NO Word About Sears Heroes at Home 2009

by Ronald Gebhart
(San Antonio, Texas)

How does a Soldier here at home sign up for this Sears Heroes at Home program?????

I just found out about this program - thanks for getting the word out, Sears!!!

In other words, thanks, but like most things offered, your basic Soldier has no idea, so it helps only a few who keep it to themselves.

I am not special - I am simply a man who has served our country for 24-1/2 years and I have been on a few deployments to Iraq.

SSG Ron Gebhart

SSG Gebhart,

That makes you pretty special in our book! Thank you for your service.

We appreciate your comments, letting us know that you also failed to receive any information about registering for the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry program for 2009 before it was over.

We tried diligently to get the information so we could share it with you, but to no avail.

As we said, we don't want to appear ungrateful for the efforts Sears makes to support our troops, which are many, but we feel they fell short this year on notifying people about the program, and made registering too hard.

We hope they will fix these problems before next year's program, to make it more fair for all service members to have an equal opportunity to register.

Thanks for participating in our discussion.

How about you? Have any comments about the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry 2009?

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Comments for NO Word About Sears Heroes at Home 2009

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Heard Nothing about Sears Heroes at Home
by: Noah's Momma, Williamsburg, VA

We participated in Sears' Heroes at Home program last year and it was great!!

However, I did not hear anything about the 2009 Sears Heroes at Home Gift Registry this year! I thought since we were on the list from last year that we would still be on the list this year!

I think that they need to get the word out to more people. I am upset that the year that I needed the extra help the most that I didn't see or hear anything at all!

Thanks to everyone that helped out last year! It was a wonderful gift to a family that needed it!

What about your family? Did you get the word about Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry in time to sign up? Please share your stories with us.

Your participation helps us to let Sears know they dropped the ball this year on letting our military families know when and how to register for the program.

On the other hand, if you DID get the word, please let us know that too, and tell us where you heard about it.

We Also Got No Word This Year
by: Anonymous

First I would like to thank Sears for this program. I think it is wonderful. I participated last year and was able to use it for much needed items.

This year I saw nothing about the registry and didn't even realize I would have to register again. Now it is too late to register and I am a little disappointed.

Please let me know if there are any other ways to register. If it is not full I would love to participate again.

Dear Disappointed,

Unfortunately, the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry for 2009 is closed for registration, and they are now accepting donations for the program.

It appears that each year the program starts anew, and you must register each year. That's really the only way to be fair, and to maximize the opportunity for more military families to participate.

Thank you for sharing your story. We hope that by giving you an opportunity to do so, we can let Sears know that they did an inadequate job of getting the word out to military families this year.

And thanks for participating in our conversation.

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