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Well, "Hollywood" and its actors, directors again perpetuate Vietnam Myths. They have it ALL WRONG about Vietnam vets.

The group of guys I served with were very dedicated to the cause of survival...after all, that's what one does in war. One also develops deep friendships with your 'brothers' that will never terminate, unlike Hollywood marriages.

As I told a former Vietnamese Army choice would be to be there today, still fighting for what we believed was correct...the FREEDOM of the Vietnamese people...!

As far as Val Kilmer goes....another guy I thought was rather cool is nothing more than another fool !!

We had one draftee in a group of hundreds and he did his job as well as anyone ever did!! We had some trouble with 'FNGs', but shortly they were corrected by the senior NCOs with field experience.

We were not drug heads, nor baby killers, nor molesters, but rather highly tuned to the moment in time in which we had to defend ourselves from the NVA, a highly talent group of men who fought like tigers in their own way.

Yes, we took some licks but we always gave several back. The people of AMERICA lost that war...not the troops, for we fought with dignity, honor and a severe case of loyalty to our country.

I still believe in the American Military and its cause for FREEDOM....Iraq & Afghanistan.


'C' 1/9 USMC 1967

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We were not allowed to finish the job!
by: River Patrol sailor

This former Marine expresses my sentiments very well.

We were NOT ALLOWED to finish the job, let alone DO THE JOB CORRECTLY!

I am darn proud of the refugees who came here speaking NO ENGLISH, but who assimilated into our communities (while retaining their culture) and who have become Americans and PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS in their respective communities.

When I see the high ratio of Viet Namese-American students serving our communities on all levels of education in K-Kids, Key Club and Circle K (Kiwanis-sponsored youth organizations), it makes what we did over there worth the effort that we put into trying to secure their freedom.

The final result of what became the Viet Nam of today is due with no thanks to a spineless Congress in not supporting President Ford's request for more supplies for the Viet Namese military.

Ken Delfino
Colfax, CA
United States Navy (ret)

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