American Veterans Foundation

by Donald Siefkin
(West Okoboji, Ia)

Can you tell me anything about American Veterans Foundation? I could not find anything about them on your site.

They are listed at 2815 100th street #384, Urbandale, Ia 50322. Telephone is 1-800-605-2372, and the telemarketer is Telequal.

Thank you


Thank you for your question about the American Veterans Foundation. According to their web site (, the group is dedicated to "helping to prevent more homelessness among veterans and providing immediate support to veterans who are homeless, in jeopardy of becoming homeless or in desperate need of assistance. . . . The mission of American Veterans Foundation is to assist all honorably discharged veterans with financial support in their time of need."

They may provide food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and any other reasonable request. Financial assistance is provided in the form of payments to the utility company, landlord, pharmacy, etc., rather than directly to the individual veteran. The web site states that they are also providing comfort and care packages to troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The address you listed is for a mail drop location, The UPS Store. The address listed on the AVF web site is 1025 Rose Creek Dr., Suite 620, Unit 328, Woodstock, Georgia 30189 (which is also a UPS Store location), with a telephone number of 888-556-8812. The address you found is probably their local Iowa fundraising address.

This organization is not listed by AIP (American Institute of Philanthropy), GuideStar or Charity Navigator.

The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance (BBB) lists the address and phone number you provided, with the exception that it gives 888 as the telephone prefix instead of 800. BBB states that it currently does not have sufficient information to provide a report on American Veterans Foundation.

Consequently, we have e-mailed American Veterans Foundation, requesting a copy of their most recent Form 990 for review, along with the answers to some questions about their total contributions and expenses, including program services, fundraising expenses, administrative expenses, and direct veterans assistance.

We will update this page once we receive their response, so please bookmark it and check back here in a few days for their answers.

Readers, if you have any information about this organization, please click below to add your comments.

***Update: Despite our request four months ago, we still have not received any response from American Veterans Foundation.

We checked GuideStar once again, and were able to find a listing for this group. The only tax return listed as provided to GuideStar by the IRS is for calendar year 2001. The tax return lists the address as 1211 Forest Avenue, Columbus, GA 31905, with a phone
number of 706-322-8817.


The 2001 return shows $1,237,158 as income, from "indirect public support," defined by the IRS as "contributions received through federated fundraising campaigns such as the United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign. Also included here are monies received from affiliated organizations (parent, subordinate, or supporting organizations)."


Program Services: $162,403 (wages paid to staff)
Management and General: $7,300 (Executive Director's salary)
Fundraising: $993,450
Other expenses:
Accounting fees: $7,698
Telephone: $2,845
Postage and shipping: $1,488
Equipment rental and maintenance: $199
Printing and publications: $35
Travel: $5,262
Auto Expense: $7,456
Bank Service Charge: $3,176
Contributions: $583
Dues and subscriptions: $10
Insurance: $2,207
Licenses and permits: $443
Merchandise and supplies: $5,174
Miscellaneous: $3,411
Office Supplies: $9,217
Professional Fees - Consulting: $64,922
Rent: $15,900
Repairs: $547
Tax - Other: $141
Utilities: $5,921

It appears this Form 990 was prepared by someone unfamiliar with filing Form 990, as it does not allocate any of the "other expenses" to either program expenses, management & general, or fundraising, at it should.

So, out of total expenses of $1,239,788, they show the following breakdown:

Program services: $162,403 (13%)
Mgmt & General: $7,300 (1%)
Fundraising: $933,450 (75%)
Unallocated: $136,635 (11%)

We would guess that the $64,922 in consulting expenses is likely related to fundraising as well, pushing that amount to $998,372, or 81%. The rest of the "other" expenses are likely management and general expenses.

The "auto expenses" seem a bit high, at an average of $621.33 monthly. There is no way to know from this form what those expenses were for. And $9,217 ($768.08 per month) for office supplies seems a little high as well.

The form GuideStar posted online is unsigned, and the portion of the form that ordinarily shows the name and address of a paid preparer has been blacked out, which is very odd.

AVF reportedly paid $7,698 in accounting fees, and one would think this would include at least some assistance in the preparation of the Form 990.

The form indicates that the organization's books are in care of the executive director, George Webster, at the address listed above. When we looked up that address, we found it listed as the address for Creatively Yours, which "stocks over 1,000 rental costumes, hats, and accessories."

Obviously there's quite a time lapse in these records from 2001 to today, so it's possible that AmVets occupied the premises in 2001 that is today Creatively Yours. Otherwise, why did they have rent expenses of $15,900 ($1,325/month)?

Our review of this information leaves us more than a bit leery of this organization. We recommend you find a more reputable veterans charity for your donation.

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Mar 14, 2016
PROVE these crooks HELP Vets
by: Anonymous

they DO NOT. Check them out & do some searching. They ARE NOT a 501-c organization LIKE they purport + they will NOT name OR say WHO they've helped or HOW + I am informing ALL people listed above that these guys and gals ARE LIARS.

Mar 14, 2016
Call from AVF and research that I did.
by: SSG Duane Moody, US Army Retired

Being a Disabled Veteran, fighting cancer and not receiving a lot of help myself, I believe in giving what I can, but I research it first.

The caller wasn't rude, in fact very nice, but he wanted a pledge right then. I told him that I would pledge just $15.00, but I would research the American Veterans Foundation before they would get one single dollar from me.

I then spoke with a young lady to verify and told her the same, but that I would give more if everything checked out.

Well as you already know I could not find them nowhere, they are even worse then the Wounded Warrior Project.

I called back the number that called me out of Charlotte, NC to find it was a generic fundraiser number. I have now received their packet and researched their site: and all of their info is generic, no real substance or numbers to work with.

This is the same as WWP website is. Not getting anything out of this old soldier!!!

Mar 10, 2016
Change of Heart
by: Charlie S.

Been going through the posts. Got a call from them and agreed to donate a small amount. Got the letter but decided to check.

After reading through these posts, I am just going to ignore it although I did make a pledge. I am Disabled Vet and a Life member of both the VFW and DAV.

There are a lot of these organizations out there and most are using the Veterans plights to fill their own pockets. In short they are scams and use just enough to help Vets to stay out of trouble.

Want to help Vets? Give to the Non Profit Organizations such as the VFW and DAV.

Mar 06, 2016
by: Dave J.

I also received a call and said I would send $20.00 when I receive the information in the mail. After reading comments, I will not be sending the money.

Thanks for your help and information.

You're welcome, Dave. Glad you found the information useful.

Mar 03, 2016
So glad I researched!
by: Sarah R

I received a call from the American Veterans Support Foundation a few weeks ago, and something about it just seemed "off".

I refused to donate over the phone, and asked if they would send me some info in the mail...I wanted to buy some time to look into it. I'm so glad I came across the information on this web site - even though it's a few months old, it told me what I needed to know.

When only 30% (max) of the donated money actually goes toward services that support Vets, that is ATROCIOUS. Based on what you discovered looking at their VERY OLD tax forms, it seems to be highly suspicious.

I wholeheartedly support veterans causes, but not this one! It's a shame there are "charities" out there like this taking in and wasting so much money from good donors that could be put to use actually helping vets.

It pays to research where your money and support are going! Thank you!

Feb 15, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear bad reviews of this organization. I told them I would donate a small amount but after reading your article, I have canceled my donation and asked them to take me off the list.

My husband was in the Army and what a shame to hear these "charities" exist. I will donate to the local American Legion, I know their money goes to a good cause.

Feb 12, 2016
American Veterans Foundation
by: P. Koch

These people called me for a pledge. I asked that they send me a written request, which I received over a week later. The address on the pledge form is PO Box 449, Butler WI 53007-0449 (not Iowa or Georgia, as detailed in your report).

It also says "To ensure success, the services of Neighborhood Outreach, located at 2020 McDonald Ave 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11223, a professional fundraiser, have been retained to assist with this campaign. For any questions pertaining to this invoice please call 1-888-775-7789."

I wonder if I should be sending money to this organization.

Feb 07, 2016
Sending copies to irs, wis att. gen, postmaster gen.,
by: minn_vet_1982

My disabled sister got a letter to donate, it is a scam as far as I've found. they want money to;
po box 44260
west allis, WI 53214-7260

So I am spending $.60 to make copies and send them to the IRS, Minn att. gen, wis att. gen, and the postmaster general.

And when I figure out who at the interstate commerce commission needs to get a copy for fraud across state lines.

Thank you to this site for a wealth of information.

Feb 06, 2016
Shame on them
by: Anonymous

Someone called me and sounded legit and even transferred me to another person to confirm it was me whom they were calling. Being that my husband is a vet, I wanted to be kind hearted and agreed to donate.

I received the envelope three days later and I knew something was fishy when I asked the man if it was tax deductible. He said responded that I needed to check with my tax.

After seeing all these comments and looking up the executive of this organization and how he runs different vet related websites and seeing that he lives in Winter Park, FL, a very exclusive area, I lost trust on the "charity" altogether.

If they call again, I will ask more questions and I am sure they will leave me alone. Something sketchy about the Paul guy and his uniform and they pose for the picture does not seem legit. Most military pics do not look the way he does. Maybe it is just me.

