You are not forgotten!

by Laura Kirkland
(Williamsport, PA; USA)

Thanks for keeping a smile on my face!

Thanks for keeping a smile on my face!

Laura shares:

Whether you are in lands far away (in a war zone or not), or right here in the United States of America; you are not forgotten!

Many of us appreciate the sacrifice you make on a daily basis for freedom. I am among them.

Also, all of our military service members matter to the war effort in which we are currently engaged. In the Bible, when the warriors in God's Army went out to battlefields against enemies, those who "stayed by the stuff" back at camp were just as important and integral to the effort as those who went out to battle.

After all, the supplies are crucial in a war. The weary, wounded, & hungry had something to come back to that would answer their immediate need. The people who handle all the paperwork, keeping the records of those service members in order so that they get paid, get medical care, have their families taken care of as dependents, etc. The cooks, the medical personnel, the engineers, and on & on. Everyone matters!

I pray for wisdom, direction, discernment, and humility for those in leadership positions. For all, I pray for strength of body and mind, courage in the face of all challenges, obedience to those who have your backs in the field, and most of all, faith & trust in the God who loves you more than any human being has the capacity to love. If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. Seek His face daily and when you can't trace His hand, trust His heart.

Keep on keeping on. Love and much respect to all of you!

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