Human Trafficking - a woman's vote

by Christina
(Boston, MA)

And as we skirt immediate human issues, nudge me to Hillary's stand on human trafficking.

In her so-called "savvy" as woman role model, where is her heart on the crime of slavery? Does she voice a moral platitude? Is her social role a key to unlock a door of affluent and empowered exploitation?

Will Hillary work night and day to provide freedom for people of America and people of the world, freedom measured by lives free to learn, grow and develop affluent, productive lives?

My impression of Hillary, her campaign and her personal ambition, is that human trafficking, while it may offend her to discuss it, is actually a methodology of becoming a powerful voice as a woman.

This is horrific. Looking back on the past twenty years of degradations to the world, the Clintons have held a front seat to most of the overwhelming trends of exploitation and slavery. They have built their political careers on abuse.

Mudslinging for the Clintons is "logic," inflammatory speech is "empowered meaning," and "personal choice" is lust for money and power.

The world they pride themselves in building, has in the past two decades become a volatile and helpless condition for multitudes. Tried with a reasonable court, they are most likely to be sentenced to death for hate crimes.

How a woman can be admired for being the wife of an impeached president and therefore independently remarkable, is a complex argument -- in the case of the Clintons, it is pure comedy.

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Unveiling the true Clinton agenda
by: Anonymous

Great job in highlighting the true aspirations and motivations of the Clintons, with the true impact they have had on our society.

In my opinion Hillary is worse than Bill in this regard and I hope that most Americans see this!

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