I Am a Veteran

Written By Kenny "D"

I am a Veteran

I have marched on foreign soil,
And stood in harms way.
I have answered the call to duty,
And served my country day by day.
I have endured the separation,
Of my family and my friends.
I have done what was asked of me,
And would do it all again.
I stand tall to serve my country,
And my loyalty you will learn.
I protect our life and liberty,
So that someday we return.
To the country I love so dearly,
And the loved ones I protect.
I am willing to give the sacrifice,
To my Country I respect.
I am the Few, the Proud,
I am a U.S. Marine.
I will Never Accept Defeat,
I am a U.S. Army Soldier.
I Strike First and Strike Fast,
I am a U.S. Navy Sailor,
I Fly High and Fly Proud,
I am a U.S. Air force Airmen.
I am Always Ready and Always There,
I am a U.S. Army Guardsman,
I am Always Ready to Defend,
I am a U.S. Coast Guard Sailor.
I Am A United States Veteran.



God bless the men and women who serve this great nation, who have and still stand in harms way, and have even given us their ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, our liberty, and our way of life.

God Bless The United States of America.


I served my Country for 23 years, and still do so as a Police Officer for the City of Torrington, CT. My oldest son now serves and his unit is deployed. God Bless all Our Troops. KJD

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