I will vote for someone
we really need

by Harry Mikulecky

Although i really dislike Hillary Clinton, do not want to vote for her, but frankly, I have to.

She more likes our family - our mother, our sister and our daughter, she works hard and has lots of experience collected from her past life.

But seems our people do not like to give our power and our family to operte by her only because she is smarter than ours, but to give it to a person outside.

My concern is does Obama really care about us? He was born in Indonesia, got his education in USA, and brought up like a white man ( sorry, i am not a racist)...had worked as lawyer, he is much more charming, handsome of course....from the deep of my heart, his rhetoric masked a paucity of policies and speeches make me feel he is really out of my family.

We lost too many when this country was reined by a stupid guy without knowledge and wisdom to manage the government, do we want to lose more when we decide to give this country to another freshman?

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we really need

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Clinton - NO - McCain - YES
by: Anonymous

Hillary Clinton is like her husband in several respects, but mostly in that she only does things that help Hillary and does not care what the impact is on anyone else. She watches the polls intently and develops her position on the issues from there.

Her so-called experience has no real merit; she lived in the White House for eight years, but everything Bill let her do, she messed up, like the health care debacle.

We need a President who can lead us in the war on terror that is ongoing and will still be the primary threat to our way of life well into the next presidency and beyond.

John McCain is the right person to meet this challenge; he has the real world experience, the integrity and the courage to lead our troops and our nation today.

John McCain is the only candidate with the right qualifications in this election!

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