Negative Campaign Tactics

by Mary

Mary writes:

I think that for too many years the two-party system in the United States has been failing the people, turning them against one another in elections, creating a mood of aggression and resentment. This is counterproductive to achieving the goals by either party.

Today given the circumstance in our nation it is unwise to keep fueling this agenda. The negative tone in the election is uncalled for and I personally object to such tactics being used.

With the economy down, fuel prices too high, health care out of reach for the average family, education also suffering, the war being waged in Iraq, people still recovering from great personal losses due to storms and fires, our good men and women making ultimate sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems awfully petty for these candidates to be resorting to such low class mud slinging.

It would be wonderful if the issues were the basis for running and answers were the clear and precise responses that would aid in people being able to make an educated choice between candidates. Get back to what a democracy really is and make us great again to the people and to the world.

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