Jan 17, 2016
Solicitation attempt
by: Anonymous

I just received a phone solicitation from AVF. When I asked the caller to hold for just a moment (as I wanted to look them up to see if they were this same company I remembered reading about...and they were), the caller immediately hung up.

I would think if the AVF was legit, the caller would not have minded to wait a moment.

Jan 16, 2016
AVF still at it in 2016
by: Susanna

We have been receiving calls from 262-200-0379 several times a day. We do not answer calls when we don't recognize the number. They never leave a message.

I tried a reverse lookup and the number was indeed in Oconomowoc, WI which is what my caller ID said, but the lookup indicated that the holder of the number wished not to be identified.

Odd for a "charity!" I did a *67 and called the number back. It went immediately to a recorded message indicating that it was the American Veterans Foundation.

I did a search on this group. Thanks to all of you for your input on this fund raising scam. I can't wait for them to call back as I can't decide whether to be rude, give them a bunch of made up credit card numbers to waste their time, ask for a boatload of documentation or have them send me a bill so I can send them some monopoly money for their 'charity'.

SO many choices. As the wife, daughter and mother of veterans and active duty military I continue to be appalled by the scum bags who try to take advantage of our military in this way.

Jan 06, 2016
Rude! Rude! Rude!
by: Diana

After getting as many as three calls a day from these folks, I finally asked them to remove our number from their list (which has not happened).

My husband and I are the only caretakers for my husbands Father, who is a WWII Veteran of 99 years old, and these 8:30-9:00 p.m. phone calls are very disturbing to this amazing Veteran. You would think they would be kinder to our Vets!!

Thank you for letting us know just how dishonest some folks can be when it comes to our Heroes!

Jan 05, 2016
They're Still At It!!
by: EJK

Received a call from American Veterans Foundation earlier this evening. Didn't answer the call, but saw the name/number on caller Id.

My wife and I have run a very small cancer support organization for the past seven years. Veterans, police/fire, and cancer causes are prime targets for these "charities."

As others have noted, if they are legitimate 501 (c)(3) public charities, they'll file the appropriate forms with the IRS. GuideStar and Charity Navigator are also other good resources to validate a charity.

Many states also have laws governing solicitation by charities whether by phone, mail, or in-person. If they are legitimate, they should be able to provide their charitable solicitation license number or registration if required by your state.

Many states also have websites with information related to charities that have registered to solicit donations from their residents.

One final thought, with the recent development of technology that can "spoof" a caller Id, you can't confirm their calling location. This is a technique used by identity thieves looking to steal your personal and financial information.

Any legitimate organization wouldn't use fake phone numbers and UPS store drop boxes to receive their mail.

Dec 30, 2015
Sorry I even answered
by: Anonymous

I too just received a call from American Veterans Support Foundation and I promised to send them a donation of $46 (a silver membership).

I was asked to give my credit card info but I declined and said I would wait till I received their packet in the mail. After reading the review of this organization and the comments I will not be sending my donation.

I would much rather give to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Thank you for keeping us up to date on these organizations.

Dec 21, 2015
Similar call from American Foundation for Veterans
by: Anonymous

Answered phone after receiving several voice mails with my first name being used. Caller ID showed area code 407. Very personable gentleman said laughingly that he wasn't asking for volunteers but a small donation.

Can't remember what the 2 levels of giving ($50 & $30) were called but agreed to $30. Then the pattern is the same as with many others who have reported calls.

I was given to a female verifier who verified the amount then asked which credit card I'd be using. When told that I expected something in the mail she said it would save me time & effort to go ahead & pay by credit card.

Told her I did not solicit the call so did not feel comfortable giving that information. She then asked me to verify my name & mailing address. I considered the fact that the solicitor had used my first name & instead of verifying my address asked her to repeat her organization's name which she did.

She asked if I was still giving the pledge & I said I'd decide when I received the mailing. She said to be sure to mail the pledge in within 2 days. She wished me a pleasant day & hung up without verifying my mailing info.

I found this site while searching for American Foundation for Veterans which I did not find. Now I'm feeling pretty sure it's just a name change.

Dec 16, 2015
They call every day!
by: Anonymous

I told them I would give $15.00, but since reading this I have changed my mind, but they will not stop calling me!

The address they have listed on my paperwork is P.O. Box 2367 Brookfield WI 53008-2367, the number they call me from several times every day is a Florida number, I know cause I used to live there. On the invoice there is a number that they say to call if any questions 855-284-6749.

Dec 08, 2015
Phone call from this alleged organiztion
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call today at 4:41 p.m. from what was supposed to be an organization of Foundation of American Vets that help Veterans and homeless Veterans. The gentleman said his name was Steve and wanted to know if I would make a one time donation in the amount of $20 to help this organization.

I said I could possibly do so and he said God Bless You and I will personally stamp your contribution with my name as you are a Hero. He then proceeded to have a young lady get on the phone to verify my donation and after she asked my city, town and zip code the line went dead. Her name I believe she said was Collette.

I tried to call the number back and got a recording that the office was closed and to leave a message or hit zero for the operator. I did and the phone disconnected. The number they called from is 704-438-9994.

BEWARE - This appears to be a scam.

Dec 07, 2015
Never let them off easy!!
by: 2 year AMVET member

Write down the Caller ID phone number first. That is how the authorities can find them, and prosecute them.

All of the Scam Charity Fundraisers rely on your good intentions to take your money. They can start one very easily and do not follow proper channels to get certified as a real charity.

I ask first, after the pitch, what percent of my donation will be used to provide benefits. A real charity will have a high percentage (75% or higher), any lower, find a better charity.

The Scammers will Lie or an honest caller will admit, that a very small percentage will be used for benefits. The call I received on Wed.02 Dec. 2015, said at least 10%, so I demanded to know how he could sleep at night, taking 90% from the Veterans.

He said he was just training for this job. I told him to find a different job he could be proud of. Always find your own charity, don't let them find you!!

Dec 01, 2015
Report them to the FCC
by: Anonymous

These calls sicken me. The more people report these calls to the FCC, the easier it will be for them to act on this harassment -

keep a record of the times you have been harassed & any other details you have.

Nov 20, 2015
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Doug (US Army 1968-1972)

These crooks change their name frequently and move their "HQ address" from place to place. Donations that should be going to help our vets is going straight to these scammers' pockets.

If you receive a call from them (the Caller ID will be spoofed), get as much information as you can, and immediately contact your state's Attorney General.

Nov 11, 2015
Not Happy
by: Anonymous

I am not sure what to believe about AVSF. I received a call asking for a small donation, and I replied I would be happy to send a donation after I did some research on how the money was allocated.

I have received several follow-up calls that were recorded messages that are monitored by some one who would jump in to the conversation if I tried to interrupt.

I prefer to always make donations to local organizations and that's what I thought this was because the return address is in Wisconsin. Based on their financial record I would be more likely to give $20 to a guy on the street corner with a sign asking for help.

Nov 08, 2015
? Scam
by: Shawn, former Army Nurse Corps Officer

Call received from representative for American Veterans Foundation for support w/ speil as noted above.

I advised I don't make donations over the phone w/out discussing w/ my spouse and reviewing the organizations materials, but would review information mailed to us and make a decision.

The man was somewhat pushy, proceeded like I would pledge $16/month and then discuss adding more w/ my spouse when paperwork came.

I again reiterated my position and call ended abruptly. I immediately looked up AVF on line and found your site for which I'm appreciative. I do want to support other veterans but thru legitimate programs.

Nov 02, 2015
Foundation for Amreican Veterans
by: Marine Widow

Several nights ago I got a call from these people. The man was persistent I donate an amount of some sort.

When I told him that my disabled husband just passed away a couple months ago & that I was trying to live on half our prior income he immediately hung up on me.

No "I'm sorry to hear that & we thank your husband for his service" (which should have been the norm) or anything from this fool.

Then tonight another call; which I think was the same man; He said, "Hello...Robert" (in no way do I sound like a man) & I replied "No" he immediately hung up on me again!

So I tried calling the number from my caller ID which told me they were not available. The number was 1-703-348-6253.....anybody....feel free to ring their phone off the hook1! Maybe even ask them for a donation!!!

I was planning on just telling them to remove my number & name from their call list. I'm thinking their calls will be more prolific w/ the holidays so close.

I'm so sorry you had to put up with such rudeness. So please let me tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for your husband's service, and for your support of his service. Our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to both of you that is impossible to repay.

Since you have Caller ID information, contact your local phone company and ask them to block this number so that they can't bother you any more.

I hope you find a measure of peace, and know that your husband was one of the best of the best, one of the men who make this country the best and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep it that way. God Bless You.

Oct 21, 2015
Telephone Solicitation
by: Anonymous

I received a telephone call from this organization and I agreed to a small donation which I will mail in, but under the circumstances, I will not send them any more when their income is $1.2 million but fundraising is 900 thousand. It appears program services may be getting 300 thousand.

I hereafter will send my donations to the USO, hopefully their program services is a lot more percentage of their income.

Oct 11, 2015
Request for help
by: John Carter, Sr.

Please help me. I am a Disabled Vet, and I have
Fallen behind on utility bills and mortgage pmts.
Can you help me, Thank You for your support.

John Carter, Sr.

