Confused Democrat

by Don
(Berlin, Pa)

I am a Democrat, but I am confused.

What are we going to vote for...Prom queen?

Who the heck is Biden? What has Obama accomplished in the senate?

Are we going to vote for leadership or promises?

I think that it is great that Obama made the ticket, but can he lead us into the next decade? I hate the negative ads, and Obama seems to thrive on them.

McCain is a war veteran...a former POW...What the hell has Obama done?

Did Obama ever serve in the military....NO!

I am a veteran. And I think that to be Commander in Chief, you should have at least worn a uniform.

Mr. Obama is counting on minority votes, what he doesn't realize is that a lot of these votes are already in the military.

Step up or Step out!

Editor's Note: Don, thank you for contributing to our discussion. As veterans, we agree that a candidate with military experience would make a far better Commander in Chief. The only candidate in this election with military experience is John McCain.

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