Sears Heroes at Home Not Fair!!

by A Sad Military Family

In a year where many needed it most, we got no word at all about this great program! We got word last year through my husband's command. They already had our info, why not send us an email?

So incredibly sad for a lot of military families!

Sears should open it up again to let us register. Should have spread the word like last year, Sears and DoD!

From a sad military family

Dear Sad,

We are with you in wondering why Sears made it so difficult for military families to find out about the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry 2009 and get sign-up info. Why didn't they answer our direct inquiries? Why didn't the e-mail address they had on their own site work?

We can understand that they may not have wanted to contact the same people that successfully registered last year. It would take some effort to send out those e-mails, and it wouldn't be fair to notify only those people who participated last year. The fair thing to do would be to notify everyone by spreading the word as widely as possible and give everyone an equal opportunity to participate.

We appreciate the effort to include military bloggers, but restricting the announcement to some military bloggers and not others was unfair, as was making the announcement ONLY through bloggers.

Despite searching online (and we're VERY good at finding info online) including the Sears web site, for more than two weeks, we found only one blog that had information about the program.

It noted that if the Sears page said the registry was closed, you should try again the next day, because it was only open certain daylight hours. Amazingly, those hours corresponded to the times when military members would be either at work, or on their way to work (0600 to 1600). So if both spouses work, the only way they could register for the program was to do so online at work! And most employers prohibit that sort of internet activity at work.

We don't even know if the Sears web site can be accessed from a DoD computer. Maybe one of our readers could try it from work and let
us know if it can be done.

The looming question is WHY did they make it so much harder this year for people to find out about the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry 2009? Why not spread the word far and wide so that everyone who was eligible had the same opportunity to register?

Something just doesn't feel right about this. Unless you happened to read the right blog, there was no way to find out about it - look at all our efforts to contact Sears about it!

Why wasn't the announcement made through the chain of command and major news outlets, like last year? After all, the unit is most likely to know which of its members need this assistance the most.

Like you, we appreciate the things Sears does to support our military, but we think they seriously dropped the ball on this one. If it was their ad agency who was in charge of distributing this information, I'm afraid they created more bad publicity than good for Sears with this move.

We also want to thank all those who donate to the program to make Christmas a little brighter for those military families who were fortunate enough to find out about the program in time to get registered.

If the information at the Sears site is correct, and more than $2 million has been raised to help 20,000 families, that works out to about $100 per family.

Instead of limiting the Wish Registry to 20,000 families, why not set a dollar limit per family (say $100), and reach as many families as possible, as far as the money would go. That way, if $4 million is raised, 40,000 families could be helped to the tune of $100 each.

We realize that in today's expensive times, $100 doesn't go very far, but wouldn't it be better to help 40,000 families a little than to spend $200 per family on 20,000 families and leave another 20,000 with nothing (that's assuming $4 mil is raised)?

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Heroes at Home - Thank You Sears
by: Amy, Oak Harbor, WA

We participated in Sears' Heroes at Home Wish Registry in 2008 and it was amazing! It really helped us out.

Last year we looked high and low but found nothing about how to sign up for the Heroes at Home program for 2009.

I seriously doubt 20,000 families signed up in that 11-hour time frame.

It seems like Sears would like to keep up their public image by saying they support the troops without actually having to do so.

I would just like to know where those donations went??

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