Presidential associations

by Ernest Ellison, Jr.
(Bradford, TN)

Ernest writes:

In response to your allegations of associations between presidential nominees and unsavory characters, our sitting president's family is related to the Bin Laden family and no one seems to have a problem with it. That relationship is a fact, not theory, as I have seen pundits in their attempt to connect Obama to Ayers and others. If their was definite proof instead of inuendo it would have been brought to light long ago. I'm sure that the Clinton campaign and the McCain campaign enlisted the services of investigative services at great expense to find a much deeper association than the one currently being played (He served on two boards with him).

Ernest, thank you for participating in our discussion.

And thank you for helping to make our point for us. As we have been pointing out, if you've been reading our coverage of Barack Obama, there are indeed much deeper connections between Obama and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. But because of heavy mainstream media bias in favor of Obama, the connections are not being reported, except in conservative publications. We urge you to go to our Barack Obama pages to read more about Obama's connections to these radical figures, and click on the links on those pages for that "proof" you're looking for. There are a few additional posts in our blog page that are not listed there, so also check the Military Families Blog for more information.

And for why the Ayers connection matters, you might want to read The Real Obama.

We'd also like to clarify one of your assertions. The Bush family is not "related" to the bin Laden family in the way that term is normally used. There are reports of a business relationship that goes back to the days when the Bush family was in the oil business in Texas. However, it should be pointed out that the bin Laden family officially disowned Osama in 1994. The Saudi government also revoked his passport and stripped Osama bin Laden of his citizenship. So a business relationship with the bin Laden family is not a connection with Osama bin Laden, who has been ostracized from and disowned by the bin Laden family.

One of the major differences is the amount of media coverage given to the Bush-binLaden family connection, and the lack of investigation into or media coverage of the Ayers connection.

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