Vietnam Vet's daughter

by Kit

Mr. Kilmer,

I would like you to know that my father is a very, very proud Vietnam Vet. He is far from a deadbeat, was not beaten by his father, nor was he poor, and he was actually a star athlete in high school. He has his college degree, is extremely intelligent and very proud to have served his country, willingly.

He has successfully raised six children with his wife of 41 years, put us all through college and made sure we appreciate the value of being an American. We were taught respect, respect for the flag, respect for our nation and most of all, respect for those who served their country and are still with us, those who paid the ultimate price, and those who continue fighting to keep us free and safe.

One of my siblings served in the Navy and his spouse is in Navy reserves. Another sibling is an officer in the Army and her spouse is an officer in the Marines, and he has served for almost 20 years. I myself have inherited his immense passion for politics and am working on serving my country through the government.

Maybe I can restore some dignity and honesty, which is not what I can say for you. I don't think my dad did too badly with us at all, do you?

Our military protects our rights and freedoms as American citizens and unfortunately, you have no appreciation for that. You have not even the slightest concept of what it means to lay down your life for your country to live without the comforts of home, let alone the luxuries of Hollywood. Come over to Washington, DC, some time and check out the thousands upon thousands of names on the Vietnam Wall memorial.

At least they did their duty and fought...what can we say about you? Oh and go ahead and look into the eyes of the families of those dead soldiers and honestly tell them they were useless, stupid losers.

After reading your comments about those Vietnam vets, that is hardly what can even I consider you.

They were each someone's son, and grandson and husband and father. Families mourned for them.

What hardships have you endured in your life, which script to accept?

How dare you.

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