You Have No Idea!

by Rocky Warren
(Colfax, CA.)

Val? You should have shut your pie-hole while you had the chance. Now, I'll stop attending movies and never buy any of your DVD's.

The same as I, all my family, friends and everyone I can influence, will avoid contributing one thin dime to Cruise, Sarandon or any of the other leftist creeps.

The only thing you elitist pukes understand is hitting you in the pocketbook. It's power and money you love, so that's where we hit you. In addition, no one should ever elect you to anything and never watch anything you're in.
Ever wonder why Alec Baldwin can't get a movie part and is marooned on TV? You might find out.

Mr. Kilmer, if you actually made anything remotely like the statements attributed to you, you deserve nothing but contempt. You don't even know how badly you've failed. You have no experiential yardstick against which to measure your failure.

It's too late for you to "get a life." You lack any real experience. And you're way past the age of enlistment!

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