Val Kilmer Dishonorable, Lying and DownRight Disgusting

by Virginia S. Squire
(Tennessee, USA)

I am the Proud daughter of a Vietnam and Korean War Veteran. My father was a proud citizen of the U.S., he was proud to support Our Country in any way that he could.

Kilmer's description of Vietnam Veterans as punks, criminals and basically worthless pieces of flesh is not only insulting to all Vietnam Veterans, but to their families and to every Veteran and Active Member of Our Fine Military.

These 'celebrities' that get paid more money than they need to live the rest of their lives have no idea what 'sacrifice' means . . . not the sacrifice that Our military make for Our Country, for Our Sake and Safety.

Mr. Kilmer is an arrogant s.o.b. and should not be allowed the privilege of portraying an American Soldier as Our Soldiers deserve the respect and gratitude of all Our Country.

I am also a very PROUD Hooah Mother of an Iraq Veteran.

Ed. note: Thank you, Virginia, for joining the conversation, and thank you for your father's and your son's service. It is men like them who keep us free.

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Val Kilmer's Comments are Disgusting
by: Anonymous

My uncle went to Vietnam as a Marine at 18, with pride and a sense of duty to his country.

I served in the US Army, and when I went in there were a lot of Vietnam Veterans still in the US Army. They were dignified, steady and the best teachers any soldier could have.

Years later, I had to take a life as a Deputy Sheriff, and you do not brag about it or talk like you know what it is like. You move on and deal with it with maturity and live with it.

Kilmer is a braggart!

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