John, I'm sorry to learn of your problems. As much as we'd like to help, we do not have resources to help with, and we don't have staff to research and verify your situation.

There are organizations out there that may be able to help. Please go to our Military Family Resources page for a list of resources that might be able to help you.

If you don't find what you need there, type into the Google search box "veterans assistance" (without quotes) and the name of the town where you live for a list of local resources.

The VFW operates an Unmet Needs program that may be able to assist you if you meet their criteria. Check that out as well.

Our best wishes to you, and thank you for your service.

Oct 05, 2015
Recent Call from AVF
by: Anonymous

I just received a call from them and when I told them I needed to check their status with the three main sites for charitable giving (listed above), the conversation ended very quickly.

I was somewhat ignorant over the past few years and gave quite a bit of money to folks who sounded legitimate, but when I finally decided to check their financials and the percent that goes to our service men and women, well it turns out all of them were not ideal.

I decided to be proactive and find the charities to support that better support our military personnel.

Good conversation. Thanks for the insights.


Hi Craig, Thank you for those kind words, and for your support of our veterans. And thank you for being a responsible donor, checking to see who is being a responsible steward of your hard-earned money.

Oct 02, 2015
American Veterans Support Foundation

I read these comments over and over and, oh its a scam. well i'm here to say because it doesnt satisfy your idea of what the organization should be does not make it a scam.

If ya dont like it dont give - for every 1 person who doesnt give there are 10 who will pick up your slack! Oh i give here and help there you are all full of crap who say that. You dont help anyone but yourselves..

So the next time myself or one of my colleagues call dont be an ass just politely say i dont wish to give namecalling and all your crap is unnecessary we are doing our job.

I am a USMC VET myself and alot of people apreciate what we do so dont need your negative garbage in our ears! Been doin this for along time and people will always give not because of how much goes here or there but because its the right thing to do to help people who protect your freedoms everyday while you sit on your butt and soak it up!

Well, PutYaDown, I think you just confirmed these comments about callers being pushy and rude! No wonder you get called names.

I know the Marine Corps taught you better manners than that. Please use them if you decide to write again. And please use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

Are you aware that this organization that you're calling for uses only 13-30% of the money donated to help veterans? People are giving their hard-earned money to help veterans, and this group is siphoning off at least 70% of it to a for-profit fundraising group! As a vet yourself, that should make you angry.

Since the IRS requires charities to provide tax returns and financial information to the public upon request, it threw up a red flag to me when they ignored my request for documents. Most reputable charities will publish their financials on their web site so you don't even have to ask. Those who don't usually are trying to hide something - in this case, the fact that such a small percentage goes to veterans.

So sorry, I'm still not recommending that people support this group.

I will recommend that you find a more reputable charity that actually uses the money donated to help veterans to make calls for, so that your time is not wasted, but actually helps some of your fellow veterans.

As a vet, I don't know how you can support such a small percentage going to the veterans they're supposed to be helping.

Sep 21, 2015
Thanks for the Info
by: Dave in MI

I too got a call and stated several times that I would not designate any donation until info was received in the mail to review.

Received the info today, and after reading this site, it was promptly deposited in the trash. I would have sent back a rejection letter in their return envelope, but decided they weren't worth the postage. Thanks.

Sep 19, 2015
Call from local area code (720)
by: Doug

The caller was courteous and respectful, but since this was an organization that I had not heard of before, I asked for their website, so I could check them out.

I was given this URL:

After reading the comments here, I am suspicious and won't be sending them any money (I do support several other real organizations - this one seems suspicious).

Aug 23, 2015
AVSF Continues to Solicit Donations
by: BB Minneapolis, MN

I received a phone call requesting a donation. I agreed to donate pending verification that AVSF is legit and does a good job helping vets.

Several Internet searches today show just the opposite, and I will not send the donation.

Thanks to Military Money Matters for providing the helpful information.

BB Minneapolis, MN

Aug 13, 2015
Received call "Out of Area"
by: Greg

Received a call from a person with the last name of Collins from American Veterans Foundation. The call came in as "out of area" as (406)272-8348.

I asked him who he was with? He repeated his scripted talk. He said that they provide much-needed help for Vietnam veterans and other veterans.

I told him that I had not heard of them. He asked if I could donate. I asked if they are part of the VFW or American Legion and what assistance they provide to the vets. He again went off his script just asking for a donation to them.

I told him that as a Life Member of the VFW, he can contact them for sponsorship since my veteran support goes to them and said goodbye.

Aug 04, 2015
Received a call from 253 455 7288
by: Anonymous

Just received a call from American Veterans Support Foundation and something about the call made me google them while he was talking.

I asked him to tell me his website, he could not. when i asked he told me not to worry about how much i donate just that i donate.

He was very formal sounding and official but something tipped me off that this was incorrect. I work within the VA medical system and i have never heard of this organization.

When I asked him where they were located, he could not answer the question and would only say he was in NJ. I told him i was uncomfortable with him not being able to answer the question and changing the topic.

I informed him that i was not interested and to not call again. I find it morally wrong to disrespect our dedicated veterans.

I will have nothing to do with it. Please be cautious. They sound legitimate, but they are not.

We need change at the grass roots level, not this kind of time-wasting and taking advantage of people who do not know any better. Shame on them for preying on the backs of innocent people who want to support our veterans.

Jul 26, 2015
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

I too received a call from this "organization" on 6/18/15. The man was insistent that I donate a large amount and use a credit card.

I told him I do not give out credit card info over the phone and could not afford a large donation as we are retired.

He finally came down to $25 and I said ok but send something in the mail.

I got the first letter from them and did nothing as I was becoming very suspicious. Then I got a second letter informing me that I had not responded yet ... more suspicions.

I am glad I found this site as it has confirmed what I already thought. I do not care for organizations that use a legitimate title of an accredited organization as part of their name which makes you think it is ok.

Needless to say I will not be sending them $25! Sounds like the people at the top are the ones getting almost all the money and not the veterans as they advertise.

Jul 26, 2015
The guy on the phone
by: Anonymous

was very respectful and "sounded" like a legitimate vet fundraising for a foundation. But immediately red flags went up, and since I was already at the computer, I just googled the foundation and this site was at the very top.

I then told him I research all charities I give to, making sure my money will go where it will be used the best. I then said I was looking up his foundation and he hurriedly disconnected.

I then posted this on FB to let all my friends see this page and make their own decisions.

People need to scrutinize their donation destinations to make sure their money goes where they want it to. Besides taking money over a phone call like this they have your cc or bank account info....

Thank you for sharing us with your friends on Facebook, and thank you for your diligence in checking out the charities to which you donate.

Jul 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

I also received call asking for a donation. The caller was rather pushy to say the least.

I pledged $50 but decided to do a little research before mailing the check.

I contribute to a number of organizations, Wounded Warriors, Paralyzed Veterans of America, etc. but I've never heard of this group.

Seems like they have a number of mailing locations. I was supposed to mail my check to:

American Veterans Support Foundation
PO Box 44260
West Allis WI 53214-7260

Needless to say, I won't be mailing the check.
Our veterans deserve more!

Jul 10, 2015
So glad I checked this website!
by: Julie

I received a call yesterday that followed the same pattern included in these entries: "gold" or "silver" pledge; transferred to a woman to "verify;" asked for my donation immediately.

"No," I said, "It makes me suspicious because the solicitor said I'm making a pledge." She tried to convince me, nicely, but I didn't budge.

I only answered the phone because it came up on caller ID as a local call (no name, just a local town).

She, too, asked for my complete name and address. I said, "Well, you guys called me, so you should know my name and address." She was able to give me my address, however.

Anyway, I'm not giving but am returning the pledge card, if I ever actually receive it, with a complete and thorough explanation. No, they are not just targeting an older population (as one of these entries suggested). They are "equal opportunity" targeters.

Thank you for all of this helpful information. By the way, they identified themselves as "American Veteran Support Foundation." Can't find that name on any of the charity or BBB websites. The things that make me go "mmmmmm. . . ."

Jul 08, 2015
Called today
by: Anonymous

My call came today. The caller i.d. said Augusta Maine. The gentleman I spoke with was very nice, even when I informed him I would not send anything until I had a chance to do research.

I was asked how much I would donate and to confirm I would make the donation. My call was transferred to someone that would verify my information. When that person came on the line I was asked to give the credit card and number.

I refused, once again asking that items be sent to me. I gave my work address.

I am glad I found this site. I will refuse the package when it comes.

This is so wrong. I come from a family with numerous veterans. All who proudly served the U.S.A.

I will gladly give to an agency that truly support our dedicated service men and women.

For those of you who took the time to post your experience on this site I thank you!

Jun 25, 2015
Suspicious fundraiser call on 6/25/2015
by: Anonymous

Got the same call today saying that they are supporting veterans. When they asked if I can commit to sending the money that I pledged, I told them that I want to see something in writing and once I confirm that they are a legitimate foundation, I will send the money.

They said that they will send some packet in the mail and I should receive it within 2-3 days. I thought it was a bit suspicious because the number showed up Bridgeport with no ID suggesting a VA call.

They also kept asking if I will really send the money. It was a male first then transferred to a female. They also told me to call 1-866-317-7141 to verify the foundation. The number that I got the call from was 475-422-7367. Definitely not related to VA.

