Republicans awoke
a "Sleeping Giant"

by Nick Betz
(Yuma, AZ)

Nick writes:

I believe the Bush administration has awoken a "Sleeping Giant" with its Eight years of lies, deception, repression, and Unconstitutional policies and laws. This "Sleeping Giant" is composed of the Majority of Young Americans between 18 - 30 years old who typically do not vote, and most have never even registered before. There is not a poll I have seen that even takes this into account!

I've seen this audience mentioned many times as being targeted by Obama. And in case you haven't heard, Bush is not running for election this year.

I am an Arizona resident, and I know John McCain will loose this election in his own state. Don't get me wrong, McCain is a good guy, a true American, a War Hero. We all know that and that is why we elected him to office, but President is a different story. The majority of us in Arizona know that he can not be trusted with that much power!

At least we know who John McCain is and what he can be trusted to do -- and that's put America first. As we've said before, we don't agree with McCain on every issue, but we know him personally, and we know he can be trusted with the future of our country.

Do you have any idea who's pulling Barack Obama's strings? Let's see, we do know about billionaire George Soros, convicted felon Tony Rezko, unapologetic terrorist Bill Ayers, racist pastor Jeremiah Wright -- who is still lurking behind the scenes that we haven't found yet?

You're willing to trust them with that much power? We'll take McCain any day!

If you watch anything other than Fox News you know this country is in trouble, but how bad is it and why? Are you people really telling me this is not a recession at the very least if not a depression?

How many families are loosing there homes today to foreclosure? How many people have lost their jobs this year the Outsourcing Of America?

Ummm . . . sounds like you've been listening to the Bush-derangement-syndrome mainstream media. Are you one of those people who have forgotten that the DEMOCRATS have had the majority in Congress for the past two years, and things have gotten worse instead of better in that time?

All of this has one positive overtone however, it makes joining the US Armed Services the only real option available to young Americans in many areas of this Great Country.

This is garbage repeated by people who don't know what they're talking about. The US military is comprised of brave and responsible volunteers who are there because they believe in our country and our way of life, and they understand that someone has to protect it. If not them, who? Your comments are an insult to these heroes.

There are plenty of jobs out there for people who are willing to work hard. Problem is, we're having to hire people from other countries to do the "dirty jobs," because Americans think they're too good for them. I live in Arizona, too, and the only landscape crew I can get to even show up is Mexican. The Americans I've hired just fade off into the distance . . . they don't even bother to quit.

But the Democrats have led Americans to believe the government owes them a living if they can't find a job they want, that doesn't require too much of them.

I know a beautiful little girl about 6 years old whose only reason for existence is that her mother knew that in order to qualify for welfare assistance, she needed to have TWO kids. This mother doesn't care anything at all about this darling and very intelligent child, who is being raised by her GREAT-grandparents. They have to PAY the mother to baby-sit her own child if they need to go somewhere! This is their great-grandson's wife. And the mother has never even attempted to find a job. She just sits on her rear and collects her welfare checks, content with that standard of living.

Why the hell are we in Iraq anyway? I'm not saying it was a bad thing, Suddam was a bad guy. But he was not a terrorist, except maybe on the local level, but not to the USA. It makes me irate when ignorant people keep trying to make us believe Iraq had something to do with terrorism! Am I suppost to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny too?

Aren't you getting a little tired of repeating this story? Do your research. Saddam was harboring and supporting terrorism and creating instability in the Gulf region (did you forget his attack on Kuwait in Gulf War I), which is strategic to U.S. interests. Yes, we are far too dependent on foreign oil, but that's not George Bush's fault.

Where in the World is Osama Bin Ladin? This guy was public enemy number one! We went out for his head, but came back with Saddam's? Am I supposed to cheer? What, were we headed to Afghanistan but decided we should stop and
get some oil first? Were we ever really after this guy, or was the an excuse to build up our military?

Sounds like the Republicans haven't awakened this "sleeping giant" enough to get the facts. Bill Clinton was offered Osama bin Laden long BEFORE the attacks of 9/11, and said, "No, thank you, we're not interested." If Clinton had the guts to act in the best interest of America instead of worrying about his popularity, the 9/11 attacks would never have happened. And yes, after the decimation of the military by Clinton, it needed rebuilding.

While you're complaining so loudly about George Bush, you have been safe from terrorist activity inside US borders since 9/11, haven't you? Say thank you to Bush's Administration and the military. Since you live in Yuma, you have plenty of opportunity to thank a Marine or ten. History will show that Bush did a remarkable job of protecting America once we realized the extent the extremists would go to in attacking us.

We also have an Immigration issue in this country. I have an Idea that would be far superior to any in place. If the we in the US think we should be country builders, then we should start with the one in our own back yard, Mexico. We need to invade Mexico.


