Val Kilmer and Other Traitors

by Richard
(Berlin, CT)

Richard writes:

Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister Goebbels said: "If you repeat a lie long enough, it will become the truth."

Unfortunately, that truth is playing out in our country today. The lies of the Left about Vietnam have been repeated so often, whole new generations believe they are the truth.

The Left were traitors to their country. So as to not have to face that fact, they keep repeating their mantra, "Americans were fascists." They tell themselves, "We were right, I don't want to be confused by the facts."

The NVA said they couldn't win against the Americans. Joan Baez was the only anti-war person I ever heard of that said, "We were wrong about the war."

Jane Fonda would have ripped her precious Gucci shoes all to hell if she was in an anti-personnel bomb hole.

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He Ain't My Huckleberry!
by: Hank, New Mexico

Kilmer's acting reflects his political abilities.

1st Cavalry Division
Vietnam 1968

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