Jun 11, 2015
Pledge phone call
by: Anonymous

I too received a call this evening exactly as others had said. He was asking me to donate $55, $45 or $15 ... I needed to commit.

I explained I was out of work and he could send me the info, I would send in what I could at that time (I felt as if something was off from the start) he wanted me to 'commit' to $15. I said, but I don't understand why I have to commit over the phone.

He said have a good day and hung up. I never made it to the CC part, which I never would've done anyway!! CRAZY.

Jun 02, 2015
Received a call this past month
by: Anonymous

I received a call from this organization in May 2015, so they're still going strong.

The person on the phone sounded very genuine and when I said I would donate, they were very gracious and thankful. I'm so disappointed to read these notes!

How do we know how much money is making it into the hands of actual veterans? Or is it that they are employing only veterans and that's why so much of their money goes to fundraising?

I like the objective of this charity but I am not happy to think it's a scam so I'm not sending money until I feel more confident it's going to go where I intend it to go.

May 19, 2015
donation call
by: Teri

On May 12, 2015...I recieved a call asking for a donation..I explained I wanted to do some research about this organization, the guy was a bit defensive but I do not want to be scammed..

i received my envelope in the mail and glad i did my research...I will not give to a place that gives so little to the cause..too much FAT on the top....

These people should be ashamed of themselves... Where is the best place to donate where the money will be put to good use..?

Thank you...Teri

Teri, here are our recommendations for honorable veterans charities.

May 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a call today from a man who said his name was Paul Marshall and he was calling on behalf of America Veterans Support Group. I was immediately suspicious, since the name on my caller id came up as Raul Hernandez with a local area code and phone number.

I was curious so I listened to him for a minute and then he asked if I would commit to a $55. "gold pledge" or a $45. "silver pledge". I told him that I couldn't afford that amount and he asked what amount I could "commit" to. I told him just to send the info and I would decide when I got it. He insisted that I needed to "commit" to an amount and said he could not send out a pledge card w/out it.

I gave him an amount just to see where he would go next. He asked me several times if I was "really ready to commit" to that amount and told me I needed to send it in w/in 3 days of receiving the packed in the mail. He then transferred me to a woman to "verify your information". She asked me to spell my complete name and address and then asked what credit card I would be using to make my pledge today.

I told her I wasn't sure at this point and would not give my credit info over the phone. She tried several times to convince me and said the sooner they get the money, the sooner they can help the veterans. When I continued to say no, she became irritated and said she would put the pledge card in the mail and also said that I needed to return it w/in 3 days.

At that point I just hung up. I'll see if they actually send the card.

My husband was in the military reserves for 35 years and we always support veterans causes that we have checked out and know are listed with the BBB and show their records to prove that the bulk of the money collected actually goes to help veterans. This group may be legitimate (doubtful) but they are NOT HONEST AND WILL NEVER RECEIVE A PENNY OF OUR MONEY. SHAME ON THEM FOR USING DESERVING VETERANS FOR THEIR SCAM!!!

May 11, 2015
New address site for the scammers
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to have this site help with determining if this foundation is for real. After reading the many comments, I noticed some posted addresses.

Looks like they added another UPS store to mail the donations into. It is 19785 West 12 Mile, Southfield MI 48076-2584.

If it is a real foundation, I would think the address would be a permanent established place. I will take my donation pledge and give it to the local charity helping veterans that lives in my state.

Apr 23, 2015
Rude and persistent
by: Anonymous

I too received a phone call from this organization and an older gentleman got me to commit $15. Then I was transferred to someone else asking me for a credit card or ATM card #. Red flag.

I asked for them to send me the information through the mail and they gave me a hard time but then realized I wasn't biting. They sent me the info and I found this site.

I was researching them when I received a follow up call by a very rude gent that said they didn't have me in their records of making a pledge. I told him I would send it next week. Now I just tore it up and will not be sending it.

I am beginning to think they are preying on older folks primarily. Trusting that they will fall for the scam. DON'T GIVE THEM A NICKEL!

Apr 16, 2015
Bad literature
by: Anonymous

I received my pledge letter as well as an "explanatory" letter with information about the charity. I was suspicious immediately because of bad grammar in the letter as well as a misspelling on the reverse side with the "details" about the organization.

No legit charity would let a letter go out like that. Too bad they didn't supply postage. Would have loved to "explain" my disapproval.

Mar 23, 2015
Feeling Harrassed
by: Anonymous

I received a call from this organization last year, and was tricked into believing that it was legit. A nice, grandfatherly sounding man made the call, and naively assuming that he himself was a veteran, I sent a check. A red flag did go up though, when the caller said I had sent a donation the year before. I'm sure I hadn't.

This past fall, I began receiving calls from them again. I answered at first, and kindly explained to them that I would not be able to donate this year. A few months ago, I learned from someone I trust that this "charity" actually gives little if any money to the veterans.

This year I have been inundated with calls from them. This month alone, I have received at least ten. I ignore most of them, but I recently answered two of them and asked them to take me out of their system. They obviously have not done so. I am ready to report them not only for dishonest practices, but for harassment!

Anon, I'm afraid you may have to do that to get them to stop. Next time you answer the phone, tell them this is the third time you have instructed them to place your number on their "do not call" list, and if you hear from them again, you will report them to your local phone company for harassment. Then do it.

Keep a record of when and how many times they call, and the phone number the calls come from, so you can provide that info to the phone company when you make your complaint.

Mar 17, 2015
Mom Scammed
by: diane

This group, along with a number of other phony charities continue to target my mom, a senior with dementia.

A number of the charities have the same recording and phone number with various addresses and names. American veterans foundation is a scam.

Stay away from these groups and check your bank statements for unauthorized charges.

Feb 26, 2015
Always Ask Percentage
by: Anonymous

Just received a call from this group. Right off the bat, they tell you they are paid fundraisers and that the call is being recorded.

My first question was what percent actually goes to the veterans group. His answer was 10%.

Basically, the group lets their name be used for a small kickback, while the fundraiser pockets the rest. I’ve received several such calls for various unknown charities in recent months and the percentage thing is always my first question.

Because they are being recorded, they answer honestly and it is always 10 – 12% - no more for the charity.

What a disgrace that any charity would let themselves be used this way – goes to show just how disreputable they really are!

Feb 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Call the BBB and they will tell you that the American Veterans Support Foundation ( does not meet their requirement and that this "foundation" only gives 32% of what you donate to support the veterans..

Please check before you donate to these organizations. There are good ones out there, just be careful.

Feb 03, 2015
Their still calling 2015
by: Anonymous

Found this post regarding American Veterans S.Foundation. All posts are from 2014. Just got call Jan 2015.

Wanted me to put on credit card and could I make an exception when I declined. Not enough money to the vets.

No donation now. Same address po box 44260, West ALLIS WI.

Jan 16, 2015
Don't Give These Scammers Your $
by: Anonymous

I was uneasy about the conversation I had and began to look up American Veterans Foundation online and came across this website. What a horrible thing to do to deceive people like this who are willing to give their hard-earned money to help the veterans who fight for our country and so deserve it.

The telephone number it came in on was 646-257-2941. That's where I started looking it up. I called them back to tell him not to send me any kits that they wouldn't be getting my money and that they had no right to scam people this way. Thank God I didn't give my credit card over the phone! Be careful!!

Jan 16, 2015
Me too...
by: Sam

Yeah, I'm glad I only gave them 10 bucks. DEFINITELY got second thoughts after they wanted me to give them my credit card info over the phone... I was going to reneg after the fact, but didn't want to feel like a liar after pledging. Will give to DAV or something trustworthy next time.

How do we get on their lists in the first place???

Sam, most likely you were on a mailing list they bought or rented from another veterans charity. Happens all the time. If you donate to one, you will notice that you suddenly start getting calls from several more.

Jan 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

I was also contacted by these people. I had noticed a number had been calling the past few weeks and I finally decided to pick up. Smooth talking, but seemed like a legit cause.

I decided to donate. At first I was asked to donate via credit card. When that failed, they asked again. It should have raised a red flag but it didn't.

I told them to send me the info through the mail. They also asked me if I was really going to send the money once I received the "bill". I said as long as I was not dead they would get it.

Well as soon as it came, I checked out the paperwork and see that they wanted two extra dollars only because, "It would be greatly appreciated". Ugh.

Then of course I stumbled on this site verifying their organization. NO WAY are they getting a dime. In fact maybe that is what I will send them. And I am looking forward to their call to me asking where their money is. They will get an earful.

Jan 07, 2015
Not Donating
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to have found this website, so I could check these things out. I received the call and made it clear that I would not donate without research. I wish more people would do this so the funds would go where they want them to ...

Jan 02, 2015
Caller not sure of Organization's distribution of funds!
by: Armed Falcon

Just received call for donation - since I'd never heard of AVSF, I started asking questions about location and distribution of funds.

I am a 60% disabled Vet (Agent Orange), retired after 28 years, and I was interested in the possibility of this being a valid charity.

Went looking and found this site - glad I didn't commit. This does not meet any standard of support of the veterans!

