Will it be here Jan. 2009?

by Monte

Well the way I see it is Stalin was correct when he said he would bury the US. And the generation at the time, their grandchildren would live under Communist rule.

Think about that for a couple of minutes -- whose grandchildren was he talking about???


It may not be Russian Communist rule but the far left movement in this country sure is pushing us that way.

So what will it be on Inauguration day?

Freedom or Stalin’s dream?

If you take Obama, you have Wright, and Soros, MoveOn(backward).org and that ilk.

Good luck, we are going to need it.


Next time you fill up your car with gas and skip the loaf of bread and gallon of milk, thank the Dems for making your children be hungry. The toss-up is gas to get to work or food for the family...


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