What about Deployed Service Members in a Government Shutdown?

(Chesapeake, Virginia)

In the event of a government shutdown, what are deployed service members supposed to do?

These suggestions might work for those who are sitting at home or have spouses or other family members that can make phone calls or jump on the Internet to make arrangements.

What about deployed service members that are in country or out to sea?

I don't think most people realize how difficult it is to manage finances without phones and Internet. These people set up payments from their bank accounts so everything gets paid on time while they are away. Not everyone has someone at home they can trust to take care of their banking.

The luxury of being able to make phone calls can be extremely limited or non-existent in some areas of the world, especially the most dangerous areas.

We don't need deployed service members stressed out and worrying about what's going on at home with their bills. This is Unconscionable.

We agree, it is unconscionable. Sadly, this is one of those times when it becomes all too obvious that there are not enough veterans in Congress! Clearly, not enough members of Congress understand (or care about) the hardship this causes for military families, many of whom are struggling to make it from payday to payday anyway.

One thing you can do to make things a bit easier is to do your banking with USAA.com. I realize that you still need internet access for this if you're deployed, but
at least USAA understands and works with service members.

For the last threatened government shutdown, USAA offered no-interest payday advances to members who had their paychecks on direct deposit with USAA. I was most impressed that USAA stepped up to help out its members so their credit wouldn't be negatively impacted. My contact at USAA tells me they will be doing that again, for existing members.

Unfortunately, this Administration does little besides lip service in the way of taking care of our military and veterans and their families. That's a travesty, but I'm afraid we're stuck with it for at least another year and a half.

Make sure you register to vote if you haven't already, and make your voice heard in 2016. And be sure to support veterans who are candidates. Until we have enough people who are willing to elect a president with the guts to do what is best for our country and its people instead of the one who promises them the most "free stuff," I'm afraid we're in for some rough times.

Spread the word, and get all your friends interested in the presidential race. Learn about the various candidates and what they stand for. It is only when we elect leaders who understand that the promises our government has made to our military veterans over the years are sacrosanct that military members will be treated with the respect they have earned (at least in the halls of Congress).

Thank you for your service.

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