Vietnam Vets Still Remembered

by Brandon Parker
(Sheffield Lake, Ohio)

Brandon writes:

To all Vietnam veterans - I, on the behalf of most teenagers, would like to say that we are grateful for the sacrifices you made during the war of Vietnam. Your sacrifices are noticed and are greatly admired.

Everytime I see a veteran, I always stop and speak with them and send a hearty salute. I find it an honor to talk with veterans and give them the respect that they so rightfully deserve.

Brandon Parker, 16
Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Brandon, thank you for taking the time to post this comment. I know all our Vietnam vet readers will appreciate your salute to them.

Obviously, your parents have taught you the value of the sacrifices made by these men and women, and I'm sure they must be proud of you and your attitude.

I wish more parents would take the time to teach their children to honor and respect our military and veterans.

Does your future perhaps include military service?

Best wishes to you...

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Thanks, Brandon
by: Joe B .

I appreciate your kind remarks. It's especially meaningful to hear the appreciation from someone so young.

We can't change how we were treated back in the 60's and early 70's, but your generation can assure that it never happens again to our returning veterans.

Do I still harbor some bad feelings about how we were treated? Yes, but hearing from caring young people like yourself helps heal those old wounds.

Best of luck in what I'm sure will be a successful future no matter what direction you may decide to take in life.

Thanks again from an old Marine.


Yes, I Wll Serve
by: Brandon Parker

My future does belong to the military.

I have actually scheduled a meeting with a National Guard recruiter for Wednesday.

I plan to serve our country valiantly.

Brandon, thanks for posting back to let us know your plans. We're confident you'll be a fine soldier, and we wish you the very best.

Come back and keep us posted on your progress.


by: Brandon Parker

Joe, it's an honor to hear from you. I am proud to say that I am able to speak with you.

I know this is a hard topic to go over with a lot of veterans, but I must for my school project. What was it like as a soldier fighting in Vietnam?

I want to keep Vietnam out of the history books, and keep it fresh in the minds of my fellow youth so that we, hopefully one day, all know the sacrifices the brave soldiers, such as yourself, made.

Respectfully yours,
Brandon Parker

by: Joe B .


This is an issue that is hard to talk about, especially in a public forum.

If you want to email me I'd be willing to give you my view points on the Vietnam War, from my perspective. My email address is ... Not sure if it's acceptable to display my email address in this forum, but here it is.

Feel free to use it if you want to discuss further.

Joe, thank you for your generous offer to discuss your experiences with Brandon. I have e-mailed him your e-mail address rather than publishing it, which would likely subject you to all sorts of spam.

Best wishes to both of you,

Thanks Janet
by: Joe B.

Thanks for forwarding Brandon my email address. That was a wise move on your part.

My pleasure, Joe. Saw no reason to subject you to the kooks out there. I appreciate your agreement to share your stories with another generation's warrior, and I'm sure he does, too.

By the way, Welcome Home, and Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service. Semper Fi.

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