What You Do for Me and Why I am Grateful

by SlaveNoMore
(St. George, Utah)

SlaveNoMore writes:

I know that almost all of you, regardless of branch, signed up for the military because you wanted to give service and sacrifice to and for the people that you love whole-heartedly, aka "we the people."

I know that a great many of you are consistently forced to make difficult decisions between carrying out orders that your hearts and souls find to be morally and ethically unacceptable, and being imprisoned by your own government for refusing to do their dirty work.

I know that many of the things that you must do in the name of "service to the people" are damaging to you, emotionally and spiritually, far beyond the damage that you take physically.

I know that our Dark Masters do not care about me or you. And I know that you know all of this as well.

You know that if you had not offered yourselves as sacrifice to the bidding of our Dark Masters, then everyone that you love would have been forced by those same Dark Masters to be where you are and suffering as you suffer. You know that you are protecting us and keeping us from harm by our government by taking it all upon yourselves - taking one for the team.

You know that those of us who do not agree with what you are doing out there (as if you did yourselves!) are often prone to bad-mouthing and demonizing you in the public forum, and you allow that to remain irrelevant.

You know that most of what well-meaning people thank you for is really BS, and that the real sacrifices that you are making and what you are really protecting us from is seldom if ever mentioned.

I am mentioning it, and others need to get up off of their safely-comfortable rears and thank you for being there so that that they themselves do not have to be, so that their rear ends can remain safely comfortable.

I am allowed the privilege of spending every night at home with my wife and children, loving them and appreciating them in relative safety, because I did not get drafted. I did not get drafted
because you were willing to volunteer in my stead.

I do not get shot at and watch my friends die while inadvertently killing innocent people because you made the sacrifice to do it for me.

I am not yet threatened on a personal level by my government with imprisonment if I refuse to do things that are wrong when I am ordered to do them, because you so selflessly choose to put yourselves into that situation so that I would be protected from it.

You live and die for me, and you do not even know me. You suffer unspeakable atrocities so that I don't have to.

How do I ever thank you enough or pay you back for that? How do I show you just how much I sincerely love all of you who suffer needlessly to protect the rest of us from the same fate?

How do I express how wonderful and important it is for all of you to look to Scott Olsen, Marine veteran of two tours in Iraq, seriously injured by police in the Occupy Oakland protest while standing still and provoking no one, as an example of the most pure and most true service that you can give to we the people?

We the people do not even begin to appreciate what you really do for us. Every day that we are not forced to wage war against our own souls, we continue to completely take you for granted. Thank you for not letting that matter to you.

Thank you for trying to teach us what service to others really means.

In the coming weeks, when they send NATO, or worse, when they send YOU, to fully implement the worldwide police state, when they send you to remove us from the streets and from our homes (the true purpose of all of your "house clearing" training) and to lock us, the American people, up in the prison camps that are standing tall and proud for everyone to see in every single state of the union, please continue to protect us, please choose to stand in the way, as did Scott Olsen. Even if we don't deserve it.

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yea its an ugly world
by: ana d warner

me, ana d. warner, part of "we the people" do understand and appreciate the many great sacrifices our soldiers make.

I do know what they have to endure - obviously you don't because you never made the sacrifice.

I thank all you heroes who selflessly give.


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