Val Kilmer fits the profile

by Blogengeezer

Sad to say, Val Kilmer fits the profile of many now in public office here in the USA.

Possibly, actually confirmably, it is the fact that our K-12 SAT stats are among the lowest in the world in the class of industrialized nations, despite spending close to the most amount of high dollar funding, on the best teachers the US Teachers Unions can provide.

A voting public that gets its total information in 'Visual' media, can only be expected to vote as well as that information is presented. Video gaming eye-hand co-ordination, is great preparation for 'muscle memory' as used in actual battle conditions, but is no match for knowledge of history and its tactics reinforced by an experience of reality.

As we enter this next frontier of world politics, we will require people that have experience in the real world, not just a 'pretend' experience. I had fun working with Mr. Kilmer on Comanche Moon. Filmed in part S. of Santa Fe. Too bad the great stuff we did ended up on the cutting room floor because of PC attitude preventing its true historical portrayal, as Robert B. Parker documented.

Quite possibly Mr. Kilmer will end up the same way, but given the last election results, as the voters spoke, who knows.


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