Val Kilmer is Bacchus

by David Campbell
(Park City, Ut)

This cowardly, moronic imbecile, as so aptly put by Howie, is King of Bacchus 2009, the Mardi Gras Krewe to which I belong.

All members are being notified of his words demeaning Viet Nam vets. What a jerk.

We fired Woody Harrelson for similar actions. He was replaced by an active duty member of each military service in New Orleans.

Maybe we will fire Val too.

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Feb 05, 2009
That Makes My Day!
by: Janet, Editor


Your comment makes my day. I had been wondering what we could do to get him replaced as King of Bacchus -- SO HAPPY to know you're a member of that Krewe!

Let us know how we can help! I'm sure we can find plenty of Vietnam vets and/or current service members to ride on that float.

Feb 07, 2009
In response to the recently quoted interview regarding the Vietnam veterans
by: Val Kilmer

I have read the interview and I certainly did not say those things.

The writer was elaborating and not able to accept the intent of empathy, and sympathy that an actor has for all human beings and the human condition.

My father served proudly in WW2 and I have never uttered a single word of disrespect to any armed servicemen anywhere ever.

I sincerely apologize for causing any discomfort to any vets and would not have pursued a line of thought that could have been turned into such an ugly version of a simple rule in acting.

You are justifiably offended, as I was when I read the supposed quotes.

I have travelled to Iraq, interviewed, and filmed on behalf of the men and women in the field and have met with some of our great retired generals. One of the greats that I had the privilege to know was Admiral Noel Gyler, a true hero, as was Colonel Gavin, whose family I was adopted by, and even asked to write his eulogy.

Val Kilmer

Feb 07, 2009
Val, Is it Really You?
by: Janet, Editor

We have published a comment submitted that claims to be from Val Kilmer, denying having made the quoted statements. The same statement has been published by the New Mexico Independent, also allegedly from Val Kilmer.

In fairness, it will not receive the attention it deserves by being tacked on as a comment to this posting -- the way it was submitted, only people who read "Val Kilmer is Bacchus" will see it.

If in fact the comment was submitted by the REAL Val Kilmer, would you please resubmit it using our contact form so I can verify the e-mail address it comes from, or e-mail me at Janet (at)

Anyone could submit a comment claiming to be Val Kilmer, and since an e-mail address does not have to be provided to submit a comment, there is no way for us to verify its authenticity.

If you will re-submit your statement in one of those ways, and it appears from the e-mail address to be authentic, or you can provide us with any way to verify that it is actually from Val Kilmer, we will publish it as an update to the original page so that all who read the page will have the opportunity to also see your statement.

If you did not make the quoted statements, please accept our apologies. We want to give you a fair opportunity to reach our audience, who as you state, are justifiably upset at the comments attributed to you.

We're just curious, since the Esquire interview was published in 2005, why we've not been able to find your denial published at the time, but we're still researching. If you could help us out with that, we'd appreciate it.

You might want to go to the original page and read all the comments, particularly the line of comments under "Give Val a Break," too.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our Vietnam vets. Your saying a kind word about them might go a long way towards soothing some seriously ruffled feathers.

Feb 07, 2009
Confirmation from Kilmer's Assistant
by: Janet, Editor has received confirmation from an assistant to Val Kilmer that the statement is his. Follow the link for the whole story.

Feb 14, 2009
OK now what
by: Anonymous

So now Kilmer gives you his verified response. Where is the apology you owe him. Esquire says one thing Kilmer disputes it, now you have two sides, you certainly can't take one over the other.

Hi Anonymous,

Care to take on an identity instead of lurking in anonymity? Doesn't have to be your real name - no one will know.

Should we assume you've read Esquire's statement confirming that the interview was recorded and the quotes verified prior to their initial publication four years ago? And their pointing out that despite these comments being published on at least three separate prior occasions, there have not been any denials from Kilmer until now, when he's thinking of running for office, and the backlash is a bit inconvenient?

Sure we can take one side over the other. Political correctness is highly overrated. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

We're entitled to an opinion, and those vets guarantee us the right to express it, because they're sworn to "uphold and defend" the Constitution, which establishes that right.

Here's the thing you apparently don't understand. Those Vietnam vets that Mr. Kilmer (allegedly) defamed in his comments, fought and died to give him the right to say those things, and us the right to publicly castigate him for it.

For a discussion of choosing one side over the other, and the reasons supporting our decision, you might be interested in the conversation here.

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