Actual Results are in - NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!

by Tim

Tim writes:

OK...McCain is crazy and Obama is evil. What a terrible situation.

It is much better to have a crazy person surrounded by a decent cabinet than an evil person.

How anyone can vote for someone with terrorist ties who is OK with killing babies is beyond me.

Someone who cares what Europe thinks and believes we should be more like them is in no way an American. George S. Patton, a true American Hero, is rolling in his grave. To think that we would bend to Europe or anywhere else in the world is a terrible travesty.

Some people are poor in this country and that apparently has taken away their intelligence. Since when should Oprah Winfrey be telling America how to vote?

Soon we will lose our first amendment rights, then we will be infiltrated by muslims, just like France, Spain and Italy are.

This is the beginning of the second edition of the Crusades.

At least McCain will stand tall. And most importantly, how in good conscience can anyone, and I mean anyone allow NOBAMA to choose Supreme Court Justices with his evil liberal philosophies, and yet call themselves a good Christian or a Jew?

This is a country where majority rules. The majority of the country is Christian and yet Obama will turn it upside down because of the weakness of Christians.

I am appalled. Enjoy your freedom and hope. Money will come and go. Both choices will lead us into the rest of the depression. It is inevitable, so at least keep your freedoms.

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