Val Kilmer, Three Bagger

by Roger Kemp, MD
(Montgomery, Alabama US)

Mr. Kilmer,

You have to be one of the most out-of-touch idiots to walk the face of this earth! I am a Viet Nam Era vet and am still, after 33 years, serving in the Alabama Air National Guard.

I do not know any veterans that fit your description of a Viet Nam Vet. I work with them everyday! I sure as hell do not.

You insolent pinko fascist! I have close friends that gave their limbs and lives so you could breathe free air.

To have you, who has never put on a uniform, fired a weapon in anger, faced death and watched friends die, think that you as a whining actor could play the role better. You need to get a life!

I know the guys that flew you at Miramar...they were not impressed, you arrogant actor! I believe the term was a "three bagger". Barf Bags That is!

Get a life and get out of mine!
Roger Kemp, Col, MC, CFS

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