The Bob Woodruff Family Fund
Aids America's Wounded Warriors

ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff
Bob Woodruff was named co-anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight" in December 2005. On January 29, 2006, while reporting on U.S. and Iraqi security forces, he was seriously injured by a roadside bomb that struck his vehicle near Taji, Iraq. Both Woodruff and his cameraman, Doug Vogt, sustained multiple life-threatening wounds. Bob spent five weeks in a medically-induced coma before going on to months of in- and out-patient rehabilitation.

The Woodruff family established the Fund in February 2007 to raise awareness and money to assist members of the military injured while serving our country.

"We are a very lucky family with Bob's recovery and we are well aware that not every family has the outcome we have had," said Bob and Lee Woodruff. "We were determined to use our journey to draw attention to the number of traumatic brain injuries from this war and to ensure that all service members returning from the war continue to receive the best care and attention in rehab and beyond."

The Bob Woodruff Family Fund assists service members injured while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Special emphasis is placed on the "hidden signature injuries" of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – traumatic brain injury (TBI) and combat stress injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Fund works with private industry and government to develop public awareness and excellence in research, education, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support and resources for the injured and their families as they reintegrate to duty or civilian life.

"Bob and Lee Woodruff are exceptional people doing exceptional work for those in dire need," says Caroline Hirsch, a founding partner of the New York Comedy Festival, which hosts the annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit concert. "We are thrilled that the NYCF is part of this extraordinary event and hope that we can help draw necessary awareness and funding so those injured in the war receive the medical attention they deserve."

Stand Up for Heroes 2012 is scheduled for November 8.

For ticket information for "Stand Up for Heroes: A Benefit for the Bob Woodruff Family Fund" event, and for more information about the BWFF, please visit Bob Woodruff Family Fund.

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