Val WHO?

by Doug Fahnlander
(Staples, MN)

Kilmer is an ignorant arrogant asshat, whose collection of awards speaks volumes about his acting ability:

Oscar Awards : No
Golden Globe : No
Independent Spirit : No
Producers Guild : No
Writers Guild : No
Directors Guild : No
Critics Award : No
BAFTA'S Award : No

Need we say more about this wannabe?

source: ONEindia


Perhaps we could mention that Val Kilmer was nominated for 4 Razzie Awards:

1997, Worst Supporting Actor, for The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

1997, Worst Supporting Actor, for The Ghost and the Darkness (1998)

1998, Worst Actor, for The Saint (1997)

2005, Worst Supporting Actor, for Alexander (2004)

But he didn't win any of those, either.

So I guess he can't be the best at anything (even when it's being the worst of something)!


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nail him to the wall
by: Denise

I totally agree Val needs to have his butt kicked numerous times for what he said and then denying it...he was a jerk.

Most of the men in my family have served proudly in the military, including Nam...

But I'm wondering when his critics are going to get together (from what I've read here) strip him down and nail him to the side of a barn? Instead of shredding the guy, pray for him to come to the conclusion that maybe he could do some real good for Nam vets.

How many of us have ever done or said stupid, hurtful things and then tried to cover it up?

He's in the public eye, so he's not going to get away with it...ever.

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