A Large Serving of Crow

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Kyle-Anne writes:

My Large Crow Has Been Ordered

A few months back I postulated that a McCain landslide was in the making. I went on a few radio shows to talk it up and explain my wisdom. Up until last night at about 10:00 Eastern, I still believed McCain could and would win. My husband just looked at me around 11:00 and called me "the Queen of Denial."

I confess, it's true. I believed in the common sense of the American people despite every poll, every warning sign, every reality, it seems.

This morning, I called my favorite caterer, Aunt Bea, and ordered a very large crow, which I will roast and eat in the full view of my husband and children and anyone else who cares to watch.

Immediately after consuming said crow, I will be sharpening my pen and aiming at the bulls eye, which has now been painted upon the whole of the Democrat Party. Starting January 20, every single thing that befalls this country can be laid at their well-deserving door.

As for my husband, he is planning to attach post it notes to all of our bills, saying not to worry because Obama will be mailing them a check in our names.

Happy days are here again. Let the good times roll.

The Obamessiah has come to our rescue. Can't wait to see all that peace and harmony, those seas receding and bankrupted coal miners rushing the White House en masse. At least, it's going to be interesting.

Kyle-Anne blogs at www.commonsenseregained.com. You can often find her articles at AmericanThinker.com.

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