Every immigrant I know here from Mexico, illegal or not, has come here because because the same opportunities are not open to them Mexico. When I ask why they tell me their Government is corrupt.

Basically, if we invaded Mexico, and impose a United States modeled government Let's see -- is that the government the rest of your post rants about being so bad? and impose US Constitution and Amendments. Most Mexicans wouldn't resist the United States in this effort, and many would help us. As many as 3/4 of the 13 million illegal immigrants would return home to Mexico! This may be a bit drastic, but better than Building a Fence.

You've been elected their spokesman?

Now you've been smoking something strange. The US is not, and never has been, an empire-builder. We didn't go into Iraq to build their country -- we went in there to rout the Islamic extremists that pose a serious threat to the US homeland. And we've done a good job of it -- they're on the run to Afghanistan. The only land the US has ever sought in a foreign country is enough space to bury our dead soldiers.

Anyway, young people knowing all this, and knowing McCain supported Bush over 90% of the time, and appalled with the direction in which this great is currently moving, are sitting at their computers, printing off voter registration forms so they don't have to tolerate this crass government any longer.

Umm . . . is this the same government you say would be good for Mexico?

If only those young people "knowing this" would use those computers they're sitting in front of to do their own research and find the facts instead of believing the garbage they read on blogs and in comments from other equally uninformed people! (Try

Why don't they get off their rears and get out there to help build this country into a better place, instead of sitting on their assets and complaining while waiting for someone else to do it for them?

Here's what Dick Morris, former advisor to Bill Clinton, had to say about the "McCain voting with Bush 90% of the time" line:

"The truth is, of course, that McCain is the most unlike Bush of any of the Republican senators. (When Obama's people claim that Bush and McCain voted the same 94 percent of the time, they forget that most of the votes in the Senate are unanimous Ed: That means Obama voted the same way McCain did a majority of the time, too!.) The fact that McCain backs commending a basketball team on its victory doesn't mean that he is in lockstep ideologically with the president.

The issues on which McCain and Bush differ are legion:

• McCain fought for campaign finance reform -- McCain-Feingold -- that Bush fought and ultimately signed because he had no choice.

• McCain led the battle to restrict interrogation techniques of terror suspects and to ban torture.

• McCain went with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) on a tough measure to curb climate change, something Bush denies is going on.

• McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts when they passed.

• McCain urged the Iraq surge, a posture Bush rejected for years before conceding its wisdom.

• McCain favors FDA regulation of tobacco and sponsored legislation to that effect, a position all but a handful of Republican Senators oppose.

• McCain's energy bill, also with Lieberman, is a virtual blueprint for energy independence and development of alternate sources.

• After the Enron scandal, McCain introduced sweeping reforms in corporate governance and legislation to guarantee pensions and prohibit golden parachutes for executives. Bush opposed McCain's changes and the watered-down Sarbanes-Oxley bill eventuated.

• McCain has . . .

Please see "Sleeping Giant" below to read the rest of this post.

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a "Sleeping Giant"

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Sleeping Giant (continued)
by: Nick

Ed. - This is the continuation of Nick's original post:

* McCain has been harshly critical of congressional overspending, particularly of budgetary earmarks, a position Bush only lately adopted (after the Democrats took over Congress)."

Morris, a former political adviser to President Bill Clinton, is the author of "Outrage." To get all of Dick Morris' and Eileen McGann's columns for free by email, go to

And being that there is no other strong candidate for change I will vote for Obama, as will a crushing number of Young Americans.

America can't afford Obama's kind of "change". Please spend some time on Google and learn more about him and his plans. You can also read more about him on this site.

I hope that "crushing number" of Young Americans will wake up and use the brains their Maker gave them, and realize that they are lambs being led to slaughter if they buy the Obama campaign's shtick.

There's also a "crushing number" of conservative Americans that have traditionally been referred to as the "Silent Majority."

Well, they're Silent No Longer. And they're not going to sit back and let the Democrats destroy America and our way of life.

That's the "sleeping giant" that's being awakened this election!

Thanks, Nick, for participating in our discussion, and for giving us the opportunity to address that famous finger-pointing "90% voting" line being used by the Democrats. That's been driving us nuts. Like most of their campaign rhetoric, it is "misleading" (we're trying to be polite).

You cannot accept anything the Obama campaign says -- or the McCain campaign either -- do your own research. Find reliable sources (Hint: that does not include Keith Olbermann) and find the facts.

Obama's campaign strategy seems to be "If we repeat this stuff often enough, enough voters will be gullible enough to believe it without doing any research of their own that we might have a prayer."

If you want to shake up politics-as-usual in Washington, elect McCain / Palin. Their brand of political reform is what we need, not some mystical, undefined "change" -- orchestrated by whoever is pulling the strings.

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