Wish there was some way to tell the world about these fraudulent people. When more goes into the pockets of the fundraiser than the veteran, I feel it's time I find another reputable charity.

Thanks for all previous comments - it helped me make an informed decision.

Dec 21, 2014
Who is going to support our illnesses at home??!!
by: Anonymous

I just received a phone call from 'The American Veterans Support Foundation' for a donation and hung up on the caller; there are questionable charities 'out there' for Veterans.

We ourselves have a situation that has been on-going for the past 22 years. My husband served two tours in Viet Nam and is an Agent Orange Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient.

He needs treatment every 8-10 years. Radiation in 1992, full chemotherapy in 2000 (the same time I was receiving radiation for breast cancer..stage one) and a partial chemotherapy in 2009.

Our son was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease in 2010. Who knows if our son's cancer is genetically related to my husband's cancer?

I have never asked for charity to cover our cancer therapies.

Enough with these Bogus Calls.

Dec 20, 2014
Amer. Vets Foundation
by: Anonymous

My contact with them left me skeptical. They called and next day they were at my front door with donation slip.

I noticed that the first page on the AVF listed a Georgia location. My slip lists a Massachusetts location; but, it does show a EIN of 80-0273572. Are they trying to become more legit?

Dec 18, 2014
Scammers caught
by: USN Retired

My wife got a call from them and we received the mailing from them.

I googled the return address and it is a mail box for a UPS store in Fox River Grove, Illinois. They will not see a dime from me.

Dec 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I also received a call from "American Veterans Support Foundation" requesting donations. As is my standard practice, I told them I would NOT DONATE unless I verified their organization by researching online.

I was glad I found your "Military Money Matters" website. You provide a very valuable service and I thank you!! Keep up the good work.

It is deplorable that greedy organizations such as American Veterans Support Foundation are able to get away with preying on Americans' generous spirit.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you found the information helpful. Thank you, also, for doing your due diligence before donating.

Dec 09, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio--they're still at it
by: Anonymous

Just got the letter in the mail.

I was leery during the phone call but was in a hurry that day. I agreed to $25.00. Now at the bottom of the letter they ask for an additional $2.00.

??? I am glad I found this. Everything is just too sketchy.

I make very little money as it is, but for veterans I will sacrifice.

I'd rather give to Amvets or Purple Hearts than this.

It was helpful to see the full name listed in these posts. It was confusing trying to look them up.

Dec 09, 2014
So Glad This Site Exists
by: Karen in MN

I normally do not give money to charities that call me, and this is why. I'm printing your analysis and sending it to them in lieu of my pledge. They should be ashamed. Thank you!

Dec 07, 2014
solicitor got mad
by: Mike

I just got the phone call. I never heard of the American Veterans Support Foundation and told the guy I would research. He got mad and said "have a good day" and hung up....... I know why now.

Nov 29, 2014
Thanks for the Heads Up
by: Anonymous

I, too, received a call, and told the man I would verify them on the Internet before remitting! I went to several websites before finding this one.

Thank you. I will make a donation in the amount I pledged these scammers to a reputable veterans charity!

Nov 29, 2014
Me Too!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe I found all these people who experienced the same thing I did. It took me a long time to find information about this group. I finally found it on this site.

Everything everyone is saying is exactly what happened to me. I am glad I didn't donate and did my research first.

Nov 20, 2014
American Vets Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

I received almost the same call as that described in the post of Jan 15, 2014. We want to support our vets and their families, but I won't be doing it through this organization. Shameful!

Nov 18, 2014
Retired USArmy
by: Bill B

I was at my computer when I received a call from this organization. And, after asking again the name of the organization and listening to his pitch, I was able to google the group and found this site while still on the phone with the rep.

Needless to say, a quick glance of this page told me that there was no way I was going to contribute to this group; however, I told him that my wife and I contributed to other veteran groups and without further research into his group, I would not be able to contribute.

He continued to attempt to get me to make a contribution, but I repeated: "no research by me; no contribution."

He became somewhat rude, I again said, "no," and hung up.

Nov 17, 2014
Question Their Stewardship
by: A Vet

I, like others, received the packet in the mail the other day after agreeing to donate $12.00, a $10.00 donation plus $2.00 to help cover expenses.

I took this to friends who are fellow veterans and asked what they knew of the organization. They knew nothing. One said he will donate only to one other veterans support organization, which he named.

So I searched online for information and found your site and another that has changed my mind about donating. I read the comments about this being a scam. I don't believe that is true. But, when I saw the 2013 figures of how much of the money actually goes to into the program, which is only about 32% -- after paying professional fund-raisers (the greatest percentage) and administrative expenses -- I determined that this is poor stewardship of the funds donated. I will not be contributing.

Nov 14, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

I received a phone call a few days ago from a man named Richard saying he was with the American Veterans Foundation and asking me to donate $45 or $55 to American Veterans Foundation to help homeless and hungry veterans. I told him that sounded like an odd amount to ask for and that I couldn't afford it anyways. He then told me I could donate a lesser amount which would list me as a "patron".

I support our troops 100% and try to help out when I can, so I told him I could do $20 and he kept asking me if I would fully commit to this amount. He then switched me over to a lady who took my name and address, and asked if I was comfortable with this amount. She then asked me if I would be using my mastercard or visa for the donation.

A scam flag went up for me and I told her I do not give that info out over the phone and to send me a pledge card. She was a bit irritated over this (we now know why...get our donations before any research is done) I asked her how much of my donation actually go to the vets and she said ALL of it! This sent up another flag!

I received my card in the mail today and I will NOT be sending them any money. I guess I can expect more calls from them demanding that I send it. They will get an ear full! I was leery about this throughout the phone call, but thanks to all these comments, I am certain now.

Nov 08, 2014
Same Here
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I found your site. My husband has made small donations a few times in the last few years, but this time I got the call so I did pledge it. But today before writing out the check I thought I would look them up, but could not find anything, but it did get me to this site.

Thanks for the warnings. I will not write the check and will hang up in the future. The address was also Po Box 44260 in West Allis, WI.

Nov 06, 2014
Decided Not to Donate
by: Doug Larsen

I received a solicitation call last Sunday from these people. The mailer came today. I went online to research. Glad I found this page.

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is linked to from, and I sent an email to, explaining that my checking on them changed my mind and I would not be donating.

I received an immediate automated response: "Thank you for contacting the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. Your input is important to us. Due to the large volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond right away. We will attempt to response within 48 hours. Thank you for your patience."

We'll see how this plays out....

Nov 05, 2014
Actions to Take Against "Charity" Hucksters
by: Anonymous

Like others, I received a call from a number traced back to this organization. Caller ID showed the caller as "Lxtnpkgrm1 MD"

For others who have commented:

1. The Do Not Call list does not apply to charities, although it may be that the organization behind these calls is really not a charity [in which case it would apply].

2. Attorneys General in states have some enforcement action options against organizations pretending to be charities, and those fraudulently soliciting or using the money for purposes other than represented. You can report your solicitations to your state's AG and ask that the organization be investigated. I have read of organizations against which AGs have taken legal action and shut down fraudsters.

3. One response you could make is to ask for documentation; ask for their original 501(c)(3) filing, copies of all their annual reports, and their Form 990. The caller probably won't understand what these are. Sometimes I ask for printouts stating the salaries of the executives.

Since they apparently give you a limited time in which to make your "donation", give them a set time to provide you with all this documentation. I've told similar organizations I want all this information in a week; sometimes I say 2 weeks. Obviously, I've never received any of what I requested.

4. Ask for their Federal EIN (Employer Identification No.) which organizations have to obtain from the IRS. If the caller asks why you want that, tell them it's to file a complaint with the IRS if you find out they're not a legit organization.

The IRS does have a list of fraudulent charities and those against which action has been taken.

Asking for this kind of documentation might unsettle them enough to stop calling, but if it doesn't, just keep repeating your demands for documentation.

There's a simple solution: If you don't recognize the name and number on Caller ID, don't answer the phone! If it's someone calling about something important, they'll leave a message and you can call them back.

It's your own fault that you let them interrupt whatever you're doing and waste your time. You'd be amazed how liberating it is to get used to ignoring the phone when you don't recognize the name or number!

Oct 16, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation Suspicious (At Best)
by: Anonymous

My wife pledged to donate $15 to the American Veterans Support Foundation after receiving a phone call.

Upon receiving the donation letter, I noticed that the address is a P.O. Box in West Allis, WI. That raised my suspicion level and I went to the web to check them out.

The consensus appears to be that while this group may be operating legally, they give far too little of the donations to the veterans they claim to support.

I took this one step further. I went to their website ( and tried calling them at the number listed on the site: 800-366-1319. First call answered by machine as a "hot girls" chat line. Did I call a 900 number by mistake? I checked the number and tried again. The second call answered by machine as a survey to win a vacation. Calls 3 and 4 answered as "your call cannot be completed as dialed.

Draw your own conclusions, but my $15 is staying put.

Oct 03, 2014
Glad I Looked Here
by: Anonymous

I just rec'd a call from this organization, too, and said that if they send me info, I'd look it over and decide. I was told that a minimum of $15 would be mailed.

Then sent to someone who was going to verify my name and address. After telling her my name, she asked for my address. I said, "Don't you have my address already?" I wasn't going to just give someone my address.

