are usually completed before the prosecutor ever sees them. The staff JAG may consult with a trial counsel (prosecutor) in preparation of the charge sheets, but not necessarily, especially if the staff JAG has experience as a trial counsel.

These charges are at court-martial because the sailors involved exercised their right to refuse Non-Judicial Punishment proceedings. At that point, the command had two choices: drop it (not likely), or refer it to court-martial.

So that is why these cases are at court-martial, not because some JAG is trying to make a name for him/herself.

Other than that, I generally agree with your comments.

Ken is referring to Operation Redwing, the mission in which Lt. Michael Murphy (SEAL) earned a posthumous Medal of Honor. One SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, survived. His book about it is "Lone Survivor." Read about Operation Redwing and Lt. Murphy.

Stop this insanity!
by: Ken

I just responded to Bruce's comments, and then I saw Debbie's comments. When I pulled hers up, I found that I had already answered this!

I also had not seen the former JAG prosecutor's response to my earlier comments. I thank you for the explanation...however, I am still extremely frustrated that these three SEALs have to go through this experience when they could [should] be out in the field...doing what they do best.

Just this past Veterans Day, I attended a service at the Cupertino Veterans Memorial in Cupertino, CA. I heard about the recovery mission for our 22 warriors killed during Operation Redwing. The speakers were the two special operators who flew the Chinook that brought the bodies of our warriors back to base. My anger and frustration remains.....

For more information about Operation Redwing, please click the link above. You may also wish to read "Lone Survivor," the account written by former SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the only survivor on that horrendous day.

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