Why we always blame the black man for the white mans mistakes

by Lesly
(Camp Foster, AP FPO, USA)

Lesly writes, from a Marine Corps Camp in Okinawa:

"Obama admin did not shut down the government for it is congress that funds the military. Your ignorance does not help..

Republican led congress shut down the government over the affordable care act.

Im tired of republican base they take no responsibility for their actions."

Lesly, your title leads me to believe it's time for you to attend your command's Equal Opportunity training again. Your submitted title is a clear indication of racial prejudice, which is not permitted in the United States Marine Corps.

Beyond that, I don't know how it relates to your comments, or your comments to this article (published two+ years ago), which is about how the government shutdown would affect military paychecks, and what military families should do to weather the storm.

It looks like a gratuitous racial comment, unless you just mean that Congress (a majority of which is comprised of white men) made mistakes that led to the shutdown of the government, and that you think it is wrongly being blamed on Obama, the nation's first (half) black President instead.

If so, I'm afraid it's your lack of awareness that's showing. First, while it's true the the House was (newly) Republican-controlled at the time, the Senate was still controlled by Democrat Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid.

The shutdown of the government happened as a result of the automatic sequestration cuts, but I'll bet you didn't know that those were provisions that originated in the Obama administration and were included in the Budget Control Act in 2011. Obama intended to (and did) use them as a hammer to bludgeon the Republican House into giving him whatever he wanted in budget negotiations, because the authors thought the cuts were so Draconian that there was no way Congress would allow them to happen.

When the Republicans refused to cave to such blackmail, and the Democrats couldn't or wouldn't come up with or agree to a compromise that would pass both houses of Congress, the sequestration cuts engineered by the Obama administration automatically kicked in.

Instead of attempting to reach a compromise with Republicans, the administration went on a public relations blitz to warn the American public how bad the consequences would be if the Republicans didn't accept his plan. That way, when the government shut down as a result of HIS budget cuts (which were designed to inflict the maximum pain on the American public), he could point fingers at the Republicans for cuts that he originated.

A brilliantly deceptive strategy, and it worked among people
who just accept the party's talking points without doing their own research, and seem to want to make everything about race. Please. Take a little responsibility for yourself.

Sequestration was Obama's idea to begin with, and he never even met with Congressional leaders to discuss a compromise on the budget until the day the cuts were supposed to go into effect! That's why he's being held responsible for the sequester, and rightly so.

By the way, it's not the "color of his skin" we object to, it's the "content of his character." It has nothing to do with race. This is the most lawless administration in our nation's history. The President just ignores laws he doesn't agree with, including the Constitution, which, in his oath of office, he swore to uphold and defend. He even encourages others to ignore the law - something that is totally outrageous and unprecedented in this country.

Frankly, I'm surprised that such lawlessness (regardless of the color of its skin) would be supported by one of our own Devil Dogs.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would be horrified to see what this first (half) black President has done to undermine race relations in this country. (Did you see his niece Alveda King's comments about the Black Lives Matter movement? I encourage you to look them up if you didn't.)

In the past 7 years, under his "leadership" (and following his example), all the gains made in the civil rights movement of the 1960's have been lost and the situation is just as bad now as it was then, only in reverse. I realize you weren't born at that time, but I lived in the South in those days, so yes, I'm qualified to make that comparison.

Republican aides claimed at the time of the sequester that the Democrats had made very little attempt or effort to reach an agreement before the deadline. Obviously, they were content to let sequestration go into effect, and then point fingers at the Republicans.

But I can see how you would fall for their finger-pointing, given the racially-biased premise in your title. You know, if the black man accepted responsibility for his own actions, instead of always looking for someone else to blame, and claiming his action/situation was due to racial prejudice instead of his own lawless, entitled attitude, this country, and especially its black families, would be in far better shape.

But that's a discussion for another day, and another web site. We're here to talk about Military Money Matters, which is what this article was about. Thanks for joining our conversation.

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Aug 28, 2015
Well said..
by: Vietnam Vet in Communist Massachusetts

Excellent rebuttal to this gratuitous comment -- couldn't have said it better. Everything this president has done has been to DIVIDE this country by race, nationality, economics, religion etc. It's time to get past this and get back to being AMERICANS FIRST!

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