She did have my address and reiterated that it would be $15 AND please send it back as soon as you receive the letter. I told her I would 'try'. Now, they won't be getting it back, but I'll send them a note explaining.

Sep 20, 2014
Follow-Up Letter Had me Wondering
by: Veteran's Mom

I received a phone call in September requesting a donation to the American Veterans Support Foundation.

I agreed to send $15.00, and they said I should make the payment within 3 days of receipt of their follow-up letter. I got a little suspicious when I said that wasn't possible, that I would send it in when I could, as I'm self employed and waiting for some checks to come in. The caller sounded puzzled and annoyed by such a comment, instead of understanding.

I was then transferred to another person who wanted to verify my mailing address. She confirmed that I would be paying within 3 days, and again I said no, it would be a few weeks. She too sounded annoyed. The address they listed for payments is PO Box 44260, West Allis, WI 53214-7260.

Reading through these postings makes me glad I checked them out before sending any money.

Sep 18, 2014
So Glad I Did Not Donate
by: wife of a vet

Sounded fishy to me. I told them that I was sitting next to my own (and the country's) vet and that I would look into it. Kinda shut them up.

This is disgusting - basically stealing from vets and us in the 99% (the 1% have their accountants vetting these people) but no more surprising than the call I got from a fund purportedly for children with cancer. When I tried to hang up they said, "You don't care about the children with cancer??"

Wife, I think you might be giving the 1% too much credit. I doubt they have their accountants check out charities.

I think too many people in both groups are only interested in the tax deduction and don't want to concern themselves with the details. They just donate, and it makes them feel good.

It's really sad when you think about how much good could be done with the money that's donated, but gets diverted into the pockets of a for-profit fundraiser.

Thank you for your husband's service.

Sep 17, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation Legit
by: Anonymous

I received a call last week from a Berry Bernie from the American Support Foundation. I pledged 10 dollars to this foundation.

When I received the kit in the mail, it looks legit to me.

The problem is these guys that are calling are PAID FUNDRAISERS - they only give 30% of the donations to the foundation. Which is not a good number.

But i think they are Legit just not fair.

Anon, as you say, "legit" is not the same thing as "fair," or "responsible stewards of our money."

All that is required for them to be "legit" is to have received 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS. Many times, 5% or less of donations going to the cause is sufficient to satisfy the IRS. But it doesn't satisfy any donor I've ever heard from!

Thanks for being a responsible donor.

Sep 16, 2014
Glad I looked them up
by: Michael

I received a phone call on 9/11/14 requesting a donation to the American Veterans Support Foundation. I asked that they mail me some information and I would review it.

I was then pressured into agreeing to support a minimum donation of $20.00. I say pressured because the caller would not move on until I agreed to a specific dollar amount.

I was then transferred to another person who wanted to verify my mailing address. The address they listed for payments is PO Box 44260, West Allis, WI 53214-7260.

Reading through these postings and the fact they do not appear on the BBB approved charity list makes me glad I checked them out before sending any money.

Michael, I think at that point, I would have been tempted to ask, "OK, what part of NO don't you understand?!"

Glad you checked them out and got your questions answered.

Thank you for your support of our veterans.

Sep 10, 2014
Seems Fishy
by: Anonymous

I received a call on 9/7/14 from American Veterans Foundation and was asked for a donation of $50, $100 or $150 for the Illinois Veterans.

I was then transferred to another woman and after being on hold for awhile, she asked me to confirm my address and said she would mail out information.

The invoice says I have 3-5 days to donate and the money is for We Care packages. The mailing address is 728 Northwest Hwy #161, Fox River Grove IL 60021.

Sep 02, 2014
by: Melinda W.

After receiving a phone call asking me for a $25 donation, and with my Dad being a Vietnam Vet, I agreed to the $25 donation amount...

After doing a little research, and reading the comments on this site, I have reconsidered donating this amount.

I will be finding a more reputable charity... one who gives out more than they keep for themselves!

Thanks for the information!

Aug 27, 2014
Thank you all for your comments
by: Anonymous

Being an ex-DoD employee who grew up during the Vietnam conflict, and my husband being a disabled vet, along with my son that served over in Iraq, I am very sensitive towards our vets.

I, too, received a call from this organization. I did commit to a certain amount and then received my information promptly.

What was funny, though, was when I was on the phone with them, I asked the gentleman that I spoke to if he was a vet and he answered NO. That struck me as funny.

I also made a statement about the organization that was raising money for our vets that was a scam that was on the news earlier this year, and he really didn't really know what to say.

I would think that any respectable charitable organization that is raising money would know about such things and be able to answer any concerns that one may bring forward.

Before I mailed my donation, I also searched the web for information because, like everyone else, I get flooded with calls for money. I understand the need because of cutbacks but I also understand OUR concerns because of the family economy.

I am sorry for the truly respectable organizations out there that have to fight even harder for funding because of underhanded organizations such as these.

I love my country and I love our vets but I am sorry, No money from me. I don't feel right about this one.

Thank you all for your service!

Aug 26, 2014
Me too
by: Anonymous

Received a call from them. They were very persistent. I told the man I spoke with that I do not donate over the phone so to send me something in the mail.

He transferred me to a friendly but pushy woman who took my name and address and then tried to trick me into giving her a credit card number. When I told her that was not happening, she tried 2 or 3 more times using different excuses as to why she needed me to put it on a credit card.

That is when the very bright red flags went up. Just received the mail form from them, but after reading all this and not being able to find anything showing they are legit, they will not get my donation.

Aug 23, 2014
I think I made a big mistake
by: Anonymous

I received a call last week and got the letter on Thursday. I donated $12 and sent the money order today.

I wish I had seen this before I sent in my money. I will never send the another penny.

They should be ashamed of themselves for ripping people off. Thank you for posting, and I am upset I sent in my money.

Aug 21, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation Scam
by: Mark

This outfit called from 561-320-0056, which is in the Boca Raton, Florida area. They had their phone programed to read ADT A T Alarm & in my caller ID (they called several times).

I called back on another telephone and got the story about their Veterans Support Group.

The guys doing the calling are paid "fundraisers" working for an outfit in New Jersey called Residential Programs Inc.

You can file a complaint with the FCC about the telephone calls: Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls. You can also file a complaint with your local police force.

As far as this being a bogus charity group, (and I believe they are bogus), I suppose that would be another matter for law enforcement.

As telephone lines are being used for intra-state solicitations, the FBI is probably the law enforcement agency to handle any complaint.

Aug 18, 2014
Donations for American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

Glad I found your site, as I received a call from this group and my donation paperwork arrived today.

My father is a Korean War Vet, and my younger brother & my son both served in Afghanistan.

After reading the posts I don't think I will be donating to this group. It really upsets me to see groups like this collecting money on the pretense of helping veterans and it turns out the money is not going to the vets. :(

Thanks for keeping us informed on these questionable charities that are soliciting for funds.

Aug 14, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Speak Out

Apparently another sketchy "Veterans Charity" solicitor.

We have been receiving numerous and repeated calls from this organization, which I believe to be National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, Inc. D/B/A American Veterans Support Foundation (J. Thomas Burch Jr., President).

They call from dozens of telephone numbers in the following area codes: 202, 240, 301, 443, 571, 650 and 703.

These calls do originate domestically, but they hide behind the cloak of a 501(c)3 organization so they are exempt from the National Do Not Call List. All we can do is block the telephone numbers, and that is why they are utilizing a wide variety of ever-changing numbers.

Aug 12, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Eric

I received a call from the American Veterans Support Foundation this afternoon.

I answered the phone (land line phone) and said hello a few times, but finally heard a voice after a long pregnant pause (presumably to set up some computer generated voice), before the caller basically asks for a donation after giving the name of his business.

I said that I already donate to charity and promptly hung up. I am on the national "do not call" registry, but it obviously doesn't get enforced anymore.

I believe it likely to be a scam, because I've heard similar pauses before some alleged policeman's charities (I checked online and found they were hoaxes) and I hung up on those (and of course sent no money either).

I don't fall for them, but if this is a fake, I want you to be able to keep track of them if you are interested. The number is: (571) 267-3623 from I believe Alexandria, Virginia.

Best of luck, Eric.

Aug 09, 2014
Donation worth it or not?
by: Anonymous

I received a call for donation. I decided to look them up. All comments are confusing.

Are they legit, or is there a better organization to give to? I like wounded warriors but not sure about them either.

I like most of my dollar to go to the veterans and it looks like this is not the case. Can you calculate what per cent does go to vets. If $5 out of $35 as one person commented, that's not great.

Anon, you can find our list of recommended charities here: Honorable Veterans Charities.

And you may want to read our information about Wounded Warrior Project here and here.

Aug 07, 2014
Choose a Different Charity
by: Beenliedto

This is just a boiler room operation that gives just enough funds to veterans organizations to keep the sheriff from their door.

Just had a phone call again from them. He told me that it's being recorded, but it's not.

When they call, just say NO and if they keep chaining the amount that you can contribute ... Just tell them "I said no" and then hang up.

There is nothing legal that can be done about this type of charlatans. Just tell everyone that you know not to give them any money.

