Val Kilmer is a Wannabe

by Disabled Veteran Mike McGhie
(Reno, NV)

I think Val Kilmer is just like the millions of Wannabe soldiers who roam the bars telling war stories about a war they were never in and battles they only dream about.

There are two kinds of Wannabes. There are the ones who served in the military but tell stories about combat they were never in and display medals they were never awarded.

The other type of Wannabe is the one who never served, but they are so low they make up stories of their heroism during service to our country.

They may say they were CIA, Navy SEAL, "GREEN BERET", SOG or some other elite organization.

These phonies have one thing in common, they are all cowards, but they think they are tough guys.

I guess I'm saying Val Kilmer is a COWARD.

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