Who is He Kidding?

by Robert F. Strickler
(Bartlett, IL. USA)

I am not a football star and I didn't go to college and we were not rich by any means. I went because I had to, not because they said I had to, because I had to. I lost 7 class mates in Nam and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about them.

Mr. Kilmer you have no idea what the HELL you are talking about. You had to be there. I think you need to talk to some Viet Nam vets so that you can get the true story of what we did and why.

Being an actor doesn't give you the right to say you could do what we did. You have no idea.

Robert F. Strickler
US Navy Seabee's
MCB 74
1968 & 1970

P.S. I am an AMERICAN - are you??????

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