Aug 04, 2014
I almost sent the check.
by: Anonymous

I also got one of those friendly calls asking me to send $100 as I had done in the past??

When I got the letter, I realized that I had never heard of this group before.

Thank you for having this website making it easy to track the many, many groups who supposedly are helping our deserving veterans.

Don't veterans have enough problems without scammers taking money that is intended to help them?

Jul 30, 2014
Does not look Legit
by: Anonymous in San Diego

I received a call and pledged a small donation. When I got the letter and pledge return, there is a web site listed (

I brought up the site and it is nothing more than a list of adds for things like, health care providers (insurance companies) etc.

I do not intend to send my pledged amount.

Jul 29, 2014
American Veteran Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

I was just contacted by phone from a number located in D.C., trying to get a donation.

I asked them what their website name was. They tried to say oh! is my voice clear. I said no. Please stop calling me and I do not wish to participate.

Then I asked them to take me off of their calling list. They said Ok and I hung up.

I think it is a scam. I donate to the wounded warrior program and I think they may have bought their donor list. If this true I will stop donating.

Jul 29, 2014
Watch out for
by: Tom

They may have changed their name. I asked the caller for a website so I could assess how much of the money goes to vets.

Go to and it is weak website with no quantifiable info. However, their website is titled American Veterans Support Foundation. Could not find anything that seemed legit on this org. Also the charity checkers came up empty.

Jul 29, 2014
by: Jerry M

Received a phone call on 7/16/14, almost begging me to donate $25.00. Received my 'pledge' paperwork in the mail yesterday (7/28/14).

After reading the enclosed flyer, I was quite skeptical about this organization and did some research and didn't like what I found.

As a Viet Nam veteran myself, I'm shocked to find this stuff happens to our Vets. Don't these people have a conscience?! money from me to them. Thank you for your information.

Jerry, Thank you for your service, and Welcome Home! I'm glad you found our information useful.

Jul 22, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation Scam
by: Gary

I just got a call today from this group, started with an automated beep, then Richard comes on.

Having had so many calls from groups supposedly collecting on behalf of police, Sheriffs associations, firefighters etc. and doing some research, I knew it was a scam and hung up immediately.

I have gotten several calls today and let my answering machine take their beep message, then unplugged my phone.

They may be legal, but sadly the law only requires these 501(c)3 organizations to give a small portion of their take to the cause they supposedly represent.

As a result, most are just money-making boiler rooms abusing the law.

Until Congress modifies this act to require these tax-free organizations to give at least 80 percent of their take to their cause, I won't give a dime to any of them.

If they keep harassing you, call or use their website to tell them to take you off their calling and mailing lists which they ARE required by law to do. If they continue you can then turn it over to your State's Attorney General.

Jul 18, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

I too got a call and then was transferred to a woman to verify I would donate and was comfortable with my amount.

When I looked over their paperwork, what really struck me was the statement "your contribution MAY be tax deductible".

Hmmmm....didn't feel good about that so I tried to search them out on the net and like everyone else, could not find anything other than their own site.

I won't be donating.

Jul 15, 2014
American Veteran Support
by: Debbie

Had a call today from this group but I would not commit to a certain amount until I received and read their information. Whoever I spoke with, a man, went from asking for at least $15, to $10 (the least they accept) to 'any amount I can give'.

Checked them out online. Found your site. Will not be donating.

Jul 10, 2014
by: Anonymous



Jun 21, 2014





Jun 08, 2014
American Veteran Support Foundation
by: wayne

June first 2014 I received a call from the Support Foundation.

Richard asked for a donation of fifty dollars -- said I donated fifty last year and could I do it again. Yes, I replied.

The only donation I made last year of fifty dollars was to the National Fire Fighters. so now I think these people are working together.

Wayne, most likely what happened is that either the two organizations utilize the same fundraising group, and are using the donor list from one to solicit for the other, or AVSF rented the mailing list from National Firefighters, which apparently included the amount of your donation.

Either way, I find that tactic highly unethical and designed to dupe people who have not previously donated to the organization into believing that they did. That is deliberately misleading, and should be prohibited.

I would not donate to any organization which engaged in that type of solicitation.

Jun 04, 2014
They're Persistent!
by: Anonymous

I recieved a phone call from American Veterans Support Foundation asking for donation.
I said I would donate after I check to see where they are spending their money.

The gentleman kept insisting that I promise to donate the agreed-upon amount as soon as I get the letter. I kept repeating that I would pay after I checked their website. I did not ask for the website address.

There was a flyer in the letter with the website of Their website states they are a special project of the Vietnam Veterans Foundation.

The following statement was also on their website:
"The American Veterans Support Foundation is a special program of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation which is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, Tax ID #52-2286034. Your contribution may be tax deductible, however, we suggest you consult your tax preparer. The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is a non-profit Veterans organization whose mission is Veterans helping Veterans with the generous support of the American people. Your support of the American Veterans Support Foundation is important and the American Veterans Support Foundation thanks you for that support."

Like many of the other comments noted, the mailing address is a PO Box in West Allis, WI.

I could not find anything of the National Vietnam Veterans Support Foundation that indicated the American Veterans Support Foundation was part of their organization.

Jun 03, 2014
Me Too
by: Anonymous

I also got a call, from a # listed as 866-317-7141, address of P.O. Box 44260, West Allis Wi. 53214.

I went looking as well, as they weren't known to me. Luckily I found you as well.

No $ for them!
Thank you.

May 24, 2014
In Agreement
by: Rose

I too received a call from "Richard". When I asked if this was a 501(c)3 organization, he went into an off-beat speech which didn't make sense to me.

Now, I'm thinking maybe it was a computer-generated voice?

I did make a $15 pledge over the phone, then did some research. It sounded phoney, the phone call came from Ohio, but the pledge "bill" shows the address going to WI.

I've looked all over for this charity and can't find it listed anywhere. I'm glad I found your web-site. I will NOT be sending this group a penny.

Rose, we're happy you found us, too! Please share us with your friends.

Mar 31, 2014
Suspicious Charity
by: Anonymous

March 2014

Received a call from American Veterans Support Foundation, I believe it was a Richard, and wanted a donation. I agreed and was transferred to a female who she took my info.

I have since done some searching and looked for the phone number they called from on white pages 202-779-9332. It came up as suspicious and numerous complaints from people saying they had been harassed and called repeatedly.

The papers gave a P.O. Box # of 44260, West Allis, WI, so I am not sending the donation and just telling them if they call it was sent.

I will donate, but make sure that it is a legitimate charity. Also will go with what I believe, that I will initiate it and not take any callers soliciting me for donations.

Feb 28, 2014
American Veterans Foundation
by: Anonymous

I received a call, similar to other writers, from Richard. He sounded automated.

He was persistent and when he connected me to the records dept, I heard a strange click. I got concerned. I asked for a info packet.

The number was 203-817-2924. Seems fishy.

Jan 15, 2014
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

Just received a call from an automated sounding voice after 8 p.m. tonight from a "Richard" soliciting a donation from me on behalf of this foundation.

When I asked him if he was a real person, he responded by saying he was using a computer for "quality purposes" but assured me I was talking to a real person.

I was curious, so I said I could make a donation and "he" connected me to their records department where an actual young woman answered the phone and asked for my address. After she asked me several times if I would at least send them $15, I asked if the first "person" I talked to was real.

She said it was a real person, but they were using a computer. I asked if they had been talking through a computer with a computer generated voice. She said she could not give me that information.

I then asked if it was a legitimate organization and she told me I could call an 800 number and look at their website, which she said started with "triple w."

I asked her if she was even located in the USA and she said the foundation was registered in DC. I told her that she didn't answer my question about if she was currently talking to me from the USA. She repeated that the foundation was registered in DC.

I told her that I was not going to commit to donating any money until I could verify the legitimacy of the organization.

I don't know of any young adult in the USA who starts a website address by saying "triple w". Seems like a scam. If they start bothering me like some of the other posts I read here, I will be extremely irritated!

They called me from 202-817-2923.

Concerned Actual American

Dec 01, 2013
American Veterans Support Foundation fraud
by: Chrissie Taylor

I would like to get information on who in Utah government to contact, when I feel I was solicited in a fraudulent manner despite this being a registered charity with state of Utah.

Will be asking for IRS having issued tax exempt status to this organization and its appropriateness. This seems appropriate action for fundraising done with intent to take money for used for the disabled vets, which my deceased husband was in his short lived life after exposure to agent orange while serving the military efforts of U.S.A.

Would like to extend appreciation for your website in offering means for my doing something that may eventually put an end to these people misleading those who want to aid the families hurt by the war efforts our country has been involved in now and in the future.

Chrissie, Thank you for your husband's service.

The Utah Division of Consumer Protection regulates charities that solicit in Utah.

You can find some helpful information on their website, and you can get info about how to file a complaint at this page.

Nov 15, 2013
American Veterans Foundation
Data from NJ Consumer Affairs - Nov 2013

by: Anonymous

Phone: 888-556-8812

Income Expenses
Direct Public Contributions: $647,564.00
Program Expenses: $ 47,881.00
Management Expenses: $ 82,044.00
Government Grants: -0-
Fund Raising: $537,387.00

Other Support: $104.00
Total Expenses: $667,312.00
Total Revenue: $647,668.00

Registration Number: CH3284000
Report in File: 12/31/11

Do the math - They spend 7.4% on Vets & the rest for them!!

Actually, if you check the actual tax returns to see how those "program expenses" are spent and apportioned, you may find that part of those expenses are what most of us would consider fundraising expenses, too.

Under the accounting rules, this type of accounting is acceptable, but most donors consider it to be deceiving. I haven't looked at this particular tax return (or at the source of these figures, either), so I can't say that's the case here, but even if all of that $47,881 went to vets, that's a paltry sum out of nearly $650,000 in donations!

The management expenses of $82,044 don't look out of line.

But have a look at that fundraising amount - $537,387! That's 83% of the money that hard-working people donated, intending that it go to benefit veterans, actually went to a for-profit fundraising company.

And if you notice, that left the group $20 thousand in the hole for the next year, so the first $20,000 of donations for the following year will have to go to pay off the fundraiser for that year!

Personally, I think that's disgraceful. And I'm glad to see that most of you agree with me.

Keep the pressure on your Congressional representatives to fix the problem (although with the Obamacare debacle and implosion, and the IRS scandal, and Benghazi, they probably have more pressing issues to attend to!).

Oct 02, 2013
"There are still good Veterans Charities"
by: L. A. Shaver

Scammers using the word "Veterans" as a means to solicit donations seems to be very popular now. Please do your homework, ask for a contact phone number and name of someone in their charity that you can call for more information.

Do not donate your hard earned money to SCAMMERS in the name of helping Veterans. Make sure your funds are really helping Veterans.

As President and CEO of a US Military Veterans Non-Profit 501(c)19 Charity, Honorably Discharged Former Active Duty US Marine and Vietnam Combat Veteran, I find it appalling to use Veterans as a means to scam the public. Although I know there are many unscrupulous people committing fraud in the name of helping Veterans, please do not let this keep you from supporting the legitimate Charities.

There are those of us that truly are making a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families. I will not name the Veterans Charity that I oversee. However, rest assured that if one of our fund raisers calls you, you can ask for my Name and Phone Number. I will be overjoyed to come to your home and sit down with you and your family and discuss every aspect of our work.

Yes, make no mistake; Professional Fund Raising is a business. People that spend hours and hours on the phone need food, shelter and the necessaries of life just like any other person on God's good earth. The workers who pickup the donation from the supporters need to pay for their transportation as well as their family’s other needs.

It would be great if we had volunteers to do all these important tasks, but they aren't there. Our Charity does its best to make sure our Fund Raisers employ Veterans first and foremost. The only volunteers are those of us that run the day-to-day operations of our Charity and all of us have Full Time Employment elsewhere, in no way connected to our Charity.

So please use the safe-guards set in place to weed out the fraud from amongst us and continue to support America's Heroes, Our Military Veterans!

God bless America!
L.A. Shaver, USMC

Aug 02, 2013
American Veterans Support Foundation
by: Anonymous

This came with a return address of West Allis, WI but my call was from DC.

I just received the letter today (8/2) and it says to remit by 8/6.

That makes me wonder. Has anyone out there received a letter with this title?

May 10, 2013
Being Harrassed by AVF
by: Jennifer

Last year I had received a mailer stating that I had pledged money over the phone, but as I had not done so, I recycled the entire thing.

I have since received at least 4 phone calls from a man named Richard on behalf of the American Veterans Foundation who insists that I need to pay. I have of course refused, and several calls have been harassing and personally vindictive.

They blow by the statement on our landline stating that we do not allow phone solicitation.

Just as I had thought the calls were done, I heard a familiar deep voice when I picked up the phone again last week, saying "Yeah Jennifer, this is Richard from the American Veterans Foundation" and once again, I simply stated I was not interested and hung up.

Previously, though, he would call back and leave voicemails, and I have repeatedly asked to be taken off of their calling lists.

I will definitely take the advice listed and contact other agencies as well, as this has to stop.

Mar 19, 2013
American Veterans Foundation - Scam?
by: Veteran's wife

I just received a call from a very well spoken young man asking for money to support homeless and disabled veterans.

When I questioned him, telling him we only support veteran's groups locally, he said they were affiliated with a Vietnam Veteran's Foundation, and upon further questioning, they were based out of "DC". He told me his name, which I don't remember, but it was something like Davis Franklin. Really? Refused to donate.

The number on my caller ID was V31920323400043, and when I redialed it the number came up as 415-813-3641. California.

It's a scam IMO.

Oct 25, 2011
Unauthorized Use of Trademark
by: Diana

I have a trademark for American Veterans Foundation, which this group is using without authorization.

I have talked to the people in Georgia and have asked them to stop using this name.

I will soon have to have a lawyer send them a letter.

I complained to Amvets about them using Amvet email, but they don't care if someone is cashing in on their good name.

I can send you proof that I have this trademark.

I am currently setting up my non-profit. My site has been up for 6 or 7 years, but I recently had to change hosts. It will soon be up again.


Diana, thank you for alerting us to this situation. We have verified with the US Patent and Trademark Office that you do indeed have a trademark related to the use of American Veterans Foundation.

Patents and trademarks are a highly-specialized field of law, and you will need an attorney experienced in trademark law to advise you regarding your options in this situation.

Oct 07, 2011
Any Connected Charities?
by: Lynda Dreese

I received a request from Michigan Veterans Foundation. I asked for a letter so I could check it out.

Like American Veterans Foundation, they do not respond to the BBB of Michigan. The name of their project now is "Operation Welcome Home". Their address is listed as P.O. box 1191, Bay City,MI 48706.

I feel bad that they might just be a front for a fundraising organization.

Jul 07, 2011
Do not confuse
by: Anonymous

This is confused with AMVETS. There is an organization called American Veterans.

May 26, 2011
Defrauding Veterans
by: Allen McQuarrie

Anyone who uses our commitment and support for our veterans for fraudulent purposes should be jailed.

I just donated $50 to the American Veterans Foundation and my wife was suspicious. I called my credit card company and they list a charitable donation.

How can we help the IRS with our support to investigate this organization and prosecute if necessary?

Allen McQuarrie
Doylestown, Pa.
PRO ACT Veterans Helping Veterans

Allen, until the regulations concerning charity fundraising are modified, I'm afraid there isn't much we can do other than put pressure on Congress and the IRS to tighten up the regs. Maybe if enough donors raise enough of a ruckus, some reform will happen. Until then, we just have to be vigilant and do our homework about every organization before we make a donation, and keep sharing the information we find to educate other donors.

Nov 18, 2010
Legit Or Not?
by: Anonymous

I made a $15 pledge to the American Veterans Foundation and I wanted to know if there was any easy way to tell if they are legit.

My letter says AVF is a National Non-profit Organization. IRS cost section 501 (c)3 Tax ID# 80-0273572. And to call 888/556-8812 if I had any questions.

As we've pointed out many times, there is a vast difference between a "legitimate" charity, and one that uses donated funds efficiently to support its cause.

As a general rule, the charities that are operating above-board and being good stewards of donated funds are proud of that fact, and will post their financial information on their own web sites so you don't have to waste time searching for them. Those that don't have such good track records often make it difficult for the average consumer to find out what they do with the money that's donated to them.

The "fundraising" page on the AmVets web site is basically a solicitation for third-party professional fundraisers to contact the group about conducting fundraising efforts for them. The fact that no other information appears on their fundraising page, along with the fact that it's so hard to find elsewhere, would make me choose a different organization to make my donation to.

As we stated before, we would be very wary of donating any money to this group, because so little information about them is available. They never responded to our request for information.

Oct 11, 2010
Donations for American Veterans Foundation
by: Anonymous

I just received a call asking for donation for this organization also.

Unless I know where the money goes I don't usually jump on the wagon anymore.

They said they had a spot on last Thursday's news. Anyone see that?

Aug 23, 2010
by: Jill Schmitz

I work for a non-profit company that supports services for individuals with special needs.

One of my individuals received a letter from AVF (I googled the address and this website was listed).

I believe it might be a scam, considering the letter said the person pledged $75, and there is no way that actually happened. This person has 24 hour assistance and doesn't answer the phone on his own.

I'm going to see if I can find a number to contact the BBB or any other agency that would help with this.

Jill, thank you for your vigilance with this on behalf of your charge. Organizations that use such blatantly false and deceptive tactics should be put out of business, in our opinion.

In addition to the BBB, you might file a complaint with your state's Attorney General and whichever office regulates charities in your state. It's usually the Secretary of State, but some states have different offices. If you have trouble finding the agency for your state, submit a comment here (which comes to me for review before it goes live) giving me your state and your e-mail address (which I will not publish), and I'll send you a link to the proper agency for your state.

You might also file fraud complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (since this is most likely a for-profit fundraising group making the solicitation), the IRS (requesting review of the charity's tax-exempt status and reporting deceptive trade practices and fraud), and the Office of the Postal Inspector (reporting fraudulent mailing activity - check the box that says "charity fraud").

In addition, Rep. Henry Waxman of California is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which investigated veterans charities in 2007-2008. I would recommend sending copies of your complaints to his office as well, prominently marked "Veterans Charity Fraud."

And please keep us informed about your progress.

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