Ron Paul For President!

by renee

Ron Paul Supports Our Troops and wants to bring them home!

Peace In 08

Ron Paul For President

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Who Is Ron Paul?
by: Janet

Thank you, Renee, for kicking off our discussion. Rep. Ron Paul is a relative unknown to most of us, compared to some of the other candidates.

As the reader who kicked off the support for Ron Paul, would you share a little information with the rest of us about the man and his position on the major issues? The video tells us he wants to do away with large portions of our current government, and that he wants to bring the troops home immediately, but it doesn't tell us what he proposes instead.

I hope that you or another Paul supporter will be able to inform our readers about what he proposes to fulfill his promise of change.

More On Ron Paul
by: Anonymous

Hi Janet, thanks for having this great forum to share views on the election.

here is an update on Ron Paul

yesterday was our primary in pa and Dr Paul had so much support here! he took l6% of the vote

Here is Dr Paul on Glen Beck show

Peace In 08

Ron Paul Issues update CNN
by: renee'

Great update issues on CNN

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