by Jonathan Berback

Anyone who votes for Obama is Un-American and has fallen into his one word trap - "change".

Obama says he will "redistribute the wealth." That is exactly what our economy doesn't need. He thinks he can just pull troops out of Iraq -- that would make a waste of all the progress already made.

"Change" is the word that represents the illusion he has pressed upon people. He lacks experience and ability to run our country.

Why Un-American? Just look at the people he associated with --

* Jeremiah Wright (God D*amn America),

* Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam),

* Bill Ayers (domestic terrorist whose group bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol and signed a written Declaration of War on America),

* Raila Odinga (who muscled his way into power in Kenya after losing the election and tribal violence led by his followers killed more than 1500 and left more than 500,000 homeless),

* Frank Marshall Davis (Obama's Communist mentor during his high school years)

* Saul Alinsky (founder of "community organizing" and author of Rules for Radicals) and

* Antoin (Tony) Rezko, a Syrian-born businessman named "Entrepreneur of the Decade" by the Arab-American Business and Professional Association, who helped the Obamas purchase their $1.65 million dollar home in Chicago, now awaiting sentencing after conviction on 16 felony counts of fraud, bribery and corruption charges involving kickbacks for Illinois state government contracts.

How can u vote for a man like this with a clean conscience?

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