Extreme Home Makeover
for Military Family

Extreme Home Makeover, assisted by USAA, for military family in Mississippi.ABC Television's Extreme Home Makeover program built a new home for military family Sherman and Gina Heathcock and their three children in 2010.

USAA helped make one military family's dreams come true as ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to provide much-needed assistance to deployed Army National Guard soldier Sherman Heathcock's family. Heathcock is a devoted husband and father of three who re-enlisted in the Guard following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Since then, he has served two tours in Iraq, where he leads squads in combat missions. When he is home, Heathcock works as a sheriff's deputy, a SWAT team leader, a grocery store security guard, a neighborhood watch group organizer, and volunteers his time to provide security for his kids' school and coach his son's football and baseball teams. This man fits any definition of the terms "hero," "leader," and "role model." His wife Gina works part-time as a paralegal in addition to being a full-time mom of three. Sherman and Gina work as hard as they do so they can afford the best education for their children, Annie, 12, Gary, 10, and Tessa, 7.

During Heathcock's first tour in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina sent several large trees crashing through their property and onto their home. As if that weren't bad enough, scammers took advantage of Gina when she hired them to repair the roof. The rotting ceilings and damaged foundation are crumbling beneath them, and with Dad back in Iraq, the family is worried about losing that battle for their home.

Ty Pennington and the extreme home makeover design team to the rescue! This build was assisted by USAA, and the celebrity volunteer this week is actor Christian Slater from the ABC show "The Forgotten." There are also special appearances by Celine Dion and the Jonas Brothers.

USAA, the design team, and a team of local volunteers help give something back to this soldier who has given so much to his country and his community with a richly-deserved extreme